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November 28, 2012, 4:00 AM
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w-inds. ’ Tachibana Keita to make a solo debut in February of 2013 by simplymissj on November 27, 2012 at 9:33 am On November 26th, it was revealed during a live performance in Tokyo that Tachibana Keita (26), a member of the 3-man dance and vocal...


To Love-Ru // To Love-Ru Darkness is one of my favourites as they are a plethora of girls with various quirks and personalities. Makes it a better funny harem to read. . . Especially when one of the girls initiate the "Harem Plan"!

Siliconera Spencer

The Wii Mini, a smaller version of the Wii, is scheduled to come out on December 7. News about the Wii Mini comes from Best Buy which may have introduced the Wii redesign a wee bit too early. While Best Buy says they are taking pre-orders, the lin...

Some more footage, more cast members from film that sold 2 million tickets in 9 days The official website for the Evangelion anime franchise began streaming a followup trailer for the Evangelion: 3. 0 You Can (Not) Redo (Evangelion Shin Gekijō-ban...

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It’s not easy being a kid. If you’re fat the other kids make fun of you; if you’re skinny the other kids make fun of you; if you get good grades they make fun of you… Kids don’t need a genuine reason to be tease their peers; they can make one up j...

The official website for Minami-ke Tadaima ("I'm home"), the fourth season based on Coharu Sakuraba's Minami-ke manga, revealed the show's cast, staff, and theme songs on Monday. The show will retain the same voice cast, and fripSide vocalist Yosh...

tokyohive HPriest

On November 27th, Fuji TV announced that they are going to produce a modern-day adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s final novel ‘The Brothers Karamazov‘ starring actor Ichihara Hayato for the upcoming 2013 winter season.

This week, Nisekoi: False Love joins the line-up on Viz's Shonen Jump Alpha digital anthology, while the first volume also becomes available via VIZManga. com.  Get a look at the yakuza relationship comedy below.

Prepare to bang your head! The j-pop meets heavy metal idol unit BABYMETAL is BACK with a new song and music video: “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, a hard rocking battle cry that translates to “No More Bullying”.

After first being announced during NYCC, Viz Media has now confirmed the start date for its new version of the Shonen Jump Alpha digital manga anthology. Additional confirmation came via Viz Media's Facebook cover photo posted within the last few ...

Also: A Realm Reborn director discusses what went wrong with original Final Fantasy XIV The Japanese game developer Square Enix held a conference in Tokyo last weekend to discuss its recent real-time tech demo Agni's Philosophy: Final Fantasy.

If the prospect of Cyber Monday shopping doesn't have you charged, we have the fan art sure to do the trick.  So, kik off your week our latest survey of new works from Japanese online art community Pixiv below!

Robots can transform into a car, perform multiple actions Kenji Ishida and his Brave Robotics company will sell 10 of his 1/12 scale "Transformer Version 7. 2" robots. The radio-controlled robots can not only transform between humanoid and car-sha...

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Square Enix is putting together a new collection of Final Fantasy music for the series’ 25th anniversary. You can get the Orchestral Album on Blu-ray and with a bonus record if you get the limited edition bundle.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

For decades, no, centuries, Japanese parents were happy giving their kids regular Japanese names. Sure, there have been trends, but the latest one is producing some kids with peculiar names—and even worries about bullying.

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Sega didn’t skimp on the "seiyuu" budget for 7th Dragon 2020-II. The PSP game features 40 famous voice actors and players can choose if they want their idol to have Solid Snake’s voice actor.   Akio Ohtsuka (Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid), Tomok...

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Adventure game series, Syberia, is getting a third game, French publisher, Anuman Interactive, announced this morning. Syberia III will be released under the Microids label sometime during the 2014-2015 period.

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We don’t usually get weekly hardware sales figures for North America, but Nintendo America recently shared Black Friday-week sales figures for all their consoles and portables in the U. S. with CNET.   The Wii U, which was released on November 18t...

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Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires has release dates for both the U. S. and Europe, Tecmo Koei announced this morning. North Amerca will get the game on February 19th, while Europe will see it on February 22nd, 2013.

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Falcom and Namco Bandai are working together on a new Dragon Slayer game for Japan. Dragon Slayer: Warriors of the Guided Crown is a dungeon crawler with social elements. When you find a crown you can summon a boss.

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