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August 15, 2016, 2:00 PM

A ranking seeking to ascertain the most fair-faced anime maidens has surfaced despite most anime girls being distinguished more by art styles than physiognomy, and apparently devolving into a popularity contest as some familiar faces claim victory.

By Joseph Luster Be the first of your friends to like this. Posted 8/14/2016 A promo event for the High☆Speed! - Free! Starting Days - Blu-ray was held this weekend, and with it came news that more Free!

One particularly talented artist has recreated the OP for the widely lauded No Game no Life in MS Paint, a feat that will no doubt garner praise from many due to the ancient program's various limitations while also potentially impressing with its ...

Buono! is back with the shot MV for "So La Ti Do ~Ne Ne~" from their first single in over 4 years "So La Ti Do ~Ne Ne~ / Rock no Seichi"(release date: September 21)! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Contributor Wanted!

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Gekidol, aka the Actidol Project, has announced that their zombie survival stage play Alice in Deadly School - Paradox is being adapted into an anime entitled Alice in Deadly School - The Animation. The story of Alice in Deadly School involves a g...

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

The 1st PV for Kiss Him, Not Me was released at this year's Comiket. Kiss Him, Not Me follows Kae Serinuma, a fujoshi who can't control herself when she sees two guys getting along. When Kae's favorite anime character dies, she loses a lot of weig...

RocketNews24 KK Miller

Why worry about surgery scars when you can just make(up) your worries away? What is beauty? What are the physical characteristics that make someone beautiful? It's hard to exactly pin down the answer to these questions as beauty is subjective and ...


Ishihara Satomi will be starring in NTV's new drama Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko (Simpleness Is Great! : Proofreading Girl Etsuko Kono). This is Ishihara's first starring drama with NTV. The drama is based on the "Kouetsu Girl" novel ser...

Return to Angel Grove with Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Zach, Billy, and new comer Tommy with Boom! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Ranger on going comic book series. But is this a comic something best left in your childhood memories, or should you grab ...

Fapservice wizardofecchi

Fapservice Taking fanservice to the next level Skip to content Home Fanservice Compilations Manga Fanservice Compilations Upcoming BD releases Donate to Fapservice Chat wizardofecchi •August 14, 2016Keijo!

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . August 14, 2016 . 4:00am Kadokawa Games and Experience recently revealed that their upcoming PS Vita dungeon crawler Demon Gaze 2 will let you date demon girls and demon boys. The newest trailer gives us a look at some of the girls and o...


Check out the latest ratings chart below! The latest ratings on current Asadora drama Toto Nee-chan is found HERE Summer 2016 JDrama TV Drama Ratings TV St Time Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave Fuji TV Mon, 9pm Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto 10.

Sugoi! Blog Tabris

Here's a promo video of the fall anime series Girlish Number by Diomedéa Studio (former Studio Barcelona; produced anime: Campione! , Kodomo no Jikan, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Mayoiga and many more).

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

HEYBOT! , a children's gag anime about robots that engage in joke battles, is coming to TV Asahi in September, and the official website for the series has updated with all sorts of information about the staff, cast, characters, and story for the s...

Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

What's in the box? What's in the box? ! Yesterday, publisher Vertical announced that they acquired the rights to Shuka Matsuda's The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Scars Left Behind (Shōsetsu Nanatsu no Taizai -Gaiden- Karera ga Nokoshita Nanatsu no...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

There is only a month left until the highly anticipated release of Persona 5 and Atlus has dropped lots of new videos teasing us. Two new commercials has been released briefly introducing to us the party members of the game.

If anime has taught me anything that anime has taught me-it being a font of infinite and practical wisdom, as cartoons are-it's that women teachers are crazy drivers. Okay, that's just mostly Azumanga Daioh, but I still somehow have this impressio...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of Chiyomaru Shikura (Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes) and pako's Occultic;Nine light novel series has revealed that the upcoming TV anime adaptation will air this October. The first visual, set of character designs, members of st...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

Aniplex USA have announced a limited North America screening of Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu, the second film in the trilogy anime adaptation of Nisio Isin and Vofan's Kizumonogatari entry in the Monogatari light novel series.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Earlier this week, we previewed the Chaldea Summer Memory - White Beach of Healing event for mobile phone RPG Fate/Grand Order. Now that it's online, there's an opportunity to appreciate/gawk at the its swimsuit clad limited servants.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

The charming schoolgirls of Love Live! Sunshine have finally started to move up in the idol world, additionally obtaining their own rivals in the process to give the aspiring girls yet another challenging obstacle to overcome.

As of next month, gamers in western markets aside from Australia, New Zealand and Germany (at this moment) will be able to head back into the 'Reformation Program' for a second time, as they lead a new group of delinquents through a dangerous laby...

Final Fantasy XV has once again shown off the beautiful world and wildlife that players will encounter on their journey, accompanied by some special songs composed by Florence and the Machine that will certainly boost the atmosphere of the trailer...

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