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April 12, 2016, 3:30 PM

NEWS And Announces Partnership With Crunchyroll Posted by ICv2 on April 11, 2016 @ 5:37 pm CT Kadokawa Corporation will acquire majority control of Hachette Book Group's Yen Press manga imprint under a new agreement announced today.

NMB48 show off the bonds of female friendship in the MVs for the coupling songs from their 14th single "Amagami Hime" (release date: April 27)! Contributor Wanted! ! Yuuri Ota and Ririka Suto take center stage in the MV for "Hakanai Monogatari" by...

The 2015 Naruto stage play was a hit, it seems, because the crew is back for more headbanded ninja action this summer. The 2016 version of Live Spectacle Naruto, which stars largely the same cast as last year, will add character Rock Lee, who will...

Anime Instrumentality Chris Nguyen

Koji Wada's "Butter-fly", used as the theme song to many a Digimon anime has become an iconic part of the franchise. Starting with the song's debut of the original Digimon Adventure way back in 1999. Since then, "Butter-fly" has featured prominent...

Otakusiesta otakusiesta

Square Enix unveiled Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, a new RPG "planned for distribution" in Japan in spring 2016. The game is produced by Yoshinori Yamagishi, features music by Moto Sakuraba, and scenario by Daisuke "Bun-O FUJISAWA" Fujisawa.

Are you ready for yet another great season of anime? ! As always, it feels like there are too many can't-miss series, and goo Ranking is here to help you out with their list of the top 10 most anticipated series for the Spring 2016 season!

Light novel readers are familiar with insanely long series titles. It's a trend that has continued in Japan for many years. To celebrate, Japanese site CUPO held a survey of light novels that were published between April 2015 and March 2016 to det...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Japanese fans who attended a recent event for Strike the Blood - a light novel series by Gakuto Mikumo involving vampires, monsters, and high school students - are excited at the possibility that more Strike the Blood anime adaptations may be on t...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

At end of March, Bandai celebrated the 70th anniversary of the birth of legendary British singer Freddie Mercury, best known as the lead for Queen (and to 00's anime watchers for his Cromartie High School appearances) with an S.

tokyohive ustar

It's been revealed that Mizuki Nana will release her 34th single. This was announced on April 9 during her live concert "NANA MIZUKI LIVE GALAXY 2016" at Tokyo Dome. The first song off of the single will be used as the opening theme for TV anime "...

Anime and video game publisher NIS America, today announced that the "Psycho Pass" inspired visual novel, "Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness," will be making its way to North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, in September of 2016.

Siliconera Sato

The video shows us Nami, Robin, Hancock, Perona, and Koala in action, along with a Sanji that doesn't hit girls and just shows them some love instead. We also get to see Luffy in Gear Fourth in the following footage.

Siliconera Sato

Following the earlier gameplay videos featuring protagonist Izuku Midoriya and Ktasuki Bakugou in My Hero Academia: Battle for All, Bandai Namco shared another pair, with a look at Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Iida.

It has been reported that 22 years old Hey! Say! JUMP's Nakajima Yuto has been sighted with actress Yo Yoshida, who turned 42 past February. They were spotted leaving Yoshida's residence and calling a taxi, covering their faces with a white mask a...

On April 5, a group of artists under the collective name "sportsmusicassemblepeople" released on album titled "For My Homiez. " The album is an ode to SMAP, or as they put it, a "tribute to S. M. A. P.

AFA Channel! freakpool

When it comes to anime partnerships, the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is definitely no stranger to them, as they have previously partnered with military anime like Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, GATE, and Kantai Colle...

Choujin Sentai Jetman is easily regarded as one of the best shows in Toei's long running Super Sentai franchise. Aside from its drama elements, and its story, there is one character that easily stood out from the rest, and his name is Gai Yuki.

On March 25, the robotics fashion creator, Kyunkun, revealed her new self-made wearable robot "METCALF clione". Along with the release of METCALF clione, a short promotion movie directed by suzkikenta has unveiled.

The Fandom Post Kate O'Neil

Flying Witch Episode #1 A teenage witch takes her first broom ride away from home. Which witch is which? What They Say: Episode #1: "It's Been Six Years" The entry-level witch, Makoto Kowata, leaves her parents' house as she begins high school.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

The Fairy Tail train continues on as Funimation recently scheduled the 20th part of the series on DVD/BD combo form . THe new set is scheduled for June 7th, 2016 and they've now released a new dubbed trailer to highlight the show that works throug...

Siliconera Sato

We previously got a look at some humorous Ace Attorney 6 TV clips featuring an exchange between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. The latest one gives us a look at a first-print bonus costume for Phoenix.

METANORN skylion

Apr11 Looks Meets Deceiving Well they say that surprises come to those who wait. But in all honesty? I forgot this show was even coming out, and I think that's part of what Doga Kobo was planning all along.

SID's lead vocalist, Mao, excited Jrock fans earlier today with his solo debut announcement. His first single, titled "Tsuki / Hoshi", is slated for release on June 22nd. In addition, Mao will be promoting the debut single by visiting stores all o...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

The spring 2016 anime series Wagamama High Spec landed today in Japan and a new promo for the series itself arrived over the weekend. Crunchyroll picked up the streaming rights for the series that will debut new episodes every Monday at 1:30pm ET ...

This is an RSS version of the original article. Please visit www. otakustudy. com for the full post. Left thinking you might never have another opportunity to watch a Studio Ghibli film in cinemas? The initial western release of Only Yesterday was...

AFA Channel! freakpool

After teaming up with DMM to turn World War II warships into Moe Anthropomorphic Girls in Kantai Collection, Kadokawa has teamed up with NEXCO Central Japan and Dwango to turn traffic exchanges into their own Moe Anthropomorphic Girls.

SGCafe spartanchef

Jason Statham is one of the toughest and most badass action stars today, and yes, he's one of the freaking Expendibles! But the all-around tough guy has been seen listening (and dancing) to Hatsune Miku in a new commercial for LG's G5 smartphone.

AFA Channel! freakpool

Moonies in Tokyo have a lot to be happy about, because not only has Sailor Moon Crystal returned for a second season, but there will also be a special exhibition for the anime. The event will be held later this month at the Mori Tower in Roppongi ...

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