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September 6, 2015, 10:30 AM

Noragami Aragoto, the second season of manga adaptation Noragami, premieres October 3 on Tokyo MX. The second season will cover the manga's Bishamon arc. Aragoto will feature the same cast and crew as last year's Noragami, including director Kotar...

This winter, there will be certification exams held themed after Masashi Kishimoto's popular manga Naruto. The "1st Naruto Certification" will be held in Tokyo and Osaka on Dec. 13. Naruto fans won't want to miss it.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

After this week's episode 9 of Prison School's anime adaptation, "Full of Bodily Fluids," the cast of the fall live-action adaptation of Akira Hiramoto's manga was introduced. Noboru Iguchi, AV filmmaker turned director of over-the-top and gross-o...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

The details for the Japanese broadcast of musical comedy TV anime Star-Mu, aka High School Star Musical, have been announced. The series will premiere on October 05, 2015, on Tokyo MX, with a later airing scheduled that same day on BS 11.

RocketNews24 Philip Kendall

Japan attracts all kinds of people from all over the world. Some come to work, others come to play, and thanks to its relatively low crime levels, high standard of living and abundance of delicious food, Japan is a very easy place to call home for...

A new key visual featuring Nao Tomori from the Charlotte anime has been featured as a poster in the October 2015 issue of Megami. You can purchase this issue of the Megami magazine here and you can view the other posters that come in this issue here. Mercuryw

Magical Mirai this year is filled with enthusiasm, crowds, and further announcements on a perceptible scale. The concerts will take place at Nippon Budōkan from September 4th~6th, while the exhibitions will take place at Tokyo Science Museum betwe...

Kotaku East Richard Eisenbeis

While video game-based anime God Eater didn't make our list for the five must-watch anime this season, I wouldn't hesitate to say that it is one beautiful-looking anime. I mean, just check out these gifs.

GoBoiano Media Sanic-kun

A few months back, we gave you all a pretty great reason to check out the Prison School anime. When it officially aired, it was seriously everything we expected and maybe even a bit crazier than that. The world soon came to know of the Prison Scho... jrharbort

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, like several other Hatsune Miku music game titles, is a game that many fans thought would likely never make its way overseas. At first we were hoping one of the first two titles, Project Mirai (2012) or Mirai 2 (201...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Virtual idol or not, there's no denying that Hatsune Miku is a bona fide star in the Japanese music scene. But while human vocalists might have professional photographers eager to take their pictures for a glossy photo spread, the equivalent for V...

Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. registered the "ookamishojo-movie. jp" domain on August 13. Additionally, a private "ookamishojo_m" Twitter account currently features a heading (pictured at right) that reads: Fumi Nikaido Kento Yamazaki Ōkami S...

Siliconera Spencer

Siliconera had a chance to speak with Norihisa Kochiwa who oversees all of development at Idea Factory including the Otomate label. Otomate makes lots of otome games, what settings have you found to be the most popular?

Sep 2, 11:53 games This week, we go importin' with Super Robot Wars, Ray Gigant, and Luminous Arc! Plus the next Ace Attorney, a Cave shooter comeback, and new reasons to complain about Street Fighter!

Crunchyroll Scott Green

After this summer's run of Miss Monochrome, Wakaba Girls, and Wooser, shorts block Ultra Super Anime Time returns October 2nd with smartphone app based Hacka Doll the Animation, a project from Kill La Kill director Hiroyuki Imaishi, and horror ani...

It's Labor Day Weekend here in the U. S. So to celebrate the last weekend of summer, how about some anime and manga deals? Most sales end Monday, so be sure to get your orders in! ComiXology ComiXology is having a Dark Horse Omnibus sale.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

There was no rest for Seven Seas on this American holiday weekend. The manga publisher announced plans for the soon-to-be anime adaptated I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner, written by Nanatsuki Takafumi and with art ...

Anime Evo FlareKnight

As expected this was very much a Chris focused episode that also served to push the plot forward. In a sense this season has been both focused on giving everyone some kind of character arc and also an overall plot to keep up with.

Kotatsu de aru. Not much to say apart from broken record time: that was a really, really funny episode. I think Kyoukai no Rinne must be one of the elite candidates to be poster child of overlooked and underrated anime, because it seems as if almo...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Fans of Gunbuster have a sweet new (expensive) toy on the way September 12th, 2015 with the new Gunbuster figure. Priced at 23,760 yen, the piece is definitely impressive with its stand, reconfigurability and the parts included in order to make it...

AFA Channel! freakpool

Attack on Titan: End of the World. As excitement for this second installment builds, the official TOHO Movie Channel on youtube has started streaming a new teaser trailer, which also features the movie's theme song, SOS, which is performed by Sejk...

GoBoiano Media Sanic-kun

Charapedia asked 10,000 Japanese anime fans to vote on their favorite busty anime girls. Here's the top 20 characters from the list! Vote Attribute Ratio: Men: 67. 4% / Female: 32. 6% Teens-20s: 69. 0% / 30+ 31.

Siliconera Sato

Narsus has good looks and is also a brilliant tactician. He's also a skilled swordsman, but he was never that great of a painter; however, he puts it to use against enemies he'll fight, as shown in his highlight trailer.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

When World Trigger starts its new anime this fall, it will do it with some Love Live! love as Pile, voice of Maki, will be performing the new theme. The new phase begins October 4th. The tentatively subtitled "Fugitive From Another World" will be ...

IT'S HAPPENING Impression I'm so gar for Kuro. No, seriously. Not only is she the lewdest, she's also the coolest. And look at this projected Excalibur, made broken and turned into an arrow! KURO, PLEASE MARRY ME I look forward to the day when the...

AFA Channel! freakpool

0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 Reddit 0 Buffer 0 StumbleUpon 0 0 Flares × Stock up on some tissues next year as Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso), will be getting itself a live-action movie adaptation, which would surely make th...

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . September 4, 2015 . 7:30am Compile Heart announced that their upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon RPG Death Beneath the Labyrinth is getting a delay, along with a look at the game's opening video.

Dread Central David Gelmini

Well, what do you know? The PS Vita isn't entirely dead, it seems. A trailer has debuted for Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, which will be exclusive to the platform. Written and illustrated by Sui Ishida and first launched in 2011, the Tokyo Ghoul manga has so...

The official website for the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate's Haikyuu! ! began streaming a promotional video for the second Haikyuu! ! compilation film, Haikyuu! ! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha on Wednesday.

Tanned goddess NonSummerJack looks sure to garner much acclaim with her latest cosplay attempt, mimicking the cool beauty of Kantai Collection's megane-sporting Musashi, replete with stylish and barely adequate yukata to protect her precious hull.

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