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December 14, 2015, 11:30 PM
AFA Channel! freakpool

Japanese author, Mamare Touno, is known for writing socio-economic scenarios on a large scale for his two highly popular works, Maoyu - Maou-Yuusha, and Log Horizon. In his works, he has explained how the economy works, and should be very familiar...

Makoto Shinkai is an animation director highly esteemed both inside and outside Japan, and it seems he's about to spread his wings yet again in 2016. On Dec. 10, Shinkai announced production on the feature-length animation Kimi no Na wa (Your Name).

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of the anime adaptation of Yuuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki's Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma) manga has revealed the first visual for the recently announced second season.

RocketNews24 Preston Phro

If you love cats, chocolate, and marshmallows, you won't want to miss Nyarshmallows from Felissimo! There are kitten marshmallows for your coffee and paw print marshmallows for pure adorableness, and now there are chocolate-filled kitten marshmall...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

White dragons, dark magicians, and crazy Yugi hair are all looking better than ever. Although it often gets stuck playing second fiddle to Pokémon (Japan's other competitive trading card game-affiliated mega franchise), Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Tokyo Reporter Staff Report

Members of SKE48 OSAKA (TR) - Osaka Prefectural Police on Sunday arrested a 21-year-old male company employee for allegedly robbing proceeds from an event featuring popular idol group SKE48 in Suminoe Ward, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Dec 14).

Crunchyroll Brittany Vincent

Black Butler is a series with plenty of decadence strewn across its episodes, so it makes total sense that there should be a special cafe dedicated to it. The Tokyo-Q Plaza Harajuku AREA-Q will be hosting a special Black Butler cafe beginning on J...

It has been revealed that a new Lupin III will receive a TV anime special that will air on NTV on January 8 starting at 9:00 p. m. The special, titled "Lupin III Italian Game," will air during NTV's weekly "Friday Roadshow" programming block.


PERFUME offer an insight into the inner workings of J-pop's finest in a new documentary. . . London was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of a screening of the new Perfume documentary WE ARE Perfume -WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT this month.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Bandai Namco's latest trio of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven trailers span three different parts, from Part III: Stardust Crusaders hero Noriaki Kakyoin to Part V: Vento Aureo's Diavolo and Part VII: Steel Ball Run's Diego Brando.

Sakura Doujin Gao Shao

Formed in 2013, the idol group μ's of the popular idol anime 【Love Live! 】 has been active in both producing songs and live performances throughout these 2 years. However, an unfortunate news is that: μ's will disband after holding its last live p...

KpopStarz KpopStarz

This weekend, Aniplex of America began streaming a new trailer for the upcoming "Doukyusei" anime BL (Boys-Love) movie. The trailer, available to view below, now features English subtitles as well as the first meeting between the main characters R...

Now that Michiko & Hatchin has run its course, Adult Swim's Toonami block is cooking up the next series to add to the late-night anime block. Starting January 2, Cowboy Bebop director Shinichirō Watanabe's Samurai Champloo will join in on the action.

'力と代償' (Chikata to Daishou) "Power And Its Price" I went into this episode expecting it to be kind of boring - luckily I was wrong. The Urzaiz Sisters As deliberate as the setup was, I'll appreciate getting a chance to see what the Urzaiz sisters ...


Nintendo's latest hand-held hit may seem a little familiar. Yo-Kai Watch has an array of strange and cute characters to collect, a massive following in Japan, and arrives in the U. S. complete with its own anime series.


Fujigaya Taisuke from the popular Johnny's group Kis-My-Ft. 2 has been cast as the lead role in the forthcoming drama adaption of the classic manga "Mars" by Soryo Fuyumi. Starring along side him will be Kubota Masataka ,who recently starred as Ki...

San-ei-Boeki added Pokémon's original amorphous pink blob to its line-up of Fuwa Cushions. The cushion bares a long, thin smile and has one limb raised almost like its waving. The cushion measures 36cm (14in) wide and 32cm (12.

GoBoiano Media Nate Lou

Makoto Shinkai has devoted 2015 to this film and says he wants to make a work that is "more enjoyable, more beautiful, and more beyond any work he has made so far. " The movie is slated for a Japan release in August 2016.

AFA Channel! freakpool

2016's second issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine has delivered as promised, announcing some pretty big news concerning Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma. As everyone had expected, they announced that Yuuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki's bestselling food ...

Angry Anime Bitches hideki sohma

Ah filler, my old friend. It has certainly been a while since I saw you. And by a while I mean. . . very very recently. Regardless, it's time once again for another Ushio and Tora episode. Or as I said in my title, Mayuko and Tora.

The Fandom Post Darius Washington

What They Say: Today, Kei Katsuragi's only concern is the love of his life. It doesn't really matter to him that he has more than one love after all as a pilot for the Freedom Space Corps, he might be dead tomorrow!

Somehow I forgot to do this. . . Unwatched: Gakkou Gurashi, God Eater, Hetalia, idolm@ster, Junjou Romantica 3, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Sore ga Seiyuu! , To Love Ru Trouble Darkness 2 31. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan - F Talk about worthless.

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of the upcoming anime adaptation of GungHo Online Entertainment and Acquire's Divine Gate mobile game will start its broadcast on January 8th. In addition, a brand new visual and promotional video were also revealed.

Nihongogo Jeremy Suskin

The girls of AKB48 have set a new record as they close out their 10th anniversary year with a bang. Despite recording the lowest first day sales in recent history since the release of 2011's Sakura no Ki ni Narou AKB48's newest single Kuchibiru ni...

They really dragged this episode out. Though I guess I understand. Gotta leave the best for last, right? Very action-packed episode. Even though it was filler, I liked that they showed some past characters again as they were watching the news, lik...

For those who are patiently waiting, a new release date for the second season of the hit Japanese anime series "Attack On Titan" has surfaced this week. Recent plot rumors, meanwhile, indicate the demise of one of the show's main characters.

'しのぶメイル 其ノ伍' (Shinobu Meiru Sono Go) "Shinobu Mail Part Five" So there's this girl, and she had a. . . fiance? They have a spat, the fiance runs off into the night (light, whatever) and gets smoked. She mopes around for a century or four, but even...

Posted 13/12/2015 We've now come to the end of Seven Seas Entertainment's epic December haul of license announcements, so let's cover off those final manga acquisitions, although not before mentioning that the publisher has also picked up zombie a...

Anime Evo setsuken

Its never quite occurred to me until this episode, but it seems like One-Punch Man is a series that features two very different and often times even disparate elements. There's the element of Saitama, the character that the show is very much named...

Siliconera Sato

Atlus recently shared a new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final, with a look at its "Tokyo Collapse Image Anime" trailer. For those of you wondering about the story of the game, you can check out our earlier r...

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