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March 19, 2020, 1:30 PM

Recently released in English for the first time, Transformers: The Manga acted as supplementary material for the events of the original The Transformers animated series. Taking place predominately in .

Siliconera Alistair Wong

PlayStation 5 system architect Mark Cerny announced that the PS5 will be compatible with almost all 100 top-played PS4 games at launch. The post PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible With Almost All 100 Most-Played PS4 Games At Launch appeare...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge
The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge
The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge
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After nearly eight years off the air, Bleach's anime is finally coming back to finish the series. According to reports from A. I. R. (Anime Intelligence and Research) on Twitter, the anime is returning .

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

When low-born servant boys, Piao and Xin, set out to become the world's greatest war generals they quickly find themselves caught up in a violent struggle between two noblemen plotting to overthrow the King.

Looking to catch up on episodes of the newest Pokemon anime series? Although only available for viewing in Japan (without a VPN) The Pokemon Company has released all 17 episodes on YouTube for free!

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A reminder of how serious this disease can be. Two weeks ago we reported an incident where a man in his 50s who tested positive for COVID-19 defied the hospital's orders to go directly home. Instead he visited several drinking establishments for t...

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Capcom released a "Raccoon City Incident Report" that gives us a 5-minute recap of the events leading to the Resident Evil 3 remake. The post Raccoon City Incident Report Trailer Gives Us a 5-Minute Recap Ahead of Resident Evil 3 Remake appeared f...

PROMARE will now be available on digital on April 21, with the Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, DVD and Best Buy exclusive SteelBook Blu-ray following on May 19. Photo courtesy of Shout! Factory. ©TRIGGER, Kazuki Nakashima/XFLAG Source: Shout!

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Level-5 president and CEO has provided a brief update on Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes-which is due out for PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android this spring in Japan-citing development difficulties.

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People can earn a special Resident Evil 3 demo trailer by playing through the trial. Though its possible to already see it online. The post The Exclusive Resident Evil 3 Demo Trailer Has Already Appeared Online appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Jenni Lada

The new Overwatch hero is actually a somewhat familiar face: Echo. Learn more about the robot in a reveal trailer. The post Overwatch's Echo Is the 32nd Hero appeared first on Siliconera.

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While hiding inside a large vase outside his workshop, lightning strikes the vase Demetrios is in, transferring him to Tokyo, Japan, during the 1964 Summer Olympics.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

The music side of the series gets its nod.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Will you be adding this to your streaming rotation when it arrives next week?


Official HIGE DANdism and Kaneko Ayano have been announced as the Grand Prize winners of The 12th CD Shop Awards 2020. Official HIGE DANdism won the Red Grand Prize award for their album "Traveler", while Ayano won the Blue Grand Prize for her alb...

With the final chapter releasing next week, publisher Kodansha announced that the 41st and final volume will be released in Japan on May 15, 2020. The Seven Deadly Sins is a manga series by Nakaba . . .

Siliconera Sato

Marvelous announced a new game for the Ikki Tousen series with Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst for smartphones in Japan in Spring 2020. The post Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst Announced for Smartphones in Japan in Spring 2020 appeared first on Siliconera.

SoraNews24 Casey Baseel

Yoko Maki comes out of retirement to reimagine Luffy as the only boy at an all-girls high school. No other currently running manga series embraces the style of shonen manga (boys' comics) storytelling as fervently as One Piece does.

So far he's appeared as all sorts of crazy things from monsters to robots. However, the student favourite is said to be an anime schoolgirl. Fei apparently made the software he's using to create his . .

Gematsu Sal Romano

Tekken 7 downloadable content character Fahkumram will launch alongside the game's version 3. 30 update on March 24, Bandai Namco announced. Full information on the version 3. 30 update will be announced on March 23.

Gematsu Sal Romano

The closed beta test for Guilty Gear: Strive will run from April 16 to 19 on PlayStation 4, developer Arc System Works announced. Sign-ups are available now. The closed beta will feature seven playable characters: Sol, Ky, May, Axl, Chip, Potemkin...

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