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May 18, 2016, 7:30 PM
Kotaku East Richard Eisenbeis

The world's top virtual songstress is back in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X-a game with 30 songs and all new medleys. Take a listen! The First Melody Love Song Satisfaction The Name of Sin Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale LOL -lots of laugh- Even as a Female...

During FicZone, a recent anime, manga and videogames event in Granada, in the south of Spain, we sat down to talk with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto about his current projects, hoping to get his thoughts about the anime industry after finishing the Evangelio...

AFA Channel! freakpool

We have a new Working! ! TV anime, but it won't be set in the Wagnaria family restaurant that everyone is familiar with. This new TV anime will feature a different Wagnaria restaurant with a different-yet-equally-wacky staff, and the members of th...

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Honobu Yonezawa took to Twitter to announce that he will release a new volume for his Koten-bu series, of which Hyouka is the title of the first book. The new volume is going to be a compilation of previously published short stories.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

It does not. But what if it did? Then, Civil War would probably look something like this. As pointed out by tipster Sang, Twitter user and artist Bin1 Production has been uploading images of characters from Namco Bandai's The Idolmaster as if they...

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

The official RE:Zero anime website announced that there may be a three week delay or a temporary cancelation for episodes 8 - 10 due to the French Open tennis tournament. Broadcasters TVTokyo, TVOsaka, and TVAichi will have to decide whether they ...

RocketNews24 Cara Clegg

Talented freehand tattoo artist combines the unconventional with the traditional. Gakkin is a Japanese tattoo artist operating out of Harizanmai tattoo studio in Kyoto. He works freehand, mostly doing what he describes as "a new approach to tradit...

Wit Studio's Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress has burned through the community like wildfire! It's ignited passions and inspired artists to recreate the characters in their own style. Mumei and crew are shown in a new light in every piece below and h...

The Premium Bandai shop has opened a page for the DX Ishinomori Ghost Eyecon from the Kamen Rider Ghost TV series. Originally available only to those who went to PARCO Museum's Kamen Rider 45th Exhibition Shop, this Eyecon represents the creator o...

The official website for the upcoming Accel World: Infinite Burst anime film began streaming the first commercial on Tuesday. The film will open on July 23 in Japan. Here's a visual of rht upcoming film: Accel World: Infinite Burst is a brand new ...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official website for the upcoming 13th One Piece feature film, One Piece Film Gold, today released a 100-second full trailer featuring the theme song "Ikari wo Kureyo" (Give Me Anger) performed by two-member unit GLM SPANKY.

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Satoshi Kon directed beloved movies like Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika. He was also behind the acclaimed Paranoia Agent TV anime series. One of Kon's best, and overlooked, works is Millennium Actress.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Kugimiya Yoichiro's (production affairs coordinator on Studio Ghibli movies including The Wind Rises and Princess Kaguya) Trash Studio has announced the the passing of Makiko Futaki on May 13th at age 58.

Siliconera Sato

Square Enix's latest smartphone game isn't about saving the world or gathering crystals, but rather, about creating the legendary "Bear Paradise," where you'll do everything to make bears happy. The above is a look at Kuma Para, or Bear Paradise.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Black Chicken Studios' Victory Belles offers the pitch "Finally, an era of WW2 shipgirls dawns on our shores! Fleet combat F2P Web/iOS RPG collection game & warship sim for the West! " That kind of makes it sound like an answer to a certain popula...

Siliconera Jenni

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game is a remake of Smoking Wolf's Windows PC game One Way Heroics. When it comes to North America, purchasing one version will give you the second one for free. In Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, players...

Kahotan's Blog gsckahotan

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan) The rain has come and the pollen levels are apparently much lower. . . but for some reason I'm still sneezing! Maybe this sneezing isn't the hay fever I thought it was.

DYGL's first official EP "Don't Know Where It Is" came out fresh on May 4th. With the new release they will hit the pacific coast highway to play a few gigs around. The band have made a triumphant return to the States in early spring and did sever...

Siliconera Sato

Marvelous shared the latest on their upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns with a look at Hamtaro, details on two marriage candidates, and a new trailer. The trailer gives us a good look at the game with ke...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The second promotional video has been released for WWW. Working! ! , the upcoming anime adaptation of Karino Takatsu's web manga, Web-ban Working! ! . The new video introduces the main characters of the spin-off series.

Fans of former SKE48 idol Momona Kito (now known as Yua Mikami) have been reveling in her recent AV accomplishments, as she has deftly acquired the "best newcomer of the year" award courtesy of the 2016 DMM.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The Japanese official website for the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Cherry Arai's four-panel comedy manga Sansya Sanyo/Three Leaves, Three Colors has posted the first one-minute preview of its unaired episode "Kinoko wa Karada ni Iindayo" (Mushro...

Siliconera Sato

Capcom held a special live stream for Ace Attorney: Spirits of Justice earlier this morning, where they showcased a video for their recently announced post-game DLC chapter. The video mostly features some of the characters talking about the specia...

Indiewire Jerry Beck

Here's a teaser for Napping Princess: The Story Of the Unknown Me (Hirune Hime - Shiranai Wabash No Monogatari), the new anime film by director Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Eden Of The East).

Anime Evo Flower

As expected, episode six did indeed have one of the most looked forward to events in the manga, and that was the agreement by Makoto's older sister Akane to temporarily take Chinatsu under her wing (at the latter's insistent pleading) as an appren...

Siliconera Casey

By Casey . May 17, 2016 . 7:30am Last month, the Pokémon Company and Niantic expanded the Pokémon GO field test to Australia and New Zealand. Later this month, the smartphone app's field test will expand to include North America as well.

The Tokyo Reporter Tokyo Reporter Staff

The Eastern Branch of the Gamagori Fire Department AICHI (TR) - Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested three fireman stationed in Gamagori City who are alleged to have abused and sexually assaulted a male subordinate, reports the Nippon News Netwo...

The Fandom Post Kate O'Neil

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #33 Sailor against sailor. What They Say: Episode 33: "Act. 32 Infinity 6 Three Guardians" Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto appear before Sailor Moon and the other Guardians to reveal their true agenda.

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of the July 2016 anime adaptation of Fujimi Shobo and Media Factory's Ange Vierge trading card game and mobile application has revealed a brand new promotional video that unveils new cast members and character designs.

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