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June 7, 2015, 2:30 AM
June 7, 2015, 2:30 AM
RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

As we've mentioned before, Japanese convenience stores are pretty awesome. Since so many people do their shopping on foot in urban and suburban Japan, convenience stores often function like small grocery stores for the immediately surrounding neig...

Funimation announced broadcast dub casts at its panel at A-Kon on Friday for the following TV anime series: Ultimate Otaku Teacher, Mikagura School Suite, Show By Rock! ! , and The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

Las imágenes de Ken Kaneki y otros personajes para la adaptación teatral del anime "Tokyo Ghoul" han sido reveladas. Las presentaciones de esta obra comenzarán este Julio en Tokio y Kioto. Las imágenes muestran al personaje principal Ken Kaneki re...

At this weekend's Yuruyuri YagaiFes event held in Hibiya Kokaido Hall in Tokyo, Japan, it was announced that the third season of the Yuru Yuri anime series, Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! , will premiere in October 2015.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Do you ever get the feeling you were born too late in history? I mean think about it, if you'd come into the world, say, five centuries sooner, you could have been a ninja, plying your trade by offering your shadow warrior skills to one of the war...

Fanart Friday returns, and it's opposite day--if I'm mean to you, it means I like you. Last week, we got to say farewell to some dearly departed characters, but this week we're starting a month-long CHARACTER ARCHETYPES theme, beginning with the v...

Selective Hearing Selective Hearing

The official website for the two live-action film adaptations of Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takarai's boy's love manga Seven Days began streaming a trailer for the second film on Thursday. The website previously streamed a trailer for the first fi...

Cruise, stage show offered Ahoy, landlubbers! The Thousand Sunny, the preferred vessel of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, is paying a call at the port of Laguna Ten Bosch, a theme park in Gamagori, southeast of Nagoya.

Kirino Prepares for the Beach Episodes Kirino the main character from the popular series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute) has received a new adorable figure by Orca Toys.

Siliconera Chris Priestman

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, the sequel to avian-themed visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend, is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC this fall. Holiday Star will have you returning to series creator Hato Moa's bird-dating world, this ...

Siliconera Ishaan

Lucas will enter Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a downloadable character on June 14th, Nintendo have announced. You can find screenshots of him below, and his reveal trailer from a month ago above. jrharbort

Magical Mirai 2015 Tenative Official Album Art The official soundtrack for the upcoming Magical Mirai 2015 event has just been announced, and is now available for preorder from a few sites, with more to come soon.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Though it has been a few years since the TV series ended for Girls und Panzer, the energy and enthusiasm is still out there for the property in a lot of forms and that's something that's going to be capitalized on this fall.

SeventhStyle Seven

More proof that anime today is not just pornography aimed at sick lonely pedophiles, a PV has been released for Paradise of Innocence, an ongoing OVA series about little girls flashing their underwear.

Siliconera Ishaan

By Ishaan . June 5, 2015 . 10:26am The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is coming to North America and Europe this Fall. Xseed will release the game on both PS3 and PS Vita. Here's how they describe the game: Taking place on the same contine...

Siliconera Ishaan

Konami have officially announced Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The card game will be released as a download title for the two consoles early this Summer. It will cost $19.

It is officially announced that 21-year-old actor Yutaro Watanabe stars in the upcoming live-action TV drama adaptation of Takuma Morishige's school comedy manga Tonari no Seki-kun. He made his professional actor debut in Yuuki Yamato's 2014 film ...

Inkling mania isn't just running wild among anime fans. Manga authors are also starting to play Splatoon, so don't be TOO surprised if your favorite series takes a week off. Among the notables sharing their enthusiasm was The Disappearance of Naga...

SeventhStyle Seven

Nisekoi's race to the depths of hell continue as the Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan spin-off manga has become uncensored, revealing the bare chest of not only Onodera, but Chitoge, Marika, and everyone else.


After the first batch of Candy Crush Soda ads introducing Kanjani8 as the new girl group Kyanjani, a new series of of CMs have aired. Watch Yokoyama Yu "Yoko-ko", Shibutani Subaru "Subako", Murakami Shingo "Mura-ko", Maruyama Ryuhei "Maruko", Yasu...

A tankobon release has been confirmed for Sore ga Seiyu! , the anime broadcast to which will begin in July. Three volumes will be released simultaneously on Wednesday, July 8. Sore ga Seiyu! has gathered attention for being a doujinshi-turned-anim...

SGCafe spartanchef

Japanese cosmetics company, COZYWAVE, is introducing not one, not two, but seven new perfumes and each of their scents are inspired by one character from Durarara! ! . They have now revealed the first two eau de toilette fragrances, and if you lov...

Japanator Anthony Redgrave

More despair with Danganropa: Another Episode release date Zetsuboushita! ! ! Looking at this game from a outsider perspective, I would think that it was vying for the longest, and most absurd name in the video game industry.

Rhythm action game ships in Japan on June 25, in N. America this fall Atlus began streaming a promotional video on Friday profiling the character Margaret (voiced by Sayaka Ohara) in the Persona 4: Dancing All Night PlayStation Vita video game.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled continues July 4th with its fourth, penultimate chapter, "Nikushimi no Kioku Kara" (From the Memories of Hatred). With less than a month to go before the premiere, along with an updated character diagram, a new commerc...


The site for the Noragami anime, now subtitled ARAGOTO and scheduled for fall 2015, has been updated with a new visual of the second Bones adaptation of Toka Adachi's Noragami, specifically the Monthly Shonen Magazine series' popular Bishamon Edit...


The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Gakkou Gurashi! /School-Live! , the moe-survival manga created by Nitroplus' Norimitsu Kaihou (story) and Sadoru Chiba (art), today announced one more additional voice cast, Juri Kimura ...

Angry Anime Bitches MidnightDevont

At the end of last weeks episode, Yuki was hit by a car! Still gotta say, that was one hell of a twist that until the scene started I didn't see coming. Well, let's see how this episode handles the aftermath of the event.

Little Witch Academia 2's imminent arrival has been garnering further attention due to studio Trigger unveiling its first exciting teaser video, which has depicted more magical moments amidst a wealth of moe courtesy of the film's assortment of cu...

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