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April 8, 2013, 8:00 PM

"Is there anyone who is not lonely in this society? " asked one anime character and I can not argue with him. The Internet is filled with photos of people enjoying their social life. What do you do when you don't have anyone to be social with?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods debuted at #1 during the March 30-31 weekend. The film is set between the 517th and 518th installments of Akira Toriyama's original manga. Specifically, it is set during the "lost decade" of story time after the end o...

Shonen Jump crossover battler J-Stars Victory Vs. , formerly known Project Versus J, is gearing up for a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita release in time for the manga magazine's 45th anniversary.   Get a look at its first promo.

Minna san! It’s giveaway time again! This time we are giving away 4x LiSA best day, best way autographed poster! This giveaway is exclusively for AFA CHANNEL & AFA readers. All you need to do is: 1) Fill up a simple form below 2) Tell us which is ...

Last month Tales of franchise producer Hideo Baba narrowed down the North American release of Tales of Xillia to this summer, and now we finally have a concrete date for its arrival. As announced at a recent media event in New York, Tales of Xilli...

Keymochi kureka

It was a good week for anime to be seen in public, with transit promotions for the fifth Yamato 2199 compilation featured at Akihabara station and Naruto in author Masashi Kishimoto’s home region of Okayama Prefecture.

japanCRUSH Beth

The happy couple take a gondola ride at Tokyo Disney Resort. In March this year, the first lesbian couple to marry at Tokyo Disney Resort released pictures of their special day on Twitter, with many netizens strongly supporting their union.

Keymochi kureka

With plans to distribute the Penguin Parade releases, Good Smile Company has posted previews of a pair of chibi Petanko figures of the Natsukomi (the alternative portmanteau name for summer Comiket) versions of Oreimo’s Kirino and Kuroneko.

AKB48's Asuka Kuramochi To Make Her Solo Debut In May music posted by Aysohmay 2 hours ago   ·   2 comments AKB48 member Asuka Kuramochi will be making her solo debut on May 29th with the release of her first solo single.

Siliconera Spencer

Kadokawa Games has been more active in the West by licensing Lollipop Chainsaw to Warner Bros. and partnering with Xseed for the upcoming action game Killer is Dead. Both titles are from Grasshopper Manufacture which has a fanbase in North America...

Kyle Oropesa

Lists of the most awaited Anime of Spring 2013 from Big Globe Poll. There's been a handful of good titles this season but there's always the Cream Of the Crop among the Japanese viewers and as usual Western and Eastern tastes varies greatly.

It was announced on AKB48’s official blog that Kasai Tomomi’s graduation from the group will be on May 3rd, after the Shinoda team A performance at AKB48 theater. Kasai previously announced her graduation on the stage of “the 2nd...

Having a fixation about being made in Japan, Gild Design Ltd. brings iPhone cases to the world that shock fans with their high quality. Recently, we had a chance to sit down for any interview with the director of Gild Design, Shinichi Matsuba.

Ayumi Hamasaki Releases 15th Anniversary Single "Tell All" music posted by Aysohmay 25 minutes ago   ·   2 comments To commemorate her 15th anniversary, Ayumi Hamasaki released an exclusive new song titled "Tell All".

Aku no Hana – 01 Filed under First Impressions, Series Introduction, Snapshots by Cherrie | 2 Comments OP Sequence OP: 「惡の華 -春日高男-」 (Aku no Hana: Kasuga Takao) by 宇宙人 (Uchu-jin)   「運命の出会い」 (Unmei no Deai) “A Fateful Encounter” Aku no Hana has been...

Yaraon and Jin both reported that Kuroko's Basketball's second season of anime will start in September via this article.     The source of the article is not found on either site, but the article talks about how the anime boosted Kuroko's manga sa...

Meet Maru, an adorable five-year-old Shiba Inu from Japan. This little guy isn’t any old dog; he’s the most popular dog in the world. Don’t believe us? Just check out his Instagram account and the 1,800 photos with about 400 comments… each.

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Sankaku Complex Artefact

The universally loathed character designs inflicted upon Aku no Hana in its anime adaptation are proving incendiary amongst fans of the original, a well regarded adolescent romance manga formerly known for its elegant art.

SGCafe Ryo

Stunning BioShock Infinite Cosplay Deviant Artist ormeli has posted these fabulous BioShock Infinite photos of the game’s character, Elizabeth.  Definitely a good shoot — just alike!

The Japanese Red Cross Society recently released a summary of countries and territories that sent donations (as of the end of 2012) to the organization following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Topping the list were the United States and Taiwan, ...

JEFusion GekiDan

Here's the latest television ad for this year's crossover film, “Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z”, centering around the Kyoryugers and the Space Sheriff trio. Also heard is the film's theme song, “Jouchaku -We Are B...

Comtrya Sugoi davidtg

Tamura Yukari is getting ready to release her 23rd single “Fantastic future” and recently revealed the cover jacket, full track list, and bonuses. The single is featured as the opening theme for upcoming anime Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat (Hent...

Kyle Oropesa

Your favorite duo Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya returns this fall of 2013 to avenge their lost on Aomine. The anime will return this September so watch out for the upcoming promotional videos as it might appear ahead of time.

It’s a well-known fact that cats have been dominating the world lately. Memes, Facebook profiles, Monopoly game pieces – there seems to be no end to kitty domination. So what about the cats in Japan?

Magic: The Gathering Fire Wall Is Motion-Controlled Wizardry For this year’s PAX East, Wizards of the Coast had an interactive Fire Wall on display developed by M1 Interactive and designed by Sitelines Productions.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Character Commercials With less than a week to the sequel anime series Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, here is a compilation of commercials featuring the various seiyuus of Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari and Saten...

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