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April 10, 2016, 6:00 AM
RocketNews24 Scott Wilson

The capybara council of cute is now in session! So we all know that capybaras, the cute South American-native rodent, love to bathe in hot springs. But it seems like they're not a fan of water in all forms, especially when it's falling from the sky.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Starting April 16, a special Sailor Moon exhibition opens in Tokyo to celebrate one of Japan's most successful manga and anime. The exhibition will be held at the top of Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. On display, there will be original color art as...

musicJAPANplus © 2010 musicJAPANplus

BAND-MAID has released a new music video from their upcoming new mini-album "Brand New MAID". BAND-MAID just finished their first overseas show at Sakuracon in Seattle, and they will be heading to London with MCM Comic Con this May.

You would be forgiven if you mistaken Kabaneri for Attack on Titan. Read More: Attack on Titan Season 2 is Getting Delayed Afterall, the original series is adapted by the same team behind the Attack on Titan anime.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Illustrated English teacher suddenly has legions of fans and even an unofficial theme song, but her visual creator is hoping the good-time ruckus won't lead to a backlash by parents and educators. With the school year getting underway in Japan, ea...

Atsuko Maeda, former AKB48 front-girl, opened a new account on Instagram on 6th April. Acchan is not a newcomer to the app. She actually had a huge follower base already on her previously owned account.

The currently-running second season of the Assassination Classroom anime is getting ready to enter its final arc. The last leg of the story kicks off on April 14 with the 15th episode, "Kokuhaku no Jikan" ("The Confession Time").

Japanese polling site Charapedia is getting inventive. For its 114th anime-and-manga-related poll, it's asked its readers, "what two characters from totally unrelated shows have you always thought would make a good couple?

On April 8, 2016, after being an AKB48 member for 3,775 days, Minami Takahashi had her final stage performance at the AKB48 theatre on her 25th birthday. Titled "Minami Takahashi Graduation Special Performance ~Looking Back on the Past 10 years~",...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Japanese animation studio Shaft, Inc. presented a "Madogatari" exhibit, combining Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the Monogatari series. This presented a "Madoka concept movie," which developed Madok Magica's relat...

This is an RSS version of the original article. Please visit www. otakustudy. com for the full post. Following many other PlayStation Vita to PC ports for games in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, Idea Factory International have announced th...

JAST USA to release PC game with dual audio tracks this summer JAST USA announced on Friday that it will feature an English dub option for its release of Nitroplus' Communication With Sonico (SoniComi) PC game.

Japanator Salvador GRodiles

You know that Studio Megaane is an impressive person when he releases a chiptune version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable's ending theme within the same timeframe that the anime's tune made its debut.

Crunchyroll Nate Ming

Fanart Friday returns, and we've got one last leg to run. Last week, I goofed around at my desk with an April Fools edition, but this week we're gonna catch up on the last six months of Fanart Friday with a FF (and anime!

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Crunchyroll has another addition to its manga library with the arrival of Atsuko Watanabe's Piacevole. The first volume of the comico manga is now available to members worldwide. Synopsis: High schooler Morina Nanase starts work at Trattoria Festa...

Milkcananime { Justinn }

The air is infused with the spirit of anime for Spring. Thank goodness there are now new things to look forward to, and naturally think and write about. I have recognised a few anime adaptations in this new line-up, because I have either bought th...

Siliconera Joel Couture

By Joel Couture . April 8, 2016 . 2:30pm Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~, the sequel to visual novel Clannad that follows Tomoyo's ending, is raising votes on Greenlight for a Steam release. The game, originally released in 2005, follows Tomo...

Nazzaro Striano

Casa Italia Economia Intrattenimento Scienza e tecnologia Sport Salute Esteri Nazzaro Striano Aprile 9, 2016 Correlati Anbang Pulls Out of $14B Bid for Starwood Kings top Ducks, have upper hand in Pacific race United Kingdom government will offer ...

Siliconera Sato

Romancing SaGa 2 recently released in Japan for smartphone and PlayStation Vita, and Square Enix announced via Twitter that they're bringing the game Westward for Android and iPhone. The upgraded version of Romancing SaGa 2 features revamped chara...

Siliconera Casey

Just a few weeks ago in Japan, a field test for Pokémon GO began and, according to developer Niantic, the test will spread to Australia and New Zealand "later this month. " Those who live in either of those two territories can sign up for the fiel...

JEFusion Gaiatron

Toei's official youtube channel has released the minute long trailer for their next Super Sentai V-Cinema presentation, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Returns: Ninnin Girls VS Ninnin Boys Final Wars featuring an animated Fuuka and Kasumi!

AFA Channel! freakpool

Back in February 2006, Dengeki Bunkon and Japanese light novel author, Isuna Hasekura, launched Spice and Wolf, and taught a lot of people about business, economics, and politics. To celebrate the series' 10th anniversary, the May issue of Dengeki...

AFA Channel! freakpool

Renowned and critically-acclaimed anime director, Makoto Shinkai, is back with another movie offering, which is titled "Kimi no Na wa. " or "Your Name. ". Much like his previous works, this one promises to be quite emotional.

Siliconera Sato

Famitsu announced that they're hosting a special Final Fantasy XV NicoNico Live stream featuring director Hajime Tabata and series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is currently the head of Mistwalker. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Good Smile Company has launched pre-orders for two upcoming, super-deformed Nendoroid figures this week. Repping AmeComi and super-hero movies is Captain America with a base that links up with Iron Man for a fight along the lines of the upcoming C...

The GLORIO Blog Artemis

The year is 1937 and Lieutenant-Colonel Yuuki has formed a team of spies, none of whom have a background in the military but all of whom are highly trained and skilled in the arts of manipulation. Known as the "D Agency", these antihero agents are...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

North American anime distributor Discotek Media has taken to social media with news that they have licensed A Wind Named Amnesia, a 1990 anime movie adaptation of novel by Vampire Hunter D author Hideyuki Kikuchi previously released by Manga Enter...

Campaign launches in June for release from AKABEi SOFT 2 Developer Frontwing announced on Thursday that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign with AKABEi SOFT2 to localize and release AKABEi SOFT2's visual novel Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shōjo u...

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