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June 21, 2013, 4:00 AM

A new promo is offering an early look at the much anticipated Second Season of Shaft's anime adaptation of Nisio Isin's Monogatari modern fantasy light novel series. Aniplex of America has confirmed that the series, kicking off July 6th, will be s...

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It is officially announced today that Bandai Visual will release two Blu-ray disc sets of Sunrise's Mobile Suit Gundam Wing in Japan this winter. The sixth Gundam TV anime series was aired in Japan for 49 episodes from April 7, 1995 to March 29, 1...

Siliconera Ishaan

Namco Bandai have officially released the first promotional video for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD. As previously detailed, this compilation includes Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Dawn of the New World, on a single disc.

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I have once again recieved an interesting mail! Hello! My name is Tii! I love reading your blog. ^^ The other day I finally managed to find and buy Nendoroid Totori after searching for ages! I took her home and opened the box filled with anticipat...

Kodansha posted a new preview for the upcoming Ah! My Goddess OVA, set to be released with volume 46 of Kousuke Fujishima's long running magical girlfriend manga on August 23. Hiroaki Gohda is back to direct "DIVE!LIVE!LOVE"  which will feature in...

It's okay if you haven't been sold on New Super Luigi U yet. In a move similar to the Japanese introductory video released earlier this month, Nintendo UK is here to share some of the differences, from Luigi's special moves to the ability to play ...

JEFusion GekiDan

Here is the 2nd full trailer of the first Toriko anime film Toriko The Movie: Gourmet God's Special Menu (Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special. . .

DesmondChieng Desmond

Dengeki, Taiwan's gaming mouse producer, is now selling a collection of "High-resolution gaming mouse" for 599 NTD (New Taiwan Dollar)/ 20USD. These gaming mouse supports Windows-operated computer and laptops.

Siliconera Spencer

Fifty years after the world was decimated in the Great Destruction, humanity lives on. Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva takes place on Concrete Island where a boy named Hinata lives with Gib and Sasha. The three lived peacefully until a mysterious pers...

acttil, the company comprised of former NIS America staff, announced its first project yesterday with plans to bring Studio TRIGGER's Little Witch Academia short to Blu-ray in North America. The collector's edition release is due out this summer.

The 2013 Japan Film Festival of San Francisco, "the first fully dedicated annual Japanese film event for Northern California and the S. F. Bay Area," will screen the American premiere of Evangelion: 3.

In a sensational new video, a "Can-Do Mother (Married-Type)" Titan fan has shared her work sewing up a replica Scouting Legion uniform for her 5-month-old daughter. The Attack on Titan tribute drew 1,800 comments on NicoNico, 1,000 of which were a...

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With the anime based on Compile Heart's popular RPG series coming around the corner, David Production has revealed a solid, 3-minute trailer with practically every character. Whether you're a fan of the series or have never heard of it, you should...


Today's Japan Photo: Amanohashidate 天橋立 For Today's Japan Photo, we will be visiting Amanohashidate 天橋立, which is well-known for being one of Japan's three scenic views. It is actually a thin strip of land covered with pine trees that connects two...

Rumors have surfaced on the net and netizens have identified the woman Tegoshi Yuya was caught kissing in FRIDAY magazine.   She was Julie Keiko Fujishima, Johnny Kitagawa's niece, Vice President of Johnny&Associates.

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Since Square Enix went all Koihime Musou with Sangokushi Rumble we're wondering what Occult Maiden will turn out to be. The publisher behind Dragon Quest also registered Star Ocean again. Trademark renewals happen all the time, but Square Enix ten...

Siliconera Ishaan

Exstetra, the RPG where you save the world with a kiss, has a teaser trailer. Unchained Blades developer FuRyu, who are working on the game, shared one via Famitsu. com this week. Watch it below:     Exstetra is slated for release on the Nintendo ...

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Key visual for the exhibition Following the 2012 exhibition held in Sendai and Tokyo, Hirohiko Araki's upcoming JoJo Art Exhibition will be held in Italy. Hirohiko Araki's official site had announced that the art exhibition, titled "HIROHIKO ARAKI...

Linked Horizon Premieres Full Attack on Titan Music VideoSong debuts on monitors in Shibuya By Joseph Luster Be the first of your friends to like this. Posted 6/19/2013 Linked Horizon's theme song to Attack on Titan became quite the hit along with...

Microsoft Changes Their Mind About Trying To Ruin The Video Game Industry for Consumers Xbox One games will now be playable offline, used games will work, and you can trade/borrow/lend games to friends.

Japanator Salvador G-Rodiles

The Japan Film Festival of San Francisco can't help but to expand its roster of films before the main event continues its rampage from July 27th through August 4th. Now that FUNi has the inevitable rights to Eva 3.

SGCafe hittokiri

A couple of months ago, we mentioned about the closure of RAMS, an artist management agency that specializes in managing voice talents. The closure caught quite a few people by surprise as over night the company's office space was left empty.

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Firmware updates have always been a part of the PlayStation 3 as they have proven to improve the performance of the console, but as update 4. 45 comes in, many users have already reported problems. This news comes as Sony's PlayStation support pag...

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's soon-to-be-released album 'Nandakorekshon' is now up for trial listening on Warner Music Japan's official site. For the trial listening, short versions of all the songs were uploaded to the site.

Japanator Hiroko Yamamura

You like Japanese vending machines? That doesn't make you cool, we all like 'em. However, if you pull up to one sporting a monkey, that makes you cool. This dude has so much swagger he doesn't even put the money in himself!

Japanator Salvador G-Rodiles

Have you been having problems with saving up the funds to plan a trip to Japan? If so, then you are in luck, because Anime Sols is giving people the chance to win a free trip to the land of the rising sun.

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It is common for Hollywood movies to have their dialogues dubbed over in Japanese before they are released in Japanese theaters. It is also common for the voice actors and actresses that does the dubbing to also work in the anime industry.

Japanator Elliot Gay

Dragon Ball Z BATTLE OF Z is an awful name. Far be it from me to judge Bandai Namco's naming sense though.   What is BATTLE OF Z you ask? It's the latest Dragon Ball Z game from the folks over at Bandai Namco, and it's slated to hit the PS3, Xbox ...

Japanator Josh Tolentino

14 minutes ago - 4:00 PM on 06. 19. 2013 Our takes on the pressers, the trailers, and everything E3E3's over! Well, it has been for a while, but now we've all had time to digest the news, and this being a "hardware year", there was a lot of news.

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