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June 19, 2017, 8:00 AM
SGCafe spartanchef

Brace yourselves Southeast Asia, because we're about to get some overpowered Onii-sama action soon, because Odex Private Limited is bringing us THE IRREGULAR AT MAGICAL HIGH SCHOOL: The Girl Who Calls the Stars.

Fapservice aikaflip

An intense fight and-yep, you guessed it-more bathing. Caps & Stitches (download png) Episode 12 This fight was a lot more badass than I was expecting. Eyecatches. Poor Kazuya. Kazuya's mother thinks they did something lewd to him.

Kadokawa's eb-i Xpress streaming service has been utilized to compile a ranking of the upcoming summer 2017 anime shows that users are most excited about, with the revival of a classic managing to beat out the latest chapter in the stellar Monogat...


A new key visual and the Japanese TV schedule have been published for Chronos Ruler (known Jikan no Shihaisha as in Japan), an upcoming TV anime based on the digital manga by PONJEA about super-powered guardians protecting the time-line from inter...

Chances are, you've come across several Dragon Ball games before. There's the long-running Budokai series, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and a whole slew of other games based on the popular franchise. Of course, these different games have their own appea...

Bitcoin News Kevin Helms

Since the Japanese government started recognizing bitcoin, an increasing number of merchants in the country have adopted it as a payment option. Among them are a couple of Japan's iconic and popular capsule hotels.

The Fandom Post G.B. Smith

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 37 Season Finale So another season of Attack on Titan comes to an end. While there are still many mysteries left unrevealed, we have gotten some answers to some questions, though Eren and friends have learned these...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Fans of Silver Guardian got some great news at the end of the final episode of the season this weekend with the reveal that a second season is coming. Details are naturally slim but it indicated a January 2018 broadcast premiere for it, giving the...

This year's summer issue of Shogakukan's Coro Coro Aniki magazine launched two new manga on Thursday for the Wixoss and BanG Dream! franchises. The official Twitter account for the magazine posted a preview image for the two manga on Thursday.

SGCafe spartanchef

Bandai Namco Entertainment is opening its first VR Experience facility with VR Zone Shinjuku center. They revealed that they will be opening it on July 14. Its facilities will include Dragon Ball VR "Master the Kamehameha", Evangelion VR "The Thro...

The Otaku's Study The Otaku's Study

Complementing their range of multiplatform sequels unveiled at E3 2017, Ubisoft also confirmed that their Toronto-based studios are working on a new multiplatform action-adventure game titled Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

When news came out that Arc System Works was developing a Dragon Ball Z fighting game, a lot of fans mentioned that it was a dream collaboration. It's easy to see why as the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear developer is a master of creating fast-paced, hi...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

A brand new promotional video has been released for the anime adaptation of Yuichiro Higashide and Ototsugu Konoe's Fate/Apocrypha light novel series. The new video introduces the premise and showcases various action sequences from the upcoming se...

AnimeRide Sparki

Judge Vinsmoke voice actor Confirmed Hori previously played Bartholomew Kuma in anime series The official website for the One Piece franchise announced on Saturday that it has cast Hideyuki Hori as the character Vinsmoke Judge.

In honor of the well-reputed RPG franchise's 20th anniversary, Gust have gathered a myriad of special moments throughout the entire Atelier franchise, certain to hit long-time fans of the RPG series with a wave of nostalgia whilst making them wish...

Anime Herald Anime Herald Chats

Meeting Date: 6/10/2017 Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they're airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned! Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club.

The previously unveiled (and unofficial) Kemono Friends fighting game from doujin circle Studio S is hastily nearing completion, with a more proper trailer being unleashed to psych fighting game enthusiasts up and possibly even drawing newcomers t...

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