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December 5, 2013, 12:00 AM
RocketNews24 blaine

You better watch out. Having a credit card with Idolmaster characters plastered across the surface is good enough to get you arrested in the U. S these days. That is precisely what happened to a Japanese Twitter user's father on a recent trip to L...

VAMPS Live 2013 Los Angeles Pre-Show Interview Today is a very special day because VAMPS is going to play an awesome show tonight at the House of Blues in Los Angeles! Not only am I super excited for that, but I am also excited to present to you g...

Fans of Kuroko's Basketball can now smell like two of the series' characters. . . and we don't just mean the stench of old gym socks and sweat. Premium Bandai is taking pre-orders for two new scents, Atsushi Murasakibara and Seijuro Akashi.

Crunchyroll Scott Green
Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The second 2014 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump announced that a new Naruto Shippuden anime special called "Kakashi Anbu Chapter ~The Shinobi Who Lives in the Shadows~". This special will air on February 6.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Kenji Itoso, a unit director on Satoshi Kon's unfinished Dream Machine, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Christmas anime Santa Company. After attempting to finance it on his own, Itoso hopes to get at least $50,000 in crowd funding to c...


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Live-Action Movie Trailer The full movie trailer has been released for the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The movie is scheduled to air in Japan on 01 Feb 2014.

Siliconera Spencer

After all of those flashbacks to other mothership Tales games, Namco Bandai's Tales of teaser site… led to another countdown. But, wait! We will actually find out what the next Tales game is on December 12.

Siliconera Ishaan

Originally posted May 15th, 2013 on Impress Watch. Translated by SEGA. Siliconera is coordinating with SEGA to share these in-depth interviews about classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast.

RocketNews24 Jessica

We all do it, and we've all been irritated by others doing it: walking while checking something on your phone. You know that it's dangerous, but when you are in a hurry and need to check an urgent mail or see if anyone liked your witty status upda...

RocketNews24 Rachel Tackett

The central police station in Nagano Prefecture is revamping its image by introducing a new pair of mascot characters. But unlike the jiggling yellow blobs and big-headed animal abstractions that we're used to seeing, these two image characters ar...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

The latest installment of Square Enix's Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII behind-the-scenes series takes a look at the work of character designer Tetsuya Nomura. With a deep history ranging from Final Fantasy VII character designer to director...

Kahotan's Blog gsckahotan

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan) Today I present everyone with some brand new Snow Miku news! A lot of the time Snow Miku is only associated with Nendoroids… but the time has come for her to join the figma series!

Tomino compares series to pornography, calling it "grotesque. " 72-year-old Yoshiyuki Tomino, the outspoken creator of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, revealed in his online magazine "Tomino Ryū no Tomino" that he is not a fan of Hajime Isayama'...

Premature Lock Seeds From Helheim Forest Will be Made Into a Toy Fresh from the farm, recent toy catalog scans reveals new Lock Seed releases that will soon be ripe for the picking. Be forewarned that these Seeds represent spoilers from the show…l...

Japanator Josh Tolentino

Ah, the credit card. For better or worse, it's practically essential to modern living, especially in the developed world. And with that ubiquity comes the natural tendency for less-than-savory types to try and get away with all manner of nefarious...

Idolminded Thennary Nak

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: December 3, 2013 Thennary's Picks Tegoshi Yuuko continues on to put a shame on the female population – aramatheydidnt By now I would not be surprised if Tegoshi cross-dressed in his own free time as well.

SGCafe spartanchef

Madoka Magica is clearly one of the hottest anime titles around right now and it seems that even the celebrities love it. In a recent handshaking event, fans got a huge surprise when all five AKB48 members scheduled to show up during the event dre...

  The team at North American video game publisher Aksys Games have announced that over the next couple of days at least, they will be holding a digital download sale for a number of their titles. If you are interested in picking up any of their ba...

Take Yoshida, a writer and a friend of director Ryuhei Kitamura, told the website zakzak that the director intends to change the setting of the live-action film adaptation of Monkey Punch's Lupin III manga and anime franchise.

Anime Evo setsuken

Opinions (A-): As we near the last few episodes of the series, things are really starting to ramp up now. We even get some long overdue battle sequences, and while they are brief, they are an upgrade from what we've seen so far.

Crunchyroll Patrick Macias

We’ve officially lost track of how many advertising campaigns Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been a part of since her debut with 2011's PON PON PON song and video, but the results are always enjoyably strange.


Dec4 Aladdin has no idea how to read a map. I know what you are thinking! Wait Fosh is reviewing Magi this week with Kara? ! Yes I do enjoy Magi and I have been reading the manga so I kind of know where things are going, but I am just covering for...

Siliconera Sato

In addition to producer Naoki Yoshida's recent talks on upcoming changes to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the adventurers of Eorzea will be welcoming new faces when the game officially launches on PlayStation 4 in April 2014.

Random Curiosity Guardian Enzo

「リターン×ト×リタイヤ」 (Ritaan x and x Ritaiya) "Return x and x Retire" I don't think there's any doubt Palm drew the short straw when the jobs were handed out for this mission. It's remarkable, the transformative effect Gon and Killua have on Hunter X Hun...

Riken Harima Branch's SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free Electron Laser (SACLA) research center began streaming the "Mirai Koshi: Harima SACLA" anime short on Monday promoting the center's X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) device, which makes it possib...

Fire Emblem: Awakening, $15 At Best Buy Wow, this is a killer deal. Fire Emblem: Awakening is only $15 at Best Buy right now if you purchase it online. I don't think I've seen this title at a lower price.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Samurai Flamenco will be continuing into the winter anime season, at which point it will be joined by the second part of Silver Spoon in the Noitamina line-up. So, rather than preparing to wind out, the anime series will be expanding its cast.

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

It is officially announced today that the live-action film adaptation of Takatoshi Nakamura's high school soccer-themed sport manga 1/11 is in the works. The manga has been serialized in Shueisha's Jump Square magazine since May 2010 and so far se...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Right now, how terrified would you be if we told you that Shimizu Corporation, one of Japan's largest and most powerful engineering and contracting conglomerates, is in the planning stages for a project to send a team of robots to the moon in orde...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Yesterday we posted a little tease for Masashi Kishimoto's original character in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, along with news that the fighter will be heading to Europe in 2014. Shortly after, and to no one's surprise, Namco ...

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