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April 25, 2016, 1:30 PM
GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

The transfer student is one of anime's most well known character archetypes. If you want a mysterious character, just introduce a transfer from wonderland! Japanese site Charpedia asked fans to select the best transfer students in anime.

The 132nd Pokemon, Ditto, has the unique ability to transform into other Pokemon it comes in contact with. This makes it perfect for infiltration and espionage (as Green in Pokémon Adventures can attest).

AFA Channel! freakpool

Two huge earthquakes have hit southern Japan, and one of the most affected areas is Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture. Previously, mangaka had expressed their solidarity with the victims by drawing some tribute illustrations featuring Kumamo...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

The "Machi Asobi Vol. 16" convention is coming to Tokushima in May of 2016, and Sega and Hatsune Miku will be there to show off their upcoming slate of Project DIVA games for the Sony PS4 game console as well as a virtual reality tech demo for Pla...

By Stewart Greene Apr 24, 2016 Each one is so gorgeous and so faithful to the original game that it's only natural for Zelda fans to crave more. The following year at the E3 2014, the Japanese game developer stated that the game will be released f...


Apr23 *Swoon* Things really picked up this episode! . . . And they also got really weird, but at least the mystery isn't so easy that you can already guess how it's going to end. Or at least I haven't figured it out yet.


The production of "Attack on Titan" season 2 is taking a bit long, and it is not for the reason that most fans may expect. Rumors have been going around that the the season 2 has been delayed due to the spring 2016 premiere of "Kabaneri of the Iro...

'オーダー! 走れ, 迷うな! BIG examination' (Order! Hashire, Mayou na! Big Examination) "Order! Run, Don't Hesitate! Big Examination" Last week I mentioned that Eiji and Rin's couple dynamic would be an interesting one if they ever joined forces.

There are many temporary anime collaboration cafes in Japan and Love Live! is one of them. Luckily I have won the reservation lottery and had an opportunity to visit Love Live! and Sega collab café in Akihabara!

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

The upcoming JRPG is a crossover title between Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei and Nintendo's Fire Emblem. Nintendo released a new English trailer for the game, which will launch on June 24 in North America and Europe exclusively for the Wii U.

24 April 2016 - 08H05 © AFP | A costume role-play enthusiast poses for a photo at a cosplay festival in Yangon YANGON (AFP) - Purple-haired princesses, wolves and dolled-up maids mingled at a "cosplay" fantasy costume festival held this weekend in...

Anime Evo setsuken

Well that was. . . a little bit better. After three episodes of continued disappointment, the Ace Attorney anime series delivers one episode that I think is not only decent, but is generally entertaining when taken on its own.

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Kyoto Animation is confirming their worst kept secret. The second season of Hibike! Euphonium will premier in October. More information will be revealed later, providing they don't make another mistake.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

At this weekend's Anime Detour in Bloomington, MN, FUNimation announced the English dub cast for Gonna be the Twin-Tail! ! , coming soon to home video. Synopsis Soji Mitsuka is an ordinary high schooler with an extraordinary obsession.

Selective Hearing Selective Hearing

NEWS Takayanagi Akane recently had surgery to remove vocal code nodules that had been developing for over a year. Before surgery she had been experiencing issues such as shortness of breath and a hoarse voice.

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Considering the series' powerful first two episodes, anime fans might very well be witnessing the birth of the next great anime with "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. " By Peter de Jesus | Apr 23, 2016 10:28 AM EDT Considering the series' powerful f...

'畑講座と魔術講座' (Hata Kouza to Majutsu Kouza) "Lessons in Farming and Magic" While it was a little light on content, this week's episode did a decent job at keeping the story moving forward. How Does a Witch Train?

This is an RSS version of the original article. Please visit www. otakustudy. com for the full post. One of Square Enix's newest video game development studios is Tokyo RPG Factory, which has a focus on Japanese RPGs.

'守られるより守りたい & 今日から使える恋愛心理術' (Mamorareruyori Mamoritai & Kyou Kara Tsukaeru Renai Shinri Jutsu) "I'd Rather Protect Than Be Protected & Psychological Techniques for Romance That You Can Use Today" After its first crazy episode, I wasn't sure whethe...

Japanator Salvador GRodiles

For a good while, The Hero Yoshihiko has been on my list of shows to watch, since it looks like a fun comedy series that'll please any RPG fan. With a new season being announced, my urge to catch up with the low-budget series has gone up.

Release Date: April 6, 2014 Track Listing Navigate Cosmic Explorer Miracle Worker Next Stage With You Story Flash (Cosmic Explorer Version) Sweet Refrain (Cosmic Explorer Version) Baby Face Tokimeki Lights (Cosmic Explorer Version) Star Train (Cos...

MYTH & ROID updated the release details for new single STYX HELIX - jacket cover, full track list, bonuses, and long preview music video unveiled. Their 3rd single has tie-up as ending theme for anime Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- (Re:ゼ...

Etrian Odyssey V has showcased another of its various deadly classes, exposing the intricate details surrounding the Dragoon and possibly enticing retro players with its turn-based appeal. . . The trailer regarding Dragoons: An additional video de...

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