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May 21, 2013, 1:00 AM
SGCafe KaleNagasaki

Earlier today, X-Japan held a press conference at Madame Tussauds in Tokyo where they revealed plans for a new tour in South East Asia and Latin America. Although the tour will begin this September with five dates in Latin America, the dates and c...

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Even as GG introduces UE, BB is heading in the opposite direction with TV in the form of a full TV anime adaptation, to the general relief of fans – most of whom seem prepared to overlook the generally abysmal fate of fighting game to anime adapta...

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Just when you thought it was safe to ask someone to touch up your photo, China's Photoshop-proficient wags are back to corrupt people's innocent image processing wishes. In case, you missed Part 1 or even Part 2 of the series, the process involves...

Some interesting plans are being put together for the Japanese home video release of Attack on Titan. The first volume, shipping July 17th, will feature a 64 page protoype manga that author Hajime Isayama created at age 19.

Both Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari's official sites have been updated with photos and details confirming their own nendoroid!     Mizuki Nana            T. M. Revolution and Mizuki Nana "Preserved Roses" Valvrave OP       Tamura Yukari         Tra...

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Dengeki Online posted the latest screenshots for the upcoming Kamen Rider Battride War game for the PS3. These screenshots feature Kamen Riders Meteor, Birth and Blade. Kamen Rider Meteor's Starlight Shower (Rider Punch) and Starlight Finish (Ride...

Yoshiki has released a new video trailer for the comic book he stars in Red Blood Dragon with a "Coming Soon" message at the end!

Siliconera Spencer

The anime series Attack on Titan will be released on Blu-ray soon. If you're a fan of Hajime Isayama's series you might want to get volumes three and six at launch. Those two volumes include visual novels developed by Nitroplus as a launch bonus.

 A new video package has been put together to promote the upcoming Girls und Panzer: Heartful Tank Disc - a video look back at last month's Heartful Tank Carnival event, the 2014 GnP movie, and the upcoming OVA.

SGCafe ellehaym

We usually see anime characters drawn on either paper or PC. But lately, it seems that cups of coffee – cafe latte, in particular – are becoming the new medium for showcasing such fictional characters in Japan.

Trends in Japan William

Written by: William on May 20, 2013 at 10:17 am | In LIFESTYLE, PRODUCT INNOVATION | No Comments Japanese beer makers are in trouble. Retail sales for regular beer have been declining for years now as salarymen who like a can of fizzy lager in the...

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The day might have finally come for fans to have to accept that popular voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, could be getting married. Though but a rumour, she is reported to be marrying a stage actor by the name of Haratake who is five years older to...

1999 PlayStation title follows heroes battling sorceress from the future Square Enix launched Final Fantasy VII International for PC in Japan on Thursday and announced that an HD PC remaster of Final Fantasy VIII is also in the works.

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On May 19th, it was announced that idol group Berryz Kobo will hold their first solo live concert at Nippon Budokan on November 29th. The announcement was made by the producer Tsunku♂ at Hello! Project's live event held at Hibiya Open-air Concert ...

The following broadcast contains material that is the opinion of the participants. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff or affiliates of the site. Episode 15 of the audio version of the Selectiv...

In anticipation of December's Lupin III vs Detective Conan anime movie, the site for the thief and crime solver have posted a pair of teasers.   Conan version   Lupin version   Revealed last month in Conan home magazine Shounen Sunday the announce...

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Closing out the news from the Arc System Works festival, the company has also posted the first trailer and details on a new adventure game for the Playstation Vita in X-BLAZE CODE: Embryo. The game will be tied to the BlazBlue universe according t...

tokyohive Shiso

HOME MADE Kazoku's new single "Kimi ga Ita Kara" is set for release on July 31st. Today, May 19th (JST), is the day they made a major debut 9 years ago. Their new single will be the first single of their 10th anniversary year.

DIR EN GREY It sounds worse than it actually is so please don't be too worried! Yes it is true - according to Dir En Grey's official website, their vocalist KYO has been hospitalized due to tonsillitis after their concert at may 16th!

Siliconera Spencer

Nippon Ichi Software's headquarters is in Gifu, a prefecture in the middle of Japan. Showing hometown pride, the Disgaea publisher announced they are the official sponsor of the soccer team F. C. Gifu.

GazettE, the / SUMMER SONIC / event It has been announced that the GazettE will be performing at "SUMMER SONIC2013", that will be held on 10th and 11th of August. Following the performance in 2011, it's the second time for the GazettE to be perfor...

The September issue of Dragon Magazine, on sale July 20, will formerly announce that Scrapped Princess author Sakaki Ichirou's Hitsugime no Chaika (Coffin Princess Chaika) light novel series is set to be adapted into anime.

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It has been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing 「Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013『5TH DIMENSION』」 on DVD and Blu-ray. It is set to be released on July 24. The footage for this release will be taken from their performance on Nippon Gai...

Shocker Launches Recruitment Drive Toei wants YOU to join the great Shocker organization. A special live recruitment event has been announced to take place on May the 26th, and all it'll cost you is 1000 yen admission fee!

The adaptation of Yui Hara's four-panel comedy manga Kiniro Mosaic (Golden Mosaic), about the meeting of British and Japanese school girls, has added Satomi Satou voice actresses (K-on's Ritsu, Fairy Tail's Wendy) and Yukari Tamuri (Magical Girl L...

SGCafe KaleNagasaki

As Namie Amuro graced the cover of the magazine mina, she revealed that her upcoming summer album will be titled FEEL.  While no exact date has been set, FEEL will be Namie Amuro's eleventh album. One of the twelve songs on the album is 'Contrail'...

I often get asked questions about what living in Japan is like. Of course, there are the serious questions, but those are no fun, so let's talk about the silly ones! 1. Do people eat sushi/hibachi/[insert stereotypically Japanese food] all the time?

otakuSOUNDCHECK otakusiesta

The obi strip on the 2nd volume of "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger" light novel series confirms that the popular fighting game franchise will be adapted into an anime series. Source: オタク. com|オタコム Like this: Like Loading.

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Momoiro Clover Z Japan Tour 2013 5th Dimension Momoclo will release Momoiro Clover Z Japan Tour 2013 5th Dimension on DVD and Blu-ray on July 24. The concert was recorded on March 17 at Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya.

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