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December 11, 2015, 10:30 AM
Crunchyroll Scott Green

Accompanied by a dedicated cover illustration and color front page, next week's 2016 issue 2 of manga magazine Shonen Jump is set to announce a second season of the anime adaptation of of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Famed writer's best-known novel served as basis for Studio Ghibli anime of the same name. Born in the city of Kamakura in 1930, Akiyuki Nosaka didn't have an easy childhood. His mother died two months after giving birth to him.

AKB48 celebrated their 10th anniversary at the AKB48 Theater on December 8, 2015 with the 3,781st performance at the small theater on the 8th floor of the Akihabara Don Quihote where they began their journey to becoming Japan's national idols back...

Siliconera Casey

The new video highlights four songs: "Brain Revolution Girl," "Love Song," "Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream" and "Love Trial. " Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will release in Japan for PlayStation Vita on March 24th, 2016.

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

After four months of development, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has finally captured the scent of a cat's forehead in a bottle. The cat-loving folks over at online retailer Felissimo have delighted us in the past with an adorable kitten linge...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

A site with visual and spring broadcast plans have launched for the anime adaptation of Shibai Kineko's comedy light novel series Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Kadokawa today posted a 60-second teaser for Sadako vs Kayako, the upcoming collaboration film between the two most famous J-horror characters, Sadako from Kadokawa's "Ring" franchise and Kayako from NBC Universal Entertainment's "Juon.

CNN Euan McKirdy, CNN

But down an unassuming side street, away from the flashing, neon glare of the main strip, is an altogether more soothing environment. Akiba Fukurou is the brainchild of Shusaku Yasu, an early-thirties owl enthusiast who has brought a little altern...

An onslaught of tantalizing trailers have arrived for Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, unleashing its roster of top-heavy girls as they take to action while also getting some staple yuri service in so as to not disappoint fans of the incredibly amorous ...

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . December 9, 2015 . 6:30pm We previously reported that Sceptile could be the newest character to join in on Pokkén Tournament, and Bandai Namco made it official by announcing just that with an official introduction trailer for the Grass-t...

The licensing madness continues over at Seven Seas Entertainment with the announcement of dark harem fantasy manga How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King. The series is written by Warau Yakan and illustrated by Komiya Toshimasa, and will b...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

The upcoming Japanese-made film, which now has a release date and teaser video, will feature the largest Godzilla in franchise history. Almost exactly a year ago, Japanese film studio Toho announced that it would be making its first Godzilla movie...


Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Utada Hikaru would be making her return to music this coming spring. Sources said that a new album would be released and that songs from the album would have high level tie-ins.

tokyohive ustar

On December 6, Wentz Eiji and Koike Teppei announced the disbandment of WaT. The duo made the announcement on stage of their 10th anniversary live at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. During the daytime show, Wentz began by saying, "WaT will disband after o...

Siliconera Sato

Bandai Namco revealed in this week's issue of Jump magazine that One Piece: Burning Blood will release in Japan on April 21, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for 7,800 yen and 6,800 yen, respectively, plus tax.

TrySail announced new single whiz with tie-up as theme for mobile app anime Koyomimonogatari (暦物語). The anime presents new short stories from NisiOisin's Monogatari series. Their 3rd single whiz comes on three editions scheduled for release on Feb...

International Business Times Nicolo Josef V. Parungo

Gameplay from "Gravity Rush 2. " Photo: PlayStation Blog Plenty of new information was shared about "Gravity Rush 2," a unique game and a sequel to the original "Gravity Rush. " Sony revealed the details during a special livestream in Japan, where...

Siliconera Sato

Bandai Namco released the latest pair of trailers for their upcoming stylish brawler, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, with a look at some gameplay for Wamuu from Part II: Battle Tendency and Shigekiyo Yangu from Part IV: Diamond is Unbre...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

The official trailer for Kimi no Na wa. ("Your Name. "), the latest film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters per Second, The Garden of Words) is now available online.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

We learned back in Noevmber that the Hakuoki series will be going in a fun direction in the future with Hakuouki ~Otogi Soushi~. The property, which is based on the games of the same name, have had a couple of TV works and feature film so an expan...

SGCafe spartanchef

Legendary Japanese animation studio, Shaft, is celebrating 40 years of unforgettable anime, from Madoka Magica to Monogatari, from Negima? ! to Nisekoi, and everything in between. Now, the studio responsible for a lot of head tilting has finally o...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

The official Gundam portal site has announced the second actor that will be starring in the English-language adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. The latest addition is that of Johnny Yong Bosch, who will be playing Orga Itsuka ...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

A new trailer for Sekko Boys, the short form anime comedy about a quartet of classical & neoclassical statues becoming a popular male idol band, is now available online. Directed by Tomoki Takuno and featuring animation by Liden Films, Sekko Boys ...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of the TV anime adaptation of Sega's Chain Chronicle has revealed that the series will now air next year, being delayed from its initial 2015 broadcast. In addition to the news, the first promotional video was also revealed.

The official website for the anime adaptation of Kenya Suzuki's comedy manga Oshiete! Galko-chan has revealed the character designs for the main cast. The series will broadcast on Tokyo MX on January 8.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Nintendo previously said they had one more Super Smash Bros. presentation coming, and the video is set to stream on December 15 at 2:00pm Pacific Time. The "Final Video Presentation" will have info on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U brawler, with Masah...

Siliconera Jenni

By Jenni . December 9, 2015 . 11:00am One of the main selling points of The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition is an all-new area that lets people play as Metallia, the Swamp Witch and master of the Hundred Knight.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

While the visual novel release of Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu isn't due out until March 25th, 2016, the anime is moving right along and a new bit of information has finally arrived for it. After getting the confirmation recently that it'll be ...


The official website for Studio Trigger's Kiznaiver TV anime series announced the first two cast members and color character designs on Thursday. They are: Yuuki Kaji (Attack on Titan's Eren Jaeger) as Katsuhira Agata: The story's protagonist.

If you are like myself, you will be spending at least a couple of days at the end of this year going through the huge backlog of titles that seem to have accumulated in your Steam library this year. Providing two additional games for your library,...

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