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April 21, 2015, 5:30 PM
April 21, 2015, 5:30 PM

Tamashi Nations makes a rather unexpected announcement, with the reveal of an S. H. Figuarts Kivala action figure. Kamen Rider Kivala made her first and only appearance in the Kamen Rider W & Decade Movie War 2010 film, surprisingly enough she's m...

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According to Sanrio, this is the first Hello Kitty restaurant of its kind in the whole word. The restaurant is opening this month in Hong Kong and offers an array of food shaped like the iconic cat character.

The Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' film earned approximately 960 million yen (about US$8. 1 million) in its first two days at the Japanese box office this weekend. The film sold approximately 716,000 tickets in its first weekend.

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Can you imagine if animation studio, Ghibli, best known for their family-friendly movies like My Neighbor, Totoro and Castle in the Sky, were the ones to adapt Hitoshi Iwaaki's Parasyte, a manga known for being bloody and violent, into an anime?

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Square Enix revealed some of the latest details on Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, and the official website also updated with a look at the previous screenshots in higher resolution, along with a few new ones.

High school girl idol duo ClariS is celebrating this year the fifth anniversary of their debut. Their first best-of album, ClariS - Single Best 1st, was released on April 15 and could be said to be the culmination of their career so far, which has...

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Project X Zone 2 unites characters from Resident Evil, Yakuza: Dead Souls, and . hack for another strategy RPG developed by Monolith Soft. Screenshots from the Japanese version show Strider teaming up with Hotsuma from the Shinobi reboot on PS2, t...

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'Doukyuusei' Boys-Love Anime Project Getting Theatrical Run Posted by Chris Beveridge April 20, 2015 at 03:20 PM Announced last month as a project coming from A-1 Pictures, but not revealed in what form it would take, the official Twitter feed for...

Sailor Moon Crystal - 20 Filed under First Impressions, Sailor Moon Crystal by Cherrie | 0 Comments 'クリスタル・トーキョー -KING ENDYMION-' (Kurisutaru Tookyoo -KING ENDYMION-) "Crystal Tokyo -KING ENDYMION-" For all the people that are still following alon...

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"Lupin III (2015)" - New Series Premieres July Posted by pKjd on Apr 20, 2015 @ 11:41 am 20 Apr 'Lupin III (2015)' is a TV sequel to the 1984 series, Lupin III: Part III. The new project will begin to air on station Nihon TV in July.

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'Fushigina Somera-chan' Animation Studio Revealed Posted by Chris Beveridge April 20, 2015 at 03:13 PM A little more information has finally snuck out for the upcoming TV series Magical Somera-chan through the latest issue of the Manga 4-Koma Pale...

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DanMachi offers a decent spectacle in episode three, showing how much TinkerBell has grown as we see him taking down the adversary he could have never hoped to defeat - all thanks again to Hestia. If there's anything this anime has done spectacula...

The official website of the two live-action Attack on Titan movies has revealed new material for the upcoming August and September films. Two brand new images were revealed and the second trailer was streamed.


North American anime distributor FUNimation Entertainment announced the English dub cast for the Noragami TV anime series on Saturday. The cast, under ADR director Mike McFarland and script writer Bonny Clinkenbeard, is: Funimation will release th...


Tetsuya Tsutsui's manga, Prophecy - which features a group of masked vigilantes dispensing brutal punishments to individuals the law can't touch while broadcasting these punishments over the Internet - has been adapted into a live-action movie tha...

Charapedia asked 10,000 anime fans the question: Which female anime characters have the most charming cinderella bust (cup sizes AAA to A)? And from thousands of fans, most of the responses are from the male fans (58.

Meatballs of Migi from Parasyte? ! "Meat Fes" cute and disgusting collaboration dish announced Parasyte: Part 2, soon to be released in theaters Japan-wide on April 25, is collaborating with "Meat Fest," an enormous food event and the largest in J...


It's been a long time coming, but Robot Girls Z Plus, the sequel to the somewhat sadistic short anime Robot Girls Z which re-envisions various Go Nagai super robots and their enemies as cute young girls with enormous destructive power, has finally...

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Tokyo Idol Festival is the biggest idol event in Japan. Every year, it brings together many different idol groups on one stage for just two days. Last year, the event featured 138 different idol groups and garnered an audience of over 41,000 fans.

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'Kamisama Kiss' Manga Bundled Anime Episode Gets Split Into Two Parts Posted by Chris Beveridge April 20, 2015 at 02:05 PM A new manga bundled OVA adaptation was announced as in the works for the property recently that's intent on covering the pas...

OP1. 1 Sequence OP: '春擬き' (Harumodoki) by やなぎ なぎ (Yanagi Nagi) '静かに、雪ノ下雪乃は決意する。' (Shizuka ni, Yukinoshita Yukino wa Ketsui Suru. ) "Quietly, Yukinoshita Yukino Makes a Decision. " I was geared up to post this earlier to garner earlier discussion, ...

Both films to open together on August 8 Japanese production company Toei began streaming a teaser video for its upcoming Gekijō-ban Kamen Rider Drive and Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger The Movie films on Sunday.

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'Noragami' Anime Dub Cast & Trailer Revealed Posted by Chris Beveridge April 19, 2015 at 01:45 PM FUNimation is getting things together a bit more for their July 7th, 2015 release of Noragami as they've now announced the English language cast side...

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The 10th issue of Margarent magazine announced that the Hana Yori Dango manga will get a musical adaptation. The only info we have is that will hold a country-wide open casting call for the musical's lead, Tsukushi Makino.

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