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April 11, 2013, 12:30 AM
JEFusion GekiDan

After the Gormin and GokaiYellow helmet seen at the past Power Rangers Super Megaforce filming, a new image shows the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger suits lining up, ready for battle. As previously revealed, the Gokaiger suits will be used as a "power-up...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Want to Live in a Large Aluminum Box? In Japan, You Can. Space can come at a premium in Japanese cities. Depending on the area, apartments can get incredibly expensive. One company thinks it has a solution: Aluminum boxes.

Siliconera Spencer

Tecmo Koei’s horror game series crept back on to PlayStation 3. You can get the original Fatal Frame for $9. 99 on the PlayStation Store. Fatal Frame puts you in control of Miku who visits an eerie mansion and finds the Camera Obscura that can def...

Siliconera Ishaan

Well, what do you know. A gritty Mega Man FPS is something people tend to joke about a whole lot, but guess what—it was actually being developed at one point.     Polygon reports that the game was in development at Armature Studio, the developer f...

TheAkiba YoU
Sankaku Complex Artefact

Highschool of the Dead fans are aghast at the news that the much anticipated restart of the manga is actually just a one-off “special publication,” with the time-frame for actual resumption “undetermined.

Those looking to pick up Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita should dig what North American publisher Aksys Games is showing off today. The first-run limited edition release, known as the Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector's Edition, offers u...

tokyohive Shiso

Four-member group SPEED’s HITOE (Arakaki Hitoe) announced on her blog, “On April 8th, I registered my marriage with a person I met in New York, and dated for 13 years! ” Though she did not reveal any details on her husband, she introduced him sayi...

SGCafe SunSoftware

Sword Art Online fans, do you wish some of the female characters had more screen time? Well, your prayers have been answered with a new spin-off manga. The latest issue of Dengeki Bunko has announced the manga series “Sword Art Online: Girls Opus”.

The official site for the Attack on Titan manga has confirmed that the limited edition of the forthcoming 11th volume will be bundled with an OAD with the title "Ilse's Journal". The limited edition volume will be released on August 9th for JPY ¥3...

FUNimation announced today that it has acquired the streaming rights for Date A Live. The series from AIC PLUS+ and director Keitaro Montonaga (Jormungand) will premiere on April 12, 2013 at 1:30pm ET.

SGCafe SunSoftware

Ragnarok Odyssey was a hit on the PS Vita, with its expansive gameplay and intense battle system. Now, GungHo Online Entertainment is making an enhanced version for newcomers and veterans alike. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will include all of the content...

RocketNews24 Master Blaster

Monopterus albus also goes by the names “swamp eel” or “rice eel” and is a nocturnal carnivorous fish which feeds on frogs, shrimp, and turtle eggs. They have bristle-like teeth and sometimes are colored bright-yellowish shades.

OP Sequence OP: 「友よ」 (Tomo yo) by GaGaGa SP 「月島仁兵衛 いざ参る! ! ! 」 (Tsukishima Jinbee Iza Mairu! ! ! ) “Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei! ! ! ” If you’re at all interested in this show, take it from me – skip it and read the manga.

SGCafe Ryo

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, well-known for her psychedelic but rather eccentric fashion choices (and also the song Ponponpon), recently promoted the “Fashionable Invader” style alongside with G. U. Clothing. Inside the bizarre CM set in Los Angeles, the mo...

RocketNews24 Philip Kendall

Testament to the strength and versatility of nature, a fish that became caught in the bait box of a small fishing boat swept away by the tsunami that struck the northeast coast of Japan in 2011 has been discovered alive and well on the coast of Wa...

Finally! A Shuma-Gorath Heroclix Figure For those of us who are seeking to play a tabletop version of Marvel Vs Capcom, the roster just got a bit bigger. After years of being absent from the tabletop game, the Great Old One has entered the game.

Another new anime announcement has arrived from Crunchyroll.  My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, based on the light novels by Wataru Watari, is joining the spring 2013 lineup.   My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is set to broadcast every Thursday starting...

 Ahead of the series' Friday premiere, the 90 second A Certain Scientific Railgun S promo from the end of March's Anime Contents Expo has been posted.  Get a look at this, plus fripside performing the new theme "Sister's Noise" below.

Hark! A new day brings forth new anime announcements from Crunchyroll! And the word is out that studio Madhouse’s Photo Kano is joining the 2013 spring lineup. Photo Kano is set to broadcast every Thursday starting on April 11th at 10:00 am Pacifi...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

GACKT is a K. Will Fan? general posted by PAK 2 hours ago   ·   6 comments Who would have ever guessed that GACKT, a J-Rock superstar, would be a fan of K. Will. In fact, it turns out that the two are friends.

Neko Nekobyō to draw manga focusing on characters Lisbeth, Silica, Leafa Artist Neko Nekobyō (Night Wizard Variable Witch, Mahō Zakkaten Vi Via) will launch the Sword Art Online Girls Ops manga based on Reki Kawahara and abec's light novel series ...

Minnesota anime convention raises money to help actress with muscular dystrophy The non-profit corporation Anime Twin Cities Inc. and its convention Anime Detour are holding a fundraiser for voice actress Carrie Savage, who was recently diagnosed ...

Siliconera Ishaan

  Warner Bros. have announced Batman: Arkham Origins via Game Informer magazine. Unlike the previous Batman: Arkham games, this one is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal rather than the series’ usual developer, Rocksteady.


Nana Mizuki to Sing 7th Yamato 2199 Movie Ending Theme Nana Mizuki will be singing the ending theme song for the Yamato 2199 movie. This is confirmed via the official website of Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

Siliconera Ishaan

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s DLC pack featuring Sam as a playable character in his own side-story is out now for $9. 99 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The DLC has been renamed Jetstream (previously, it was called “Jetpack”), and include...

Starting on April 19th, Fuji TV will begin airing a new late night program “ASIA VERSUS“. The program aims to find talented rookie artists from Asia through video sites such as YouTube. Every week, two finalists will be chosen among ei...

Keymochi kureka

Anime Matsuri 2013 Cosplay Anime Matsuri 2013 Cosplay 9 hours ago kureka In an impressive exhibitionTari Tari TV Anime Exhibition in Otaroad. Read more . . . » of cosplayResident Evil Cosplayer Mistaken as Armed Suspect by Police.

release / EAT YOU ALIVE We haven't talked about EAT YOU ALIVE for a pretty long time, have we? Well good news then - the band has announced that they are going to release their 2nd full Album "Apocalypsis" on April 24th!

– April 10, 2013Posted in: Sword Art Online Aniplex of America, the team behind the localization of Sword Art Online have recently released their first English dubbed trailer for the upcoming international anime release.

SGCafe SunSoftware

The PSP game adaptation of the comedy Seitokai no Ichizon will let you experience the life of a student council member — except it’s sillier than in real life. Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2 Portable is a visual novel that puts you in the shoes of Ken ...

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