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May 14, 2013, 7:30 PM
Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Some narcissists are bad. Not all of them, though! Some narcissists are amazing. Take Ahmed Angel. Recently in the West, Angel's images have started to appear on forums and on websites. This weekend, Japan discovered him.

It was announced that HKT48 member Sashihara Rino would produce SKE48’s “lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei”, Matsumura Kaori’s solo debut. The announcement was made by Sashihara herself during the live broadcast of late-night va...

tokyohive HPriest

On May 13th, TV Tokyo announced that they will be adapting the manga 'LIMIT' by Suenobu Keiko ('LIFE') into a drama starring actress Sakuraba Nanami (20) for the upcoming summer season. 'LIMIT' has been serialized in the manga magazine 'Bessatsu F...

Kim Jho Kwang Soo's production firm Rainbow Factory made an announcement yesterday that the filmmaker will marry his partner this September.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

The Saudi Arabian television program Hawatel Kaizen (a combination of the Arabic word for "thoughts" and the Japanese for "improvement") is a series of reports by Arabic reporters in which they share things they have been impressed by in Japan.

This summer, Shonen Jump classics Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Toriko, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, and Kochikame will spawn indoor amusement park attractions at J-World Tokyo, located in 6,168 square meters on the third floor of Ikebukur...

Electro powered Japanese idols Perfume are set to release their new single "Magic of Love" later this month, and to whet our appetites, they have released a short version of the dazzling promo video. And while I normally hate "short versions", we ...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

We all know that Ishimori Production is involved with the creation of Indonesia's latest superhero series, BIMA Satria Garuda, it makes sense for fans to wonder how much they are involved with it. Turns out, a lot of the staff of the series came f...

SGCafe KarbyP

Critically-acclaimed GameCube and PS2 JRPG Tales of Symphonia, as well as its sequel on the Wii, ToS: Dawn of the New World, may be getting remade or remastered in HD for the PS3, if a report on Spanish site Koi-Nya is to be believed.

Siliconera Sato

Arc System Works turns 25 this year, and they're celebrating their birthday with the Arc System Works Festival, featuring a big tournament called Arc Revo, short for Arc Revolution Cup. The official portal site of the event seems to have some sort...

The crowdfunding and streaming service Anime Sols opened on Monday with several titles, including the Ninja Robot Tobikage (Ninja Robots) television anime. Visitors in the United States and Canada can sign up to watch episodes and make pledges tow...

Good news, Phoenix Wright fans! Capcom has officially set a time frame for the western release of Ace Attorney 5, which will come to North America and Europe this fall as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

SGCafe ellehaym

Attack on Titan is a hot topic among the anime community. It has inspired parody videos of its opening theme and tons of anime shops in Japan even have their own Attack on Titan display. And now, concept artist Kouji Tajima has ridden the wave by ...


Conceptual Poster for Live-Action Attack on Titan There is absolutely no news that "Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人)" is being adapted into a live-action movie, but conceptual designer Kouji Tajima has created the awesome unofficial poster above.

Siliconera Ishaan

    Ace Attorney 5 for the Nintendo 3DS is being released in North America and Europe this Fall, Capcom have announced. The game will be titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, and will be available as a Nintendo eShop download title.

New version of Square Enix's sequel game for PS3, Xbox 360 to include all DLC, "Lost Report" videos Game developer Square Enix announced on Monday that it will release the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection video game in Japan for the...

After more than a year, JE idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a new single on June and its title track "Come On A My House" is being used as the CM song for House Foods' Vermont Curry.

DesmondChieng Desmond

Nissin Foods has collaborated with Mobile Suit Gundam series to release a limited edition of Curry Cup Noodle to the market starting on 27th May. This information is released to commemorate Nissin's 40th anniversary of  selling their Curry Cup Noo...

Who doesn't love a sexy cartoon villain? Artist "J" recently added their hot take on Sleeping Beauty "Mistress of All Evil" Maleficent as the latest in their series of sexy make-overs of Disney's baddies.

Jason Faunt CONFIRMED to Return as Wes the Time Force Red Ranger! We just got a solid confirmation from Jason Faunt on his Facebook FanPage. He is set to return to the Power Ranger Universe as Wes again form Power Rangers Time Force!

Siliconera Spencer

Puzzle & Dragons has been a huge hit for GungHo Online Entertainment. The game generates millions of dollars in revenue every day in Japan alone. It's a phenomenal success and GungHo Online have rapidly expanded in recent years, acquiring develope...

Ok, not really. But HSJ fans, if you survived the almost 2 year gap between Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Hitomi no Screen, you'll survive this. After 1 year and 4 months since Super Delicate, Hey! Say! JUMP will finally release their new single [Com...

Siliconera Spencer

Ah Shaq Fu, the fighting game that doubles as a joke. There's no way Shaquille O'Neal would try to make another fighting game, right?   Well, maybe? Mine O'Mine, the company that runs Shaq. com, filed a trademark for Shaqfighter.


Young Females View Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as Fashion Leader Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the undisputed star of Harajuku fashion, and she was recently crowned the "Kawaii Ambassador of Harajuku" last year. So its no surprise that when Oricon conducted a poll w...

It was a good weekend for Girls und Panzer's tank otaku, Yukari Akiyama. A new digest version of the "Snow Wars" OVA, set to be released with five of the series on May 28th, offers a look at her mission with Riko "Erwin" Matsumoto.

Adult Swim's Toonami block began airing commercials for the One Piece premiere, including a rhyming pirate ad. The series is slated to start on Saturday, May 18 at 1:00 a. m. EDT (effectively Sunday morning).

Ng Yong Yao

This week we will be having some quick and short peek at some Anime Goods, which of course being very useful. Some are look for the peeking eye, and some very nice as decoration. So let peek at them. First off, from the Moekana, come the MoeKanji,...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed
Nendonesia animaster

Nendoroid Shizue (Isabelle) from the popular 3DS game Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori a. k. a Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Aside from the usual assortment of optional body parts, Shizue will also bring along a clipboard, a pen, a lovely pair of musical no...

Siliconera Spencer

Square Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan as a standalone game under the Ultimate Hits label (it's Square Enix's in houses budget line) and as Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection.

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