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August 20, 2016, 10:30 PM jrharbort

Are you a user of Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe's Creative Cloud services and products? A newly announced tutorial campaign in collaboration with Hatsune Miku was just announced by Adobe to help with image editing basics and how-to's.

A new trailer for the upcoming Kantai Collection movie has assaulted viewers with not only the franchise's staple naval warfare but some emotional drama as well, hopefully breathing more life into the series and making it more than just a mere bro...

METANORN skylion

Aug19 What is seen, cannot be unseen. . . This is the story of Bodysviel and Mindsviel - or Mind-oneechan? It gets over-exasperated, regardless of the the names. Don't Think! Imasine! ! ! . . . your way into a solution!

Indiewire Michael Nordine

It's hard to keep a good man down. It's even hard to keep a city-destroying monster at bay. Godzilla has never disappeared from Japanese screens for as long as he was absent from American movie theaters - 1998 to 2014 - and it's been announced tha...

The New York Times Motoko Rich

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iTech Post iTech Post

The manga version of "Attack on Titan" has been very well received by the readers. Fans anticipate creators of the anime series might still adapt major events on the manga version. (Roy Reviews/Youtube) Issues on the second season of "Attack on Ti...

RocketNews24 Scott Wilson

Why, Japan? ! Why do such horrifying things have to live inside you? Japan may be known as the land of cute things, but beneath the surface of big eyes and round faces lies the terrible truth: Japan is home to some of the scariest animals on the p...

Had the opportunity to visit Bruges this week when a friend made a brief stopover in Belgium before travelling back to Japan. While a typical tourist destination, knew Bruges was the ideal city to visit for a day with its many historic buildings, ...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Toho Animation's official YouTube channel has posted a two-minute music video for "Ningen Video" (Human Video), the theme song for GANTZ:O, the upcoming 3DCG film based on the Osaka arc from Hiroya Oku's sc-fi action manga series, GANTZ.

Sure, Konami may have fired Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, but no one really doubted for a minute that meant they were going to abandon the franchise. Today the games company announced its first Kojima-less Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Survive, w...

This year's Summer Comiket (Natsucomi) recorded over 530,000 attendees across a total of 3 days. Attendance was up compared to this past winter Comiket, though still slightly lower than last summer's Comiket attendance of 550,000.

This is a question that's kept us up many a night, tossing and turning: just who are the 20 hottest guys in anime? Thankfully, pollsters Charapedia have come to the rescue, asking their readers to vote for their favorite hunks.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

This week's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable is a significant one. In "Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly," the blonde mystery man lurking in the corner of the anime comes into the forefront.

Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Can you tell me the tale of the Iron Fortress again? Earlier today, the official Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Kotetsujyo no Kabanei) anime website updated with a new visual. The image, which features the major cast members on the helm of a ship,...

Random Curiosity Guardian Enzo

It seems fitting for a series with this one's title that an assault and battery should prove the pivot (with apologies to Mr. Trump) point, but it strongly seems as if that's the case. What Nobunishi and his henchmen did to Takumi last week redefi...

PR Newswire Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

The Japan National Tourism Organization opened the "Japan On-line Media Center" (https://jomc. jnto. go. jp/) on August 19, 2016. (Photo1: http://prw. kyodonews. jp/prwfile/release/M103968/201608173415/_prw_OI1fl_0Na4eRkq.

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

More cast members and their characters have been announced for Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON, an upcoming TV anime adaptation based on the Monster Hunter series of video games by Capcom. The new cast members and their characters include (from le...

Siliconera Asma

By Asma . August 18, 2016 . 3:00pm Kuroe has been introduced as the "enigma" in the group of girls in Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. She is quiet and reserved most of the time, speaking quite often through her stuffed companion named Baron.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

With Media Factory bringing out the first season of Kiniro Mosaic in priced down form soon, it's timing well to the debut of the Kin-iro Mosaic: Pretty Days special episode that's hitting theaters just before it.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

An original anime series called Idol Memories was announced with plans for it to be a fall 2016 show from game developer Happy Elements back in early July and the updates keep rolling. The official channel has now cute loose with some good informa...

November is frequently a big month for anime releases, being that it's the lead-in to the holiday season. Funimation recently laid out their plans at Otakon, with Overlord, Prison School, Death Parade, Sword of the Stranger and more.

Thanks to the success of an earlier Kickstarter campaign, the 20th anniversary of The Vision of Escaflowne anime will be celebrated in style this October. Funimation's Blu-ray/DVD releases of the series and movie arrive on October 18, and a pair o...

The truth of the Danganronpa series has finally begun to unravel with Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou Hen's latest broadcast, revealing a faithful encounter between Junko and one certain individual that will no doubt have watchers dying to know more.

A brief animated short unveiled for the ridiculously revered League of Legends has obtained a massive amount of notoriety online due to its near-professional quality, causing many to wonder why an official animated series has yet to be made for th...

GoBoiano Media Just Milo

The game is simple. If you hear the sounds of the picture, you lose! But it's not going to be easy. 1. Strong start! 2. Hajimaruyo! ! 3. Oshieteyo. 4. DOGFIGHT! 5. It sure is summer. 6. [Camera pans up.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

In addition to the TV anime's 5th and 6th episodes, the next 3rd DVD/Blu-ray volume of the TV anime adaptation of Mimana Orimoto's BAKUON! ! motorcycle-themed manga will also include a three-episode newly produced short anime titled "BAKUON!

WOWJAPAN freakpool

The official website for renowned Japanese singer, Eir Aoi, has some bad news. They announced that the singer will be missing a few events she is scheduled to appear in, including AFA Thailand 2016. It was stated that Eir Aoi will be going on hiat...

A whopping 53 minutes worth of footage has been unveiled for Final Fantasy XV, showcasing the action RPG's various features such as Chocobo racing and its synthesis system, with the video likely being released in an attempt to make up for the game...

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