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November 19, 2012, 1:00 PM
Siliconera Ishaan

Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer has a trailer, showing off what the Idolm@ster-esque simulation game for iOS and Android plays like. Take a look at the trailer below:     As previously detailed, Hatsune Miku: Live Producer isn’t a rhythm game.

While this all comes with the usual grain of salt, the penultimate issue of Xbox World magazine boasts an 8-page feature that details Microsoft's next-gen Xbox console. The feature goes on to dig into the system's introduction of Kinect 2.

Sankaku Complex Artefact

China’s notorious motor shows continue to court controversy with their “artistic” displays – with non-existent outfits, nude bodypaint and bestial displays now joined by the kind of bikini-clad “babes” more normally associated with Japan’s junior ...


Orthopedic body pillows can be the key to a good night’s rest for those who find it difficult to maintain good posture while they sleep. They also provide physical comfort that can help ease the mind after a stressful day.

tokyohive ustar

It’s been announced that Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina will be graduating from the group after their 2013 spring concert tour. She will also be kicking off her activities with a new unit next spring. This was announced on November 18th during the ...

Peach-Pit's manga already inspired 2 TV anime Shueisha's Young Jump magazine is announcing that more of the anime adaptation of Peach-Pit's Rosen Maiden manga has been green-lit. The manga already inspired two television series and two special ani...

Utada, Hikaru / release Tweet On November 17th, the music video for Utada Hikaru's new song "Sakura Nagashi" has been revealed. The track is the theme song for the new NEO GENESIS EVANGELION movie "Q"/ While Utada Hikaru had previously declared to...

Kamen Rider W Novel Synopsis Kodansha has now uploaded the full cover for Kamen Rider W: The One Who Comes After Z that will be released November 30 along with three other novels. Phillip takes up Shotaro’s name and is still solving crimes.

TV personality/model/voice actor/idol singer Shoko Nakagawa, aka Shokotan, has talked about bullying at various appearances over the years, and grade school harassment was an element of her autobiographical shoujo manga Nakagawa Shoko Monogatari.

With folks like Hiroyuki Imaishi leaving Gainax for Trigger, a second season of Panty and Stocking with Galterbelt seems like a very remote possibility. On the another hand, merchandise is definitely a venue open to more P&SwG.

J-Everything tylerraiz

Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部 –  the Boys/Youth Club) showcases the song-and-dance skills of Johnny’s juniors – the next generation of Japanese male idols – alongside the more recently debuted groups in the Johnny’s Entertainment agency.


It has just been announced that Tanka Reina will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the end of Morning Musume's upcoming 2013 spring tour. A final date hasn't been announced yet. Reina will be graduating to focus on her newly ...


FRIDAY’s latest issue featured a paparazzi pic of KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya and actress Yonekura Ryoko in an embrace that is rumored to be a proof of Kame’s “devotion” to the actress…As reported,Seen last Hall...

Siliconera Ishaan

Capcom have released a new batch of screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and this lot shows direct comparisons between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. Check out the differences between the two (greater texture detail on Wii U...

Survey Shows IU No Longer Considered "Nation's Little Sister" scandals-issues posted by Aysohmay 31 minutes ago   ·   6 comments With the accidental tweeting of her picture together with Super Junior's Eunhyuk, an online survey has shown that Kore...

Siliconera Ishaan

Last week saw the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan, where the game debuted with 603,064 copies sold in its first week on shelves. Note that that number doesn’t include digital sales, which accounted for an additional 200,000 copies sold.

MyAnimeList. net Forum »» News Discussion »» Secret Battle between Director and Animators Over Pantsu in Girls und Panzer News Team Online Joined: Feb 2008 Posts: 4256 According to the Tweet of director Mizushima Tsutomu, he noticed that some anim...

tokyohive ustar

It’s been revealed that Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke (19) will be making his solo debut. His debut song, “Mystery Virgin“, has already been picked up as the theme song for Yamada’s starring drama series, ‘Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo: Hong Kong ...

Lots of goodies were revealed in the theater program for Evangelion 3. 0. Least spoilery of this bonza was the title for fourth and final Rebuild movie. Following Evangelion Q - which was a pun part of a noh play's  jo-ha-kyū structure, will be wi...

JEFusion GekiDan

Yahoo! Movies Japan began streaming the full trailer for the upcoming “One Piece Film Z” movie, had been released! The film features the antagonist Z, described as Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates' "strongest enemy yet.

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