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September 8, 2014, 8:30 PM
RocketNews24 Master Blaster

Although Japan's purin (crème caramel/flan) differs somewhat from other countries', everyone has those days where you just want to down a cup or two of the stuff due to some inexplicable craving. Other times you're sitting there with a regular old...

"Big announcement" of new project also coming on September 17 This year's 41st issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine is announcing on Wednesday that Shun Matsuena will end his Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi (KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple) manga i...

SGCafe spartanchef

The official website of Japanese newspaper, Sports Nippon, reports that Hollywood will be making a live action movie adaptation of the classic science fiction anime series, Space Battleship Yamato and it will be slated for 2017.

SGCafe spartanchef

Love Live! is without a doubt one of the most successful anime series today, and it is certainly one of the most cosplayed series out there. However, one particular Love Live! cosplay photo session only featured one μ's member and she is none othe...

Siliconera Eugene

Spotted on the ESRB and over at Gamefly, it looks like Sanrio's Hello Kitty (who is not, as everyone thought, a cat but a cat girl) is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with Hello Kitty & Sanrio Friends 3D Racing.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The official Digimon Adventure 15th anniversary project website's counter reached zero, revealing more details about the upcoming anime. The site revealed a silhouette of a 17-year-old Taichi "Tai" Yagami and his partner Digimon, Agumon.

14-year-old girl charged with arson, attempted murder 14-year-old Florida girl allegedly lit her house on fire early Thursday morning and then fled her Port Richey home while her mother and 9-year-old brother slept.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Back in August, the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure was celebrated with the announcement of a sequel anime featuring a 17-year-old Tai/Taichi with a high school age cast. Now, that project's site has been updated with a new message.

Donations through PayPal to be accepted on September 11 Creative Intelligent Arts' proposed science-fiction anime Under The Dog's Kickstarter campaign ended on Sunday with US$878,028 in pledges raised.

Siliconera Eugene

Taito will be releasing a new Fairy Tail game this Fall called Fairy Tail: Brave Saga.       The game will be some sort of puzzle/RPG battle game, and if the screenshots are any indicator the puzzle gems could be of different sizes.

Steamgirls Member Tsukimiya Karen has Passed Away Yesterday I was reading about the two members of the KPop Group Ladies` Code passing away from injures from a car crash. I thought to myself if this happened to a JPop Idol that we write about on o...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

Here's this week's battle clip from the 44th episode of Kamen Rider Gaim entitled "The future goals of two people".  As Mai accepts. . .

SeventhStyle daysofsummer

Glasslip returns for yet another dreadful 24 minutes – once again, it all seems to be a mere collection of scenes incoherently put together, as no answers are brought to our many long-standing questions.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Bandai Namco is cooking up a PS Vita game based on Bones' Captain Earth anime series. Captain Earth: Mind Labyrinth is a visual novel with an original story, and it's coming to Japan on February 26, 2015.

After what I saw as a hugely successful and innovate year for Japanese idols in 2013, I was very much looking forward to see what 2014 had to offer, and I'd even say I had a bit of optimism for it, which is somewhat rare for me when it comes to mu...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Watch The Newly Dubbed 'Sailor Moon' Anime Episodes Posted by Chris Beveridge September 6, 2014 at 10:25 AM Sailor Moon Viz Media held their Moonlight Party last night for the debut of the new dub for the classic Sailor Moon series and the first f...

"Our impoverished, shabby country looks with scorn upon a world with a vast history. " – Saazbaum Episode 8 Synopsis: Princess Asseylum reveals herself to the Earth forces and Slaine remembers the time he spent with the Princess whilst being tortu...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines and let your excitement roar as we now have the first trailer for the newest series to hit the fandom this. . .

The 10th episode of VRMMOFPS anime Sword Art Online 2 has rather hastily escalated in intensity, with its gun-toting protagonists engaging in some vehicular gunfight action while Shinon continues to suffer through more devastating character develo...

Impression I've mentioned before that I don't actually remember too much of Phantom Bullet -the fact that Gunner X is actually one of the few girls in the game being a good example- but I do recall the buggy and horse chase quite clearly, it's one...

The GLORIO Blog Aquagaze

Recap When Five manages to blow up Sphinx's hideout and Twelve starts to question his resolve, Lisa feels she's overstayed her welcome. Meanwhile, Shibazaki uncovers an important lead and starts an investigation of his own.

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