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April 27, 2014, 3:30 PM
RocketNews24 Jessica

The manga character Crayon Shin-chan is known for his outlandish comments and risque behavior (for a 5-year-old anyway), so it's no surprise that when a branded pudding kit was released for him, a pair of buns was included as one of the molds.

King Records' Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon: The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute album will get a series of vinyl record releases. The entire album will be released in a series of five 7 inch vinyl records with different jacket covers.

Japanator Chris Walden

What's better than fighting and destroying a Gundam? Fighting and destroying thousands of them, that's what. The Dynasty Warriors: Gundam spin-offs have been great fun so far, but I'll admit that I didn't put that much time into the third game.

RocketNews24 Fran Wrigley

Earlier in the year, we brought you the news that you can now buy men's bras and panties on Japanese shopping site Rakuten. Well, the online retailer – the beautifully named Wish Room Men's – have released their new spring range.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Cho ToQ-Oh finally makes his debut this May on Ressha Sentai ToQGer! But aside from that, our heroes will finally meet Shadow's Emperor of Darkness. Cho ToQ-Oh is formed thanks to two giant robots, the ToQ-Oh (composed of 5 trains) and the Diesel-...

METANORN skylion

Apr26 I didn't batteru one this episode…   Wow. I really wish this episode didn't end on a cliffhanger, as I so wanted anyone to try Iona or Akira out in battle. ————————————————– Dirty Underhanded Tactics Don't mind me, just spawn site camping Io...

JEFusion SilverBack Fanwoks

The latest poster for Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno/The Legend Ends has been finally released by the Officical Rurouni Kenshin Facebook page that. . .

Also: Nobuhiro Watsuki puts Enbalming on hiatus before entering final arc this fall The June issue of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine is reporting on Friday that Nobuhiro Watsuki will launch a new Rurouni Kenshin spinoff manga about the villain ch...

I guess this is the only way to celebrate finishing this project 1) Just in case you might have missed it: in a two month span I ended up talking to people in the manga industry: Advice on Manga Lettering, From Manga Letterers Advice on Manga Tran...

SGCafe spartanchef

Upcoming mixed media Cardfight! ! Vanguard movie will have both live action and anime parts and it will star Japanese Singer-songwriter DAIGO for the live action part of the movie. Now, the upcoming movie's official website has begun streaming a n...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Here's the preview of Ressha Sentai ToQGer's 11th episode entitled "Emperor of Darkness". As the episode title suggest, our heroes will finally meet Shadow's Emperor! While the ToQGers enjoy a day out at an amusement park, Right meets a young man ...

Captain Earth - 04 I suppose understanding what was going on for two straight weeks in a BONES sci-fi original was a non-starter. . . One of the most frustrating yet enticing things about BONES projects like Captain Earth is the constant struggle ...

Home Subdued Figures: Figma Mikasa Ackerman Review Subdued Figures: Figma Mikasa Ackerman Review Attack on Wallet continues! Get used to this, folks. I have a ton of Attack on Titan stuff on pre-order and my obsession isn't stopping soon.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The two-episode OVA series Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo Amazing Twins today released the fourth and probably final promotional video featuring the climax scene between the two heroines of the story, Amane Todoroki and her twin sister Lilianne.

Siliconera Sato

During the ongoing NicoNico Super Meeting 3 this weekend, Bandai Namco held a special stage, where they showcased the latest trailer for Tales of Zestiria.  It provides a closer look at the recently revealed character Laila and more.

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The Niconico Chokaigi 3 convention held the Terra Formars kickoff event earlier today, where it revealed the cast and crew of the upcoming OVA series. The one-off OVA is based on Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana's highly ranked manga, where a TV an...

Nihongogo Jeremy Suskin

Tweet Pin It The trailer for AKB48's newest documentary hits the airwaves and it's a tearjerker. The fourth in a string of AKB48 documentaries entitled Documentary of AKB48 The Time Has Come Shoujotachi wa , ima, Sono Senaka ni Nani wo Omou?

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku store in Tokyo has announced the TOP 10 anime single/album of April 14-20. As expected, the number one album of the 16th week of year 2014 is popular anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki's 10th album "SUPERNAL LIBERTY,...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The objectives of the mysterious Overlords will be revealed next month in Kamen Rider Gaim as revealed in the latest issue of Televi-kun magazine. The Overlords are led by Roshuo, the King of the Overlords.

Nightmare's next single "taboo" will be the ending theme to the movie "DOREIKU BOKU TO 23NIN NO DOREI" and will be released on June 25.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Aniplex Japan Sets 'Ping Pong the Animation' DVD/BD Anime Box Set Releases Posted by Chris Beveridge April 25, 2014 at 10:05 PM Ping Pong With the spring 2014 anime series Ping Pong the Animation moving right along, Aniplex Japan has set the home ...

Mushishi is re-introducing itself to the world, shade by shade. To follow up on my analogy of last week, Mushishi as a series seems more than ever like a painting - one where we're privileged to see the brushstrokes applied every week.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The first trailer of the live-action Lupin III film is finally online. The new trailer is similar to the first footage, which was unveiled during TBS' Asachan (Morning Channel). The film stars Shun Oguri (Detective Conan) as Lupin III.

AFA Channel! Firelit

0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 Reddit 0 Buffer 0 StumbleUpon 0 0 Flares × Minna Saiko Arigatou!  K-k-k-kawaii!  Earlier this week, Avril Lavigne released a rather cringe-worthy video as sort of a tribute to her sizeable Japanese fan base.

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