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November 11, 2015, 8:00 PM

Do you love you anime crush enough to sit on his face? You know an anime franchise has a loyal following when merchandisers start making pillows festooned with artwork of its individual characters. And while they're called dakimakura, or "huggy pi...

GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

What does Final Fantasy and Disney have in common? Not much actually (except for Kingdom Hearts and legions of dedicated fans. ) This amazing artist took Final Fantasy characters a gave them a Disney-like touch.

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

Have you ever wanted to refuel like a character from your favourite video game? Well soon you'll be able to, thanks to the new Capcom Cafe that's set to open in Saitama Prefecture later this month. Capcom, the Japanese video game developer and pub...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Avex has posted a short version music video for six-member Japanese yankee rock band Kishidan's upcoming 20th single "Warera Omou, Yueni Warera Ari (We think, therefore We are)" on its official YouTube channel, It is now featured as the theme song...

How many of you dream of making your own big debut in anime? I believe that in everyone, there is that little dream of creating something of your own. Your own novel. Your own platformer. Your own creative dream.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Making manga is not easy. Something has to give and that something is usually sleep! Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is an infamous workaholic. His hero, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, is no slouch.

Tomorrow marks the debut of the Attack on Titan: Junior High English dub, which will kick off FUNimation's Dubbletalk Block for the evening. The premiere is set for Wednesday, November 11 at 8:00pm ET, so FUNimation took the opportunity to go ahea...

Siliconera Chris Priestman

By Chris Priestman . November 9, 2015 . 5:30pm Ever wanted to date a skeleton? I bet after playing Undertale you have. How about this then: Sukerunton To Koi Ni (To Love a Skeleton), a skeleton dating sim (thanks IndieGames).

SGCafe spartanchef

Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed! , is quite popular in China. And when the latest Detective Cona film, Flowers of Inferno, opened in the country, a certain cinema decided to use life-size statues of some of the characters to help promot...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

Looks like Chase is going to have a movie exclusive form in the upcoming V-Cinema made-to-video movie, Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser. Chase, in his Machine Chaser form and equipped with the Super Rhino Viral core, will evolve in this ...

RocketNews24 Anime News Network

Sailor Moon and fashion shop Honey Salon are collaborating to release a string of new products in time for the holidays to be sold at Honey Salon locations in Japan. Anime News Network's merchandise coverage sponsored by Omakase and Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Avex has posted two short version music videos for "Touch Tap Baby" and "Happy Days Refrain," the OP and ED theme songs for the ongoing TV anime Hackadoll the Animation. Both are performed by the voice actress unit "Hackadoll" formed by its three ...

The winners of "MTV VMAJ 2015" (VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN) have been announced. The polls were open for a period of one month on the official website for "MTV VMAJ 2015″. As a result, the Best Male Video went to Hoshino Gen's "SUN" and the Best Fem...

Siliconera Sato

NIS America announced that Stranger of Sword City, the PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler by Experience, is headed to North America and Europe in March 2016. Here are details from the official website: About Stranger of Sword City: Your flight crash...

SGCafe spartanchef

Japanese animation studio, Sanzigen, is doing an original anime as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations. The studio recently launched a new twitter page and official website, which officially announces this new project, which is titled Bubu...

Kotaku East Richard Eisenbeis

This season there are 54 new anime on the air, so it can be more than a little difficult to know which ones to watch. But now that the season has reached its half-way point, we at Kotaku East come bearing our recommendations.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Crunchyroll has another '90s anime for the catalog with the addition of Dragon Half. Both episodes will be available to Crunchyroll's audience in the United States and Canada today at 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Sugoi! Blog Tabris
RocketNews24 Anime News Network

Sony announced on Tuesday that after four decades, it will stop shipping Betamax (or Beta) and MicroMV video cassette tapes next March. The company explained that it is ending sales in these formats in light of the changing marketplace, due to the...

RocketNews24 Joan Coello

Most schools expect their students to attend classes punctually and students are commonly penalized when they fail to do so. At a certain school in China, a teacher used to punish his students by making them write English sentences when they were ...

Fans of ridiculous comedy will be delighted to learn that Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san)-the anime celebrating the 80th anniversary of the birth of "Gag Manga King" Fujio Akatsuka, who passed in 2008-has been updated with plans for a second cour.

Posted 10/11/2015 If you're interested in the era of samurai, and want to learn some unexpected facts about this period of history, then you might want to make your way to the Courthouse Cinema in London on Saturday, 21st November at 2PM.

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

If you sit down to watch Japanese TV during the evening, you'll be inundated with talk shows filled with celebrity antics, riotous laughter and an array of stand-up comedians. While the majority of comedians like to poke fun at each other with pun...

Siliconera Sato

The story of Exist Archive begins with the protagonist and heroine going missing after a mysterious explosion in Tokyo. Spike Chunsoft's prologue video gives us a look at how it all begins. The prologue video shows us how the story starts, as a gi...

Moviepilot Aiko Abercrom

Netflix has been the buzz for a long time now, but they're about to hit a whole new level. We know that they are capable of giving us great TV and movie content but can they make their own anime? Yup, they want to go into the anime business.

Marvelous began streaming new promotional videos for the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto OVA on Sunday. The OVA will adapt the third story in the Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi novel when Shuu Tsukiyama and Chie Hori met.

An enthralling 3D short for Seiken Densetsu 3 has been unleashed by fan group "DNA" in celebration of the franchise's 20th anniversary, motivating aspiring modelers and artists with its breath-taking quality, and simultaneously earning acclaim for...

The Fandom Post Christopher Campbell

Is Bust to Bust a lusty must or a musty rut? Creative Staff Story/Art: Yasui Riosuke Translation/Adaptation: Jocelyn Allen Lettering: Reymond Ramirez What They Say: A quiet class-ace with a big secret, a jealous-yet mischievous childhood friend tu...

Much of what we know about anime is from a friend or a favorite forum. Let's review some big misconceptions and drop some knowledge about the past of anime. This video sums up a lot of it but it's an hour long so I'll just cover the main points 1.

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . November 10, 2015 . 6:30am Not much is known about SNK Playmore's upcoming fighter, The King of Fighters XIV, but YouTuber ATRyoSakazaki put together a nice comparison video with it and the previous title to give us an idea on how it com...

According to the official website for Show By Rock! ! , it was announced that the anime will be getting a second season and a new short anime. More information of the anime will be revealed at a later date.

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