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December 30, 2013, 11:00 PM
RocketNews24 Michelle Lynn Dinh

While "twerking" and "Harlem Shake" were among the top search terms in the US, our neighbors to the west were busy Googling other, more wholesome words. Let's take a look at the top trending search terms in Japan this year!

RocketNews24 Joan Coello

One of the pet peeves many housewives have is the accidental sprinkle when their husbands tinkle, which eventually leads to one of the things couples commonly argue over; putting the toilet seat up (or down).

Crunchyroll Scott Green

One of the five MG Bunko J adaptations announced in July, No Game, No Life by Yuu Kamiya (A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives), follows a hikikomori team of brother and sister who the secret identity of a undefeated gamer.

Sankaku Complex Artefact

Comiket 85's sexy cosplayers have been even more exhibitionistically obliging than usual on the first day, with some gratifyingly shameless performances for even the most probing otaku lenses to have difficulty getting fully in focus.

JEFusion Magnum

In line with the previous post, a sad news to everyone who views and watches this website. . . My brother Daniel known as GekiDan, passed away at. . .

The Winter Anime Season has arrived. This pretty much means me ranking a ton of new anime and pretty much being dead wrong by the time February rolls around. Let's get this started! Now, for those of you who don't know how my Compendiums work, it'...

Entravity Entrav Riccardo

Badass to the max. KAIKI! Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 26 Review Koimonogatari (Hitagi End) Episode 6 Review "Hitagi End, Part Six" "Hitagi Endo Sono Roku" (������������������ ���������) After all the deception, all the stalking, and a...


Miku! One of the best things about Good Smile's figures is all the creativity you can get up to when you switch around parts. Ribbonscream switched up a Nendoroid and a scaled figure of Miku to make something really, really cool in the hair depart...

JEFusion CaptainB_Money913x

It is with incredibly sad news that I rely to the fans and otaku's all around the world that Daniel Vilodres. Gekidan Owner and Founder of this. . .

Crunchyroll Scott Green

 Sorry, the motif doesn't mean that the Madoka Magica girls are Bronies. A new set of digital cards capture the mahou shoujo as they make their New Years temple visit to ring in the 2014 year of the horse.

The social card game Rage of Bahamut will be getting TV animation. The game made by Cygames, a Japanese game maker created a website to reveal announcement. The anime will be directed by Keiichi Satou at anime studio MAPPA.

Siliconera Sato

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies came out just a couple months ago, and it looks like Capcom are already getting ready for the next installment in the series. 4Gamer recently spoke with a bunch of Japanese game developers on what to expect next year, ...

「盾と自由」 (Tate to Jiyuu) "Shield and Freedom" A lazy, spoiled, can't-be-bothered NEET princess is the best princess. The Lazy Princess Princess Lenessia (Ise Mariya) instantly catapulted herself to the ranks of my favorite Log Horizon characters, ju...

SeventhStyle Seven

A stack of new pre-release imagery for Sword Art Online Extra Edition come as a desperate attempt to get an audience on board – the imouto girl's chest gets amplified tenfold and set in the spotlight. It went out of its way to show the ever-expand...

Random Curiosity Guardian Enzo

「リトルバスターズ」 (Ritoru Basutaazu) "Little Busters" I'm still struggling mightily to wrap my thoughts – and feelings – around that ending. OK, was anyone besides me thinking, "For God"s sake Riki, don't get in the van!

Sugoi! Blog Tabris

No Game No Life PV December 29th, 2013 / By Tabris / No comments » / Categories: Anime, Video Here's a promo for the spring anime series No Game No Life. The show is about two hikki siblings Shiro and Sora, who are very good in online games.

The second PV for student RPG spinoff "Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth" has debuted, showcasing darker elements than the game initially implied, despite the overall cutesy appearance of its chibified characters.

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