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August 8, 2014, 8:30 PM
Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Last month we posted about an upcoming Optimus Prime figure that combines the 30th anniversary of Transformers toys with the 20th anniversary of Sony's original PlayStation. Thanks to some photos posted over at Radio Kaikan we have a much better l...

SGCafe spartanchef

The Attack on Titan spin-off manga titled "No Regrets", which is based on the very popular neat freak, Captain Levi, will be getting its own anime adaptation as an Original Animation DVD or OAD. WIT Studio, which produced the animation for the Att...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Now, there's nothing wrong with your 3DS XL getting a joystick. Heck, more portable consoles should have them. As Inside Games reports, this is the Cyber Arcade Stick from Japanese peripheral maker Cyber Gadget.

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Compared to ramen, udon has a decidedly low-key image. Ramen is actually a comparative newcomer to the Japanese dining scene, and so it's generally the more likely candidate for crazy experimentation. Udon, on the other hand, is simpler, and in it...

Sega uploaded a new trailer for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax on Wednesday. The trailer includes gameplay footage of playable characters, including the recently announced Yukina Himeragi (Strike the Blood) and Rentarō Satomi (Black Bullet).

RocketNews24 Anime News Network

Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and particularly CLASS 3-E's amazing artificial lifeform teacher Koro-sensei is known for his innovative and unique tactics of teaching his students. From making songs about math based off of anime opening themes, t...

RocketNews24 Anime News Network

Japanese otaku retail giant Mandarake is not happy about a recent shoplifting incident, and they don't intend to let the perpetrator get away with it. The culprit in question allegedly pilfered a replica Tetsujin-28-go wind-up robot toy worth 250,...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians' Anime Adaptation Reveals Cast Posted by Chris Beveridge August 7, 2014 at 09:34 PM After previously revealing the staff and the first promo, the official site for Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians has updated ...

RocketNews24 KK Miller

Nothing beats a tiring day more than a home cooked meal after fighting the best and the strongest at the World Warrior tournament. The characters of Street Fighter II all need that crucial pick me up and no one gets it better than Dhalsim!

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

During the year of college I spent studying at Waseda University, I lived with a Japanese family in the suburbs of Tokyo. They were extremely hospitable and took great care of me, guiding me around the neighborhood and helping me improve my langua...

Japanator Josh Tolentino

http://mantan-web. jp/2014/08/01/20140731dog00m200055000c. html Have you ever wanted a Stand of your very own? Too bad, they aren't real, but clothing brand BEAMS may have just brought us the next best thing, in the form of JoJo's Bizarre Adventur...

On Aug. 1 at the event "Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Event" held at Odaiba Cinema Mediage, new information was announced regarding the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Project which is taking place to celebrate the 15th anniversary since t...

SGCafe spartanchef

Just a few weeks removed from one of 2014's biggest figure extravaganzas known as Summer WonFes 2014, figure makers have once again displayed their latest offerings, this time for figure distributors during the summer 2014 edition of the Hobby Mak...

V-kei band the GazettE in collaboration with Sony Walkman® has issued the limited series of mp3 player Walkman "the GazettE Model.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

It's okay if you're not familiar with Transformers: Convoy no Nazo (Transformers: Mystery of Convoy). The sub-standard side-scroller was released for Nintendo Famicom (the original version of the NES) in Japan back in 1986, and was featured as one...

Sugoi! Blog Tabris

Monthly Goal: $130 Current Total: $2 Percent of Goal: 1. 5% Your donations are very important for one of your favorite blogs!

Nintendo 3DS remakes of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire scheduled to release world-wide in November The September issue of Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine is announcing on Thursday that a 2015 Pokémon film has been green-lit, and the film will star "P...

Siliconera Spencer

Margaret joins her sister Elizabeth as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. While the other fighters have one fixed persona, Margaret is able to use multiple personas in battle. Screenshots from Famitsu show Margaret summoning Ardha fo...

Angry Anime Bitches CarmenTheNinja

                            This episode gave me so many FEELS ;~; Despite the last episode ending in the middle of a fierce battle, this episode was packed with a lot of scenes regarding personal perceptions, feelings, and emotions.

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Often, when Japanese companies offer ridiculously expensive, limited edition products, I kind of shrug my shoulders. "Nobody's gonna buy this," I think. Well, this time I was wrong. Yesterday, Kotaku reported that 7-Eleven Japan was offering twent...

Zankyou no Terror - 05 Color me intrigued (and a bit irked). An interesting thing happened with Zankyou no Terror this week.   The series got sillier and less believable, and became considerably more engaging in the process.

Tokyo Girls Update TokyoGirls'Update

AKB48 Team 8 had their first theater performances at the AKB48 Theater beginning on August 5th with Team A's classic stage "PARTY ga Hajimaru yo". 『会いに行けるアイドル』として活動してきたAKB48から、『会いに行くアイドル』をコンセプトに誕生し活動しているAKB48チーム8が、7日にAKB48劇場で『PARTYがはじまるよ』公演を行った。 A...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Announced last month, One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X is bringing the Grand Battle series back on Nintendo 3DS in Japan this winter. Featuring over 85 characters battling it out, the game now has a debut trailer you can dig into below.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

A special advanced preview of the Kill La Kill OVA episode 25 with cast message is planned for August 30th at Umeda Burg 7 and August 31 at Shinjuku Wald 9. With tickets selling on the 23rd, a 31 second preview has been posted.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

NIS America has a new trailer for Natural Doctrine, the Kadokawa Games strategy-RPG that's on the way to the west next month. This one offers up a look at multiplayer, including cooperative and versus modes, below.

SGCafe spartanchef

The Durarara! ! official website has announced that the light novel's second anime adaptation will be slated for January 2015 as part of an already packed Winter 2015 anime season which already includes Kantai Collection.

Jakarta, 7 June 2014 – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014 is back - following a resounding success in 2013, garnering over 53,000 attendees. The continuing rise in popularity of Japanese Popular Culture locally, AFA is back to Indonesia for the 3r...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Dark Horse Comics Previews 'POP' Miniseries Posted by Chris Beveridge August 6, 2014 at 11:02 AM POP Issue 1 One of the latest titles to hit from Dark Horse as they go through a new wave of miniseries and ongoings this season is POP.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

New Kamen Rider Drive toys for the Gashapon and Nariki sets has been revealed. These items will be available starting this October. The Gashapon sets include Shift Speed, Shift Max Flare, Shift Funky Spike, Shift Midnight Shadow, and Trideron.

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