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June 4, 2016, 4:30 AM
June 4, 2016, 4:30 AM
Crunchyroll Scott Green

Back in 2015, Tokyo Ghoul author and former Yoshihiro Togashi assistant Sui Ishida made an April Fools "announcement" of a Hunter x Hunter prequel concerning the lethal anti-hero Hisoka. When the day ended, he deleted the cover and interior "previ...

tokyohive ustar

AKB48 Team A member Maeda Ami has announced her graduation from the group. This announcement was made on June 2 during Maeda's birthday celebration at AKB48 Theater. After the performance, she tweeted, "I, Maeda Ami, have decided to graduate from ...

Staff aims for 13 3-minute episodes starting in October Game developer Tohoku Penet launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Makuake site on Friday to fund a television anime of its Gakuen Handsome boys-love game.

SGCafe spartanchef

Katsura Hoshino's immensely popular action manga, D. Gray-Man, is getting a new TV anime adaptation titled D. Gray-Man Hallow, and a newly-revealed visual, which features some of the manga's characters that fans have grown to love, has shown that ...

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

The question on everyone's lips was: how fast can Sadako throw? The stars of two of Japan's most well-known horror movies took to the baseball field at Sapporo Dome yesterday, opening the game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakul...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Toho today posted a 90-second full trailer for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Naoshi Arakawa's Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your Lie in April music-themed school manga. It is also confirmed that three-member unit Ikimonogakari provides the...

"Tokyo Ghoul Season 3" has no definite date on when to begin yet. Season 2 ended airing about a year ago, and fans are eagerly waiting to witness it again. Loyal followers have all been snob about negative reviews as they remain positive that a go...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

In Real Life entertainment How Watchmen Killed The Killing Joke Adaptation Bruce Timm is finally getting to adapt one of the most iconic (and controversial) Batman stories, The Killing Joke, but this is hardly the first time plans have been made b...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

It's a week and a half until the Dragon Ball Super TV anime, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the anime version of Akira Toriyama's martial arts comedy action classic, kicks off its hotly anticipated Future Trunks arc, with the sword-wielding h...

Siliconera Sato

Following the recent Ibuki reveal, Capcom showcased plenty more of her gameplay footage during a session with some of the UK's top Ibuki mains in F-Word and Damascus. The WinnerStaysOn Sessions' latest broadcast was a big feature on Ibuki.

A new breathtaking figure of Nitroplus mascot character Super Sonico featuring the busty gravure idol in a hot Miku 2013 Racing outfit as seen in the Sonico anime has been revealed! You'll love her cute smile huge breasts, and amazingly sexy body.


Nogizaka46 topped the Oricon album chart with their new album "Sorezore no Isu", selling 274,873 copies in its first week. Singles 1. [-] Arashi - I seek / Daylight: 48,420 2. [NEW] EGOIST - KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS: 30,341 3.

Grab the hot dogs, fire up the grill and prepare the fireworks: D. Gray-man Hallow is headed your way July 4. That's the official premiere date of the upcoming D. Gray-man, according to a new visual promoting the summer series.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Not a fan of the boy wizard? Maybe you'd prefer to hold your meeting in the Wonderland room instead. Modern technology has made telecommuting an increasingly viable option, so much so that some companies have far more employees than there's actual...

Siliconera Sato

Spike Chunsoft revealed that Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma will release for PC via Steam on June 29th in the West, with a Steam store page that just went live. About Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma: The experiment wasn't supposed to be like this.

Siliconera Joel Couture

By Joel Couture . June 2, 2016 . 5:30pm New character Rose brings four styles of guns and a new combat system to free-to-play beat 'em up Elsworld Online. Rose can work at a variety of ranges. Her basic revolver works at mid-range, as do her auto-...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Cute and bread are in full display in a new visual for this summer's adaptation of Gido Amagakure's Sweetness and Lightning manga, Looking ahead to the series' July 4th Tokyo MX dub, the image has been published with the series' latest preview.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Seven Seas Entertainment may have been on a bit of a yuri fix during part of this week but they're closing out the week with something a little different. That comes in the form of Tsukasa Saimura's zombie survival series, Tokyo Undead.

SGCafe spartanchef

Whether it be for comedy anime or for action anime, cyborgs and androids have been a huge part of Japanese animation ever since the days of Astro Boy. For this week's Charapedia poll, the Japanese character database has asked readers to choose whi...

Seven Seas Entertainment came through with some more licensing announcements this week, starting with Seiju Natsumegu's supernatural manga Ghost Diary. The first volume will make its North American debut on April 18, 2017.

Siliconera Casey

Nintendo has teamed up with Aardman Animation to add a new costume to Super Mario Maker in the form of Shaun the Sheep. To get a preview of both the costume and its Event Course, both of which will be available on June 3rd, you can watch the video...

AFA Channel! freakpool

Thanks to a certain sports anime from Kyoto Animation titled Free! , the small town of Iwami in Tottori Prefecture has been swarmed by anime fans on a "pilgrimage" and visiting some of the areas featured in the anime.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced their license of Tsukasa Saimura's zombie survival series, Tokyo Undead, Milk Morinaga's ongoing yuri manga series, Hana & Hina After School and Kawakami Masaki and Hato's supernatural comedy series, There's ...

A recent announcement has confirmed that Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors will be making its way to the west, while unfortunately being slammed with yet more censorship in the process, though many are hoping that the release will still have at least...

Haruhichan's blog Olivia Lynn

Pokemon fans have a while to wait for the new installment to the game series. To satiate our appetite for the cute creatures, Viz Media has announced that it's going to make an official Pokemon cookbook to North America.

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Three additional voice actors have joined the cast of Taboo Tattoo, an upcoming action TV anime based on the seinen manga by Shinjirō about a young man who accidentally acquires a powerful weapon in the form of a cursed tattoo.

'交錯する悲劇 TRAGEDY COMES WITH SMILE' (Kousaku Suru Higeki TRAGEDY COMES WITH SMILE) "Intertwining Tragedies - Tragedy Comes With Smile" Through trials, their commitment grows. The Truth of the Hinatsuki Tragedy There's no arguing that Sousei no Onmyo...

Siliconera Jenni

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap countdown is over and the game has been revealed. Lizard Cube and DotEmu are working on an updated version of the Sega Master System and Turbografx-16 game. It will come to both consoles and computers, though the deve...

The UK Anime Network has been serving anime fans in the UK since 1996, and we're chock full of reviews, news, articles and competitions :) Enter our latest competition Universal Pictures are entering the UK anime market, and they've given us a cop...

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