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December 1, 2014, 3:00 AM

On November 28, the "Attack on Titan Exhibit" opened in Ueno, Tokyo. Before the general opening, a special media exhibit was held the day before, on the 27th. The 60-meter-tall Colossal Titan was on display in the event hall, and many celebrities ...

RocketNews24 Audrey Akcasu

Sure, monkeys bathing in natural hot springs are cute and famous and all, but they're just monkeys, not giant rodents! Who doesn't want to watch the world's biggest rodents bathe in hot water? No one, that's who.

SGCafe spartanchef

Psycho-Pass fans in Singapore rejoice because during Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014, a unique experience zone featuring Gun Urobuchi's hit Sciience Fiction crime thriller will make South East Asian fans even more excited.

Haruhichan's blog Frontalspy

The official website of the anime adaptation based on Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul manga has revealed the title for the upcoming second season of the anime: Tokyo Ghoul √A. In addition the first visual for the second season has also released.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Warner Brothers Japan started streaming the new promo for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders TV anime. The series returns next year to kick off the Egypt Arc. Joining the anime's cast is Misato Fukuen (Yozakura Quartet, Rosario + Vam...

The official website for the Maria the Virgin Witch anime series revealed the first promotional video on Sunday which is scheduled to air from January 2015 during the Winter 2014/2015 anime season. In addition, the anime character designs were rev...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of Wit Studio's Rolling☆Girls (The Rolling Girls) original anime has revealed new information regarding its upcoming broadcast. The series itself will be airing from January 10 next year.

SGCafe spartanchef

In fiction, there have been plenty of unforgettable "Dynamic Duos" who belong to the same gender like Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Iron Man and War Machine, Captain America and The Falcon, and Green Hornet and Kato.

Nov 26, 12:00 games This week, we examine the enigma of Toad and his big comeback game! Plus Etrian Odyssey crossovers, Guilty Gear accents, and some old remixes. ― I probably should address Thanksgiving this week, but it doesn't look like anyone,...

An anime adaptation of witchy romcom Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo has been announced, sure to subject viewers to yet more overused harem shenanigans before fading into obscurity. The announcement arrived via the manga's website, with the adaptation...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Madman Entertainment has made a big pick up for the Australian and New Zealand market with Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. The company has picked up DVD, Blu-ray and digital rights for the original series across all two hundred episodes as we...


The twisted world of Danganronpa is about to expand even further. Yuya Sato, the Japanese novelist who penned Dendera, posted an update to Twitter on Saturday that he would be creating a new project for the Danganronpa franchise.


Noitamina have laid out their 2015 plans, which include winter's second cour of Your Lie in April, winter's Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, April's Punchline and unscheduled TV series Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace, Subete ga F ni Naru and Kōtetsujō n...

Random Curiosity Passerby

「チームワークが生まれない! 」 (Chīmuwāku ga Umarenai! ) "Can't Foster Teamwork! " Another week, another strange episode of Amagi Brilliant Park. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but it does seem that Amaburi has no regard for what genre it's suppose...


A new update to the site for Kunihiko Ikuhara's (Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum) winter anime Yuri Kuma Arashi introduces the teacher, mother and classmate of lead Kureha Tsubaki (voiced by Nozomi Yamane).

SGCafe spartanchef

With The Last: Naruto the Movie's official Japanese premiere already nearing this December 6, a special video commemorating the manga's ending last November 10 has been released during the movie's advanced screening last November 24, 2014.


Square Enix is promoting yet another mobile title from its arsenal of strategy games, and this one's called Heavenstrike Rivals. A tactical role-playing game, it's headed for a smartphone near you in the near future.

Mushishi Zoku Shou - 17 That was a side of Mushishi we haven't seen in quite a while, and boy, did it pack a punch. It's quite usual for me to have to step back and reflect after watching an episode of Mushishi.

A mahou shoujo themed spin-off manga for yakuza romcom Nisekoi titled "Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan" has been revealed, featuring the shy Kosaki Onodera as the magical girl in question – and sure to be a refreshing change of pace from the origina...


A first commercial has started the hype for January's launch of the second part of Aldnoah. Zero. SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki returning for new opening "&Z," with Eir Aoi (Kill La Kill, Sword Art Online) performing the new ending "Genesis.

Siliconera Ishaan

Nintendo will discontinue production of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan, the company has revealed via its official Japanese website.   The 3DS XL section of Nintendo's 3DS homepage has an "ending production soon"  notice next to the seven Nintendo 3D...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

Here's the promo for the upcoming new Ressha Sentai ToQger Magazine DVD Special that will be an exclusive magazine insert this December! Continue. . .

Sword Art Online II – 21 Filed under First Impressions, Sword Art Online by Takaii | 0 Comments 「剣士の碑」 (Kenshi no Hi) "Swordsman's Memorial" More Cool than Overpowered As much as I hate all the jokes about Kirito being overpowered, I can't deny th...

「冬の日、心の所在」 (Fuyu no Hi, Kokoro no Shozai) "Winter Days, Where the Heart Is" I lost it when Saber teleported in. Moe, Moe, Kyun~ The queen of the tsunderes has finally revealed herself and it looks like there's no chance she's going to slow down.

The Sun Rising Blog Michael Vincent

Summer Lesson is a project currently being developed by the Tekken Team for Morpheus, Sony's VR headset. In this particular game, well it's not really a game, but a virtual simulation wherein you interact with a school girl – all in Virtual Reality.


Gundam Breaker 2 is another title in Bandai Namco Games' stable straight out of the Gundam universe, headed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this Friday. There's a brand new promotional video for the title below, which features characters Ta...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

Check-out this new Godzilla PS3 Game demo videos featuring the king of monsters having fun in his classic and 2014 look!

The GLORIO Blog Gee-Man

Recap The matchups for the semifinals have been decided, and Kauruko's team faces off against Team G-Master, last year's regional champions. Even with encouragement from Sekai, can Gyanko and her shields hold up?

Japanator Jeff Chuang

Shirobako takes a step back in these latest two episodes to talk about our individual motivations. While it doesn't quite avoid all the usual pitfalls most 22-minute episodes of anime fall into when they tackle complicated and deep topics like thi...

Entravity Entrav Riccardo

SUGOI. IT'S TIME FOR KIRITO-KUN. Sword Art Online II Episode 21 Review Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 21 Review Alright, you motherfuckers. I know I haven't been posting much, but exams, and HxH review, and shit, okay?

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