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August 19, 2016, 9:00 PM
RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

If the early '90s anime and manga gets remade, Yu Watase thinks it should look like this. While big eyes and pointy chins remain a consistent aesthetic point in manga and anime artwork, fans know that Japanese character design has its own set of e...

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's Attack on Titan action game is nearly here, with a physical release planned on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with digital-only releases on PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC.

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Spongebob and anime go together like a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly. Remember how Spongebob perfectly described anime in the past? Now Spongebob can be the perfect anime, as the main cast were given a bishie makeover by XiaozuoZ 1.

Elisabeth O'Neill

The first trailer for upcoming anime series The Great Passage announces the main cast playing the characters designed by Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju manga author, Haruko Kumota. The anime adapts the novel Fune o Amu, which translates as "Assemblin...

The near imminent launch of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV has prompted the release of the film's first 12 minutes to help build anticipation, hopefully proving compelling enough to purge the first horrid Final Fantasy movie from the minds of watch...


TOKYO, Aug. 19, 2016 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- - Media Platform Designed Specifically to Distribute Photos and Videos of Japan for Overseas Media - The Japan National Tourism Organization opened the "Japan On-line Media Center" (https://jomc.

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The 4th episode of the Final Fantasy XV prequel web anime, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, has been released. This episode focuses on the past of the group's strategist, Ignis. The anime itself is currently being produced by A-1 Pictures that will c...

The Rift Herald Julia Lee

Give me the goods, Riot. This fan-made anime trailer has features Dr. Mundo, Annie, Shyvana, Vayne, Gragas, Riven, Leona, Elise, Sivir and Olaf duking it out. The video was originally posted on BiliBili, a Chinese video website, and fans speculate...

Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Ep 7 Episodes: 13 Aired: Jul. 2015 - Sep. 2015 The word 'sexy' has no meaning in the face of anime lingerie and angled rear ends. Words simply lack the effectiveness against such beauty that transcends our feeble imagination.

The wheels of the upcoming live-action Pokémon movie, based on the Detective Pikachu game, continue to spin. The latest development has Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch in talks to write Legendary's feature, which Universal Pictures will distribute ...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

A brand new trailer has been released for the upcoming theatrical release of the Kantai Collection: Kan Colle anime film. This new 90 second video teases the events to come in the upcoming film, which has a more serious tone than the previous TV a...

WOWJAPAN freakpool

I has been well documented that mangaka often have rivalries with one another, like that of Naruto's Masashi kishimoto and One Piece's Eiichiro Oda. However, they also often have great respect for the works of others, and that is what two popular ...

Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

Episodes: 26 Aired: January 2002 - September 2002 Often maligned as an Evangelion copy, RahXephon is anything but! In 2012, Japan was invaded by the blue-blooded, human appearing alien race, the Mu. Though, three years later in 2015, Tokyo is atta...

Award Winning Sci-Fi Author Of Orbital Cloud And Gene Mapper Returns For A Special Encore Appearance Source: VIZ Media, MediaLab press releases Official Site: haikasoru. com Special Thanks to Jane Lui and Erik Jansen Image courtesy of VIZ Media.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

November is frequently a big month for anime releases, being that it's the lead-in to the holiday season. Funimation recently laid out their plans at Otakon, with Overlord, Prison School, Death Parade, Sword of the Stranger and more.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Harikamo's Urara Meirochou manga has confirmed that it is set to premiere on TBS and BS-TBS this winter. The news is also revealed in the latest October 2016 issue of Houbunsha's Manga T...

Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

without further ado, let's grab our library cards and check out the top 10 literary anime! 10. Wanwan Sanjushi (Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds) Buy now Episodes: 26 Aired: Oct 2, 1981 to Mar 26, 1982 This is a very old and curious rendition t...

NextShark Editorial Staff

Bibico, a company based in Tokyo, is responsible for designing the "Hanaputti" or "Petite Nose. " The product enhances the appearance of a nose making it appear taller, slimmer and pointier without the use of plastic surgery.

The first trailer for the rather twisted Idol Death Game TV has introduced the unlucky idols participating in the sickening contest, providing partial glimpses of all the game's terrifying challenges but nothing yet in regards to its potentially g...

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