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July 14, 2013, 2:30 AM
Crunchyroll Amanda Rush

If there’s one thing Monty Oum wants his audience to know, it’s that RWBY is anime. It is July 5th at RTX, a gaming convention in Austin held by Rooster Teeth, the people behind the Halo-based web series Red vs.

Odaiba restaurant's menu to change every few months based on One Piece story arcs On June 28, "Baratie," a One Piece-themed restaurant, opened in the rooftop garden area of the Fuji TV building in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official site for the TV anime adaptation of Tadatoshi Fujimaki's basketball-themed manga Kuroko's Basketball posted the key visual art for the upcoming second season today. The site has also added more information on anime production staff, c...

SGCafe spartanchef
Idolminded Ray Mescallado

Recommended Reading: July 11th, 2013 Ray Mescallado, Thennary Nak and Brian | July 11, 2013 | no comments Thennary's Picks Nakajima Kento to star in a movie for the first time with "BAD BOYS J" – JE News Daily Hopefully the movie will avoid some o...

Anime Evo setsuken

For those that were unsure and worried about the Fairy Tail Anime series returning, well, fret no longer! Confirmed in both a japanese magazine and on twitter by Fairy Tail creator and mangaka Hiro Mashima, the Fairy Tail Anime is definitely retur...

Anime Aura Rasul Mammadov

Things definitely got interesting in this episode of Majestic Prince.  About time, if you ask me. While I can appreciate the calm and enjoyable pace and style the series has adopted, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want any more excitement.

Pictures Dept. Co. Ltd. and First Pond Entertainment are partnering to handle US distribution on Sake-Bomb’s theatrical release. The deal was negotiated by Yuko Shiomaki of Pictures Dept. and Oliver Ike of First Pond Entertainment.

Today in the special premiere night event for the "Kara no Kyoukai: Fukan Fuukei 3D" movie (theater release July 12th), it was announced that ufotable will make a new anime based on the visual novel "Fate/Stay Night" which depicts the Fifth Holy G...

We've all got nervous habits. Some people bite their nails, others crack their knuckles, bounce their knees, twirl their hair, chew their lips, or aggressively rub their nipples in front of everyone. Wait, one of those doesn't quite belong.

Anime about school club of bespectacled boys also gets 2 manga adaptations The cast for the Meganebu! (literally, "Eyeglasses Club") anime was revealed on Friday's live-streamed unveiling of the anime production on the Niconico Live service.

VAMPS / L'Arc~en~Ciel / Kiyoharu / DEAD END / release There are many artists who look up to DEAD END, a legendary rock band who made a miraculous comeback in 2009. Now these artists have united their power to create a cover album of DEAD END's new...


Pokémon X/Y Gameplay Trailer 05 Another new gameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, which is scheduled to be released in three months time on 12 Oct 2013. The new trailer introduces some five new Pokémon, inclu...

������������ (Yakusoku) "Promise" It's tough waiting. Not many people like sitting around and just doing nothing���especially if there's something you know you could be doing right now. And as the beginning of this episode highlights, there are ju...

Freezing is a sci-fi action anime that was first broadcast in 2011 and picked up attention for its sexy portrayal of beautiful female characters' hard battles. It has now been decided that the second season, titled Freezing Vibration, will begin b...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

FUNimation has updated on their simulcast plans today with information on two previously announced series as well as the new pickup of Highschool DxD New, which will simulcast Sundays at 7pm CT. Here's the full breakdown of the new simulcast sched...

AssasinZAssasin (Sat Jul 13, 2013, 4:56 am) +2 points reply Quite the story for Noel and Ragna, Vanilla, and topped off with Amazing Art. . . We definitely have an amazing release right here!

Have you ever heard of Arashi? It's a Japanese boy band that's so popular, that a poster of the group is drawing crowds, cameras, and grovelling. You might not know Arashi, but perhaps you've seen Letters from Iwo Jima?

SeventhStyle Seven

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio's second PV certainly reiterates a serious mood, as well as a sense of mystery – the world and characters seem complex, and it appears there is a lot of action awaiting as result.

Crunchyroll Guest Author

Review: Pacific Rim By Evan Minto  Originally posted on Anigamers. com Let's not beat around the bush: anime has had a pretty rough time in Hollywood. Speed Racer, the first modern anime adaptation, was poised to create a new anime boom in the Ame...

Servant x Service – 02 Filed under First Impressions, Servant x Service by Kairi | 1 Comment ���������������, ���������, ���������, ������������������ (Oshigoto wa, Awatezu, Sawagazu, Nagedasazu) "Work, Unfazed, Fuss, Tossed Aside" That OP is bord...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

FUNimation's Summer Simulcast Schedule is now complete with the addition of High School DxD New. They've also got the launch dates and simulcast times for their other simulcasts this season. High School DxD New Launch: Episode 1 July 14th at 7pm C...


Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Vol. 7 [24. 07. 13] Volume 7 of the anime series Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo will be out on 24 July 2013. Contains Episodes 19-21. Two editions available to preorder: Blu-ray or DVD version.

J-Everything tylerraiz

Yoshimoto Koya (Sakurai Sho), tutor to Numata Shigeyuki (Uragami Seishuu), begins this episode by doing morning exercises in a blazer and jeans in the Numata yard. If this seems odd to you, you might have missed the first episode, because this is ...


Keima is ready to face more divine punishment! The World God Only Knows is back for a 3rd season! This is one of the funniest series I've seen in recent years, with endearing characters and consistently hilarious gags.

After publishing the 13th volume of the light novel, Sagu Aoyama went on twitter and tells his fans that the series is over. Yes, Ro-Kyu-Bu! is no more. As much as lolicon would hate to admit this, they had to get over with it otherwise they are i...

Question: I'm aware that investing into an original anime carries great deal of risk for anime studios, and that it's much safer to adapt exiting material because there's an established fanbase that they can appeal to.

Main lead Mana's wedding dress & audience participation are key to saving the future Kadokawa's Movie Walker website unveiled the trailer, poster, and some images from the Eiga Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!

First Impressions - Gatchaman Crowds That was every bit as random as I expected.  OP: "Crowds" by WHITE ASH I've long held the suspicion that Nakamura Kenji has experimented with augmented reality in his own way. (Kyle Oropesa)

A much better second episode compared to it's first release which is rushed and is poorly paced! At least I don't feel the whole thing being shoved in my throat just to get the full grasp of the story.

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