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March 13, 2013, 10:00 PM
Siliconera Spencer

Apollo Justice Returns For Ace Attorney 5 By Spencer . March 12, 2013 . 4:02pm Phoenix Wright is the main character in Ace Attorney 5, but the protagonist from Ace Attorney 4 aka Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will return too.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods isn't just hitting the big screen on March 30th. It's hitting the very big screen as, to quote the promo, "The First-Ever Japanese Movie to be Shown in IMAX! ! " Check out the promo with new shots of Goku summoning Sh...

JEFusion (GekiDan)

The official website of the upcoming, “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” film started streaming a 30-second promo for its IMAX screenings. This will be the first Japanese film to be screen in Digital IMAX Theaters.

Keymochi kureka

What is the sexiest thing in Psycho Pass? Is it the wild ex-enforcer, Kohgami Shinya? Or the mysterious observer of humanity, Makishima Shogo? Even though both characters are absolutely awesome, the Dominator gun is the sexiest thing of this seaso...

– March 13, 2013Posted in: Sleeping Dog … and yet more DLC content has been released for last years multiplatform title Sleeping Dogs. Square Enix and United Front Games have today announced that the Year of the Snake DLC content for the game – a ...

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Talento agency Aoni Production announced that voice actor Tsuyoshi Takeshita passed away last March 10th. According to the announcement, the cause of death was due to a fall while he was on the way home.

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The Japanese authorities won't anymore file child pornography charges against publishing company Kodansha due to its one-page ad for idol group AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai's first solo photobook, “Tomo no Koto, Suki?

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Kamen Rider Battride main story mode will be called Chronicle mode where the Kamen Riders regain their lost memories. The first Kamen Rider game for the PlayStation 3 is slated to be released this May.

The BS11 channel aired a commercial for the upcoming anime adaptation of Touya Mikanagi's Karneval >manga on Tuesday. The commercial features the opening song "Henai no Rondo" by GRANRODEO (Code:Breaker, Kuroko's Basketball).

In honor of legendary martial arts manga Fist of the North Star's 30th anniversary, the famously manly shounen series will be spoofed with a super deformed comedy. Akitaro Daichi (Fruits Basket, Poyopoyo) directs DD Fist of the North Star this Apr...

JEFusion (GekiDan)

Japan is getting all the good stuffs! Japanese Ministop stores will be offering Dragon Ball Z themed snacks to promote the release of its 2013 film, “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”. The promotion will run from March 5th to April 8th.

Siliconera Spencer

Gundam Breaker Crashing On To PS3 This June By Spencer . March 12, 2013 . 6:44pm Famitsu said Gundam Breaker, the Gundam model fighting game, will be out on June 27 for PlayStation 3. Gundam Breaker is also in development PlayStation Vita, but it ...

PS3 game with return of Laharl arrives next week in Japan Nippon Ichi Software began streaming the opening animation sequence for its strategy RPG Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness on Wednesday.


Prism Nana Beach Pilot: 6th Promo The official website for Magical Suite Prism Nana anime has started streaming the sixth pilot promo video. It is the sixth out of the seven videos planned. In a funny turn of events, the video was initially on You...

Keymochi kureka

Rescue Me! Erotic Comedy Video Anime’s Promo Posted Rescue Me! Erotic Comedy Video Anime’s Promo Posted 32 minutes ago kureka Akita Shoten’s Champion RED Ichigo magazine began streaming a promotional video on Tuesday for the video anime adaptation...

Keymochi kureka

Analyst Predicts New Xbox will Win Console Wars Analyst Predicts New Xbox will Win Console Wars 15 minutes ago kureka 2013’s holiday season is shaping up to be a battle royaleBattle Royale Poster Drawn by Bryan Lee O'Malley and Kevin Tong.

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In perhaps the most genius use of french fries we’ve seen in years, Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop has begun selling a number of Dragon Ball-themed sweets and fried foods as part of a promotion for upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle ...

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Due to sudden illness, Eiichiro Oda will be taking a one-week break in writing and illustrating pirate manga One Piece. The editorial department for Weekly Shonen Jump announced this on Wednesday. The manga will return in the following issue on Ma...

Laharl, Etna and Flonne return to Japan on March 20th, then North America and Europe in the fall for infernal strategy RPG sequel Disgaea Dimension 2.  PlayStation Japan's Youtube channel has prepared for next week's Prinny invasion with a post of...

“友情、單純和堅持自己的信念.  雖然這樣說可能會會很不像大人,但很單純的去追逐心中目標這感覺真的很棒, 而且我是個很重視朋友的人,覺得能跟朋友一起cosplay,分享生活中的大 事、遇到很多事情都可以一起面對的感覺真的很幸福. ” -  紅月司 ” Friendship, simplicity & self determination. Although it doesn’t feel mature to say so, striving to showcase what I think...

The PlayStation blog announced on Monday that NEC Interchannel's Sentimental Graffiti dating simulation game is heading to North America as a PSOne import download on the PLAYSTATION Network. The untranslated game features a total of 12 heroines f...

After finishing Negima last year and experimenting with digital distribution via his J-Comi, Ken Akamatsu is preparing to return to creating new manga. The Love Hina author told Nikkei that his new work is planned for a summer debut.

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You got to admit, everybody loves 8-bit stuff, especially when it comes to music! On megaane100's YouTube channel, he started uploading Super Sentai themes in glorious 8-bit music! Himitsu Sentai Goranger Battle Fever J Kagaku Sentai Dynaman Choud...

Fans of odd relationship comedy anime have April's adaptation of Keiji Najima's Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san (Miss Muromi on the Beach) to look forward to. Here, a lonely male teen lead keeps on accidentally fishing up the titular crazy, alcoholic m...

– March 13, 2013Posted in: Ninja Gaiden Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei have announced that the free demo for their upcoming release of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on the Playstation 3 and XBox360 is now available for download on both platforms.

At around 1:55 a. m. on Feb. 28, Arisa Yamada, returning from her home in Kichijoji, Musashino City, was assaulted on the street in an attempted robbery. Stabbed multiple times by two assailants, the 22-year-old died from her wounds.

Siliconera Ishaan

Steins;Gate’s Kurisu Makise Reaches Phantom Breaker As DLC This Week By Ishaan . March 12, 2013 . 10:00am Last week, we reported that Steins;Gate’s Kurisu Makise is being released as a downloadable character for Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds in ...

「きらめく日々を駆け抜けろ」 (Kirameku Hibi o Kakenukero) “Dash Through Those Brilliant Days” After last episode I felt emotionally drained, like someone had strapped a vacuum to my soul and sucked out all the life.


Sparrow’s Hotel Staff, Cast & Premiere Date Revealed An anime adaptation of Sparrow’s Hotel has been confirmed and looks like the official website has revealed the main cast, staff and premiere date for it.

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