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November 20, 2012, 11:00 PM
November 20, 2012, 11:00 PM

On November 19th it was revealed that president of the agency, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa (81) has been certified with another Guinness World Record, this time as “Most Number of Singers who have achieved the No.

Hey, this is Patrick reporting from Tokyo where pretty much the only thing that happened over this weekend was the opening of the new film Evangelion: 3. 0 You Can (Not) Redo.   Even Hollywood entertainment bible Variety has taken note, and has re...


 Your dose of creepy stories… only now they have a tune <( ̄︶ ̄)> Hay guys! These Vocaloidism posts are getting more and more frequent for now as my holidays are here and it’s time to PARTAYEEE! This also means I am generally in a super good mood to...

JEFusion GekiDan

Bandai Namco Kids began streaming the 4-minute promotional video for the upcoming Digimon Adventure PlayStation Portable game. The promo various footage from the anime, replicated in the game. The game will be the third part of the celebration to ...

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Idol group SKE48’s first album, “Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai“, has been certified with the “most number of music videos in an album” by the Guinness World Records. On November 19th, an awarding ceremony was held in Tokyo, where the girls of SKE4...

SGCafe Rika

Published on November 20, 2012, by Rika - Posted in Site Announcements After an excruciating wait, it’s finally here! Anime Festival Asia 2012 visitors may recall the Rurouni Kenshin movie exhibit at Amuse’s booth, and now the movie featuring Take...

SGCafe Rika

If you ask any kid in the early 90s in Singapore about race cars, most would answer Initial D. And without a doubt, many would be acquainted with m. o. v. e, who was here to perform at I Love Anisong segment on Day 2 just 10 days back.

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The Wii U is sold out almost everywhere, but stores will have more consoles on Black Friday.   "There will still be more available not only for Christmas, we will have more available for Black Friday in retail locations," announced Nintendo of Ame...

Siliconera Spencer

We’ve seen Capcom characters clash with the Marvel universe, Tasunoko legends, and SNK’s best. Other than Capcom Fighting Jam, Capcom characters don’t spend much time with each other.   Maybe Capcom is making one?

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On November 19th, it was revealed that singer-songwriter YUI will be putting a halt to her music activities at the end of the year. Through a handwritten announcement on her official website, YUI explained that she has found something new that she...

Singer/songwriter YUI (Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) posted a handwritten "Message From YUI" on her official homepage that informed fans of her upcoming hiatus from music on Monday. She explained in the message that she wanted to try s...

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  Square Enix will be implementing a marriage system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that will be added to the game via an update in the future. Responding to fan queries, the game’s producer-cum-director, Naoki Yoshida, also says that he is...


  It’s been 1 week plus since’s AFA over. I have forgotten what I initially wanted to type/say. I only remembered I know I have a lot of things to say but now I can’t think of anything! ! Next time shall try to post earlier.

I'm tempted to say that, in the wake of Evangelion 3. 0, I've seen enough eye-patch wearing Asuka pics for a lifetime and will never post another again. But, I'd be lying if I said I thought I'd follow through.


After NEWS&lsquo; Keiichiro Koyama mentioned that he is doing bench-press while backstage of his latest stage play- &ldquo;Hello, Goodbye&rdquo;- Goo made a poll about Johnny&rsquo;s that could make you fall in love with their skinny but muscular ...

The IGN video game news website began streaming a 43-second trailer on Monday for Dark Horse Comics' upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia encyclopedia book. Dark Horse Comics is partnering with Nintendo to release the full-colo...

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Just last week, November 11 (11-11) to be exact, Japan celebrated it's Pocky Day. We've been late to make a dedicated post for Japan's well loved snack but that's a lot better than nothing. And obviously we're making one today :)For those of you w...

Smartphone game lets you raise a Vocaloid idol; Android beta now available Sega began streaming a promotional video for Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer, the game that lets the player raise the Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku and train her to be a star.

The Evangelion: 1. 0 You Are [Not] Alone TV version film aired on NTV on Friday, November 9 at 9:00 p. m. and earned a 12. 8% rating. Source: Video Research (Kanto region) [Video Research does not directly post more ratings than what is listed here.


Kai-”Damn it another episode huh? Does that mean I have to do things AGAIN? ” So last week we watched Aki and Kai break apart from each other for a little bit, but that episode seemed to really follow Kai learning the truth about the sun possibly ...

Takashi Miike's (Yatterman, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) live-action adaptation of Yūsuke Kishi's (From the New World) Aku no Kyōten (Lesson of the Evil) psychological suspense novel debuted at No. 2 during the November 10-11 weekend.

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