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November 21, 2015, 8:30 AM
The Sun Rising Blog Michael Vincent

What is it. What is it with Saitama that make people cheer for him? What makes him so special? The answer is, no, not just because he is bald. But let's try to answer why people worship Saitama, and subsequently, the One Punch Man anime.

AKB's handshaking event held at Fukuoka Marine Messe in 23 November, 2015 will be broadcast through Nico Video. Even if you are too late to get the ticket, you may be able to do air-handshaking! This is the last handshaking event that Minami Takah...

Polygon Allegra Frank

Stay Connected. Follow Polygon Now! × Afro Samurai 2: The Revenge of Kuma, the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC game based on the Samuel L. Jackson-starring anime, has been removed from Steam and the PlayStation Store.

GoBoiano Media Tsubaki

Japanese anime fans on Anime! Anime! voted for their favorite anime opening themes. Here are the results! 10. "We Are! ," by Hiroshi Kitadani (One Piece) 9. "Tori no Uta" by Lia (Air) 8. "Jigoku no Sata mo KimiShidai," by Jigoku no Sata All Stars ...

The wraparound jacket of the 15th and final volume of Tsutomu Nihei's Sidonia no Kishi manga has announced that another of Tsutomu Nihei's works, Blame! , will receive an anime movie adaptation. Nihei also made revealed the news on his Twitter acc...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Does that beautiful breakfast look like it came from the kitchen of a high-class ryokan inn or loving Japanese family? Guess again - it's all from 7-Eleven! We really can't overstate how awesome Japanese convenience stores are.

SGCafe spartanchef

While the real Dragon Balls aren't really edible, one restaurant in Nagoya, Japan, has recreated them, not for people to give their wishes to a dragon named Shenron, but to eat! The Danke Restaurant in Japan has been serving up some delightful hot...

Siliconera Sato

Nine "The Phantom" won't have any Drive, which makes her the first character in the series to not have a Drive. She'll instead use magic attacks with Water, Wind, and Fire attacks for her A, B, and C, respectively.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

This all makes sense for a country that already has, not one, but two Star Wars airplanes. As part of the seemingly endless Force Awakens promotional push, the Nankai Rapi:t train service, which runs between Kansai International Airport and Osaka ...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

You might know Capcom for its Street Fighter or Resident Evil games. But the company has, over the years, opened a couple restaurants (here and here, for example). Its latest is a cafe called, wait for it, Capcom Cafe.

Siliconera Sato

Bandai Namco shows us the latest on their upcoming stylish brawler JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven with a character introduction video of Bruno Buccellati from Part V: Vento Auero. Bruno Buccellati is a "Stand User" who fights with his "S...

tokyohive ustar

Amuro Namie's new song "Black Make Up" has been picked up as the theme song for "One Piece ~Adventure of Nevlandia~", which will broadcast on Fuji TV on December 19. "Black Make Up" will be included in Amuro's upcoming single "Red Carpet" that's s...

GoBoiano Media Nate Lou

Remember the Snuggie? Those products were surprisingly comfortable, but the commercials were unsurprisingly awkward. But likely not as awkward or cool as wearing a. . . Imouto-snuggie? Because you know.

Following their localisation work on other "Plus" games in Gust's Atelier franchise, Koei Tecmo have announced plans to release Atelier Escha and Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky on the PlayStation Vita.

Early news regarding an anime adaptation of Yoshiaki Sukeno's Twin Star Exorcists manga popped up in tiny form on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump, which featured a small image of the cover of Jump SQ. 's January 2016 issue.

Siliconera Sato

Bandai Namco announced today that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is headed to Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 5, 2016. As shown in the above image, the Day One edition will feature the same bonus DLC as the North American ve...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Previously crossing over with Sword Art Online, it's now time for Yggdrasil to invade the TalesWeaver MMO. Ainz Ooal Gown and his Floor Guardians, familiar to fans of the Overlord light novel series and anime, will be appearing as NPCs in an event...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official website for the upcoming TV anime Prince of Stride Alternative has announced its premiere schedule for January 2016 in Japan. "Prince of Stride" is a new media mix project featuring a fictional extreme sport of the same name, which in...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

A recent online poll on Charapedia asked Japanese anime fans to pick their favorite cute anime mascot characters, and some 10,000 people weighed in. The poll results were more evenly split by gender (57.

RocketNews24 Cara Clegg

The dating simulator scene is getting weirder and weirder, so it's hard to be surprised by anything they come up with these days. Humans are already old news and we're now used to romancing all manner of strange creatures.

AFA Channel! Hiromi

7 Flares Twitter 4 Facebook 2 Google+ 0 Reddit 0 Buffer 0 StumbleUpon 1 7 Flares × Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is getting close! To keep you excited, AFACHAN conducted an email interview with the cast of P's Live.

Namie Amuro steps out in the glamorous MV for her new single "Red Carpet" (release date: December 2)! Contributor Wanted! ! "Red Carpet" is the commercial song for Kose's OLEO D'OR line of hair care products and takes it's title from the theme of ...

Haruhichan's blog himecatherine

Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested two Chinese nationals on Wednesday on charges of copyright violation, after they uploaded the latest chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins for a piracy site before its official release.

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . November 19, 2015 . 2:00am In Square Enix's latest series of character introduction videos for Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade, Final Fantasy VIII's Squall Leonhart gets his highlight trailer, along with several more from Cecil, Zidane,...

Siliconera Jenni

By Jenni . November 19, 2015 . 10:00am The Steam page for the Windows PC port of Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below is now online. The version coming to computers will be a Slime Edition that will include additional DLC...

SGCafe spartanchef

Sega's upcoming Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is definitely one of the most anticipated upcoming rhythm games today, and the official Project Diva website has just been updated to make a few new announcements about the upcoming game, which will be ...

AFA Channel! freakpool

5 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 2 Google+ 0 Reddit 0 Buffer 0 StumbleUpon 1 5 Flares × Pokefans went abuzz after it was announced that a real-life Pokemon gym was being built in Osaka. Thanks to Japanese media website, Gigazine, who recently visited O...

Based on the light novels written by Tsukasa Kawaguchi and illustrated by Yoshi☆o and Hinata Katagiri, the Lord Marskman and Vanadis anime is coming to home video on February 9, 2016. We're still a few months away from the release, but FUNimation ...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Section23 has announced their March 2016 release plans, which includes the anticipated Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun, as well as a few interesting older titles such as horror anime When They Cry and Vampire Princess Miyu.

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