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November 10, 2013, 12:30 AM

While eating sweets is always a pleasure, at least for this writer, making them yourself can be quite a tricky matter, can't it? But if you're one of the people with skills in the kitchen who enjoys making desserts, you may want to check these vid...

Siliconera Sato

Namco Bandai's new Sword Art Online game for PlayStation Vita will be made to have more action to match the feel of the actual series, compared to their earlier PSP game. Today, the publisher provided a look at the game's battle system and its spe...

RocketNews24 Philip Kendall

At the end of our recent article listing the 10 things that we think Japan gets horribly wrong, we assured you that we'd be back soon to focus on some of the positives and introduce the things that we really, truly love about living in Japan.

JEFusion GekiDan

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, an anime film adaptation inspired by the Bayonetta game series, will get its own two-part manga adaptation courtesy of Tiger. . .

Idolminded Ray Mescallado

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: November 7, 2013 Thennary's Picks Tegoshi Yuya, Club World Cup main caster for another year – JE News Daily Tegoshi gets to merge his work with one of his loves for another year.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Along the lines of the Shonen Jump indoor amusement park, a Toei Hero World: Namco Action Museum will be opening in the 3rd floor of Aeon Shopping Makuhari New City in Mihama, Chiba City this December.

Sugoi! Blog Tabris

NTV's morning television program every. aired a new three-minute trailer on Thursday for Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (The Tale of Princess Kaguya), the latest film from Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata.

Kyoukai no Kanata – 06 Filed under First Impressions, Kyoukai no Kanata by Cherrie | 1 Comment 「ショッキングピンク」 (Shokkingu Pinku) ""Shocking Pink"" I have no words to describe how I feel. I always thought there was a good balance between slice-of-life,...

  We're sure you've seen the news around recently - it's been storming the internet over the past few days after all, but Microsoft have officially picked up a new mascot for Internet Explorer! Meet Inori Aizawa, the beautiful moe filled character...

Crunchyroll Humberto Saabedra

Aniplex has announced during Anime Festival Asia that the forthcoming Sword Art Online EXTRA EDITION New Years' special airing in Japan will now be a worldwide simulcast, with the special being simulcast on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, December 31, 201...

Kahotan's Blog gsckahotan

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan) My fleet headquarters in KanColle has reached Level 4! With that said, today I'll be taking a sneak peek at upcoming second menu of the KanColle Café! It starts from the 12th November!

Siliconera Ishaan

Senran Kagura Burst is coming to Nintendo 3DS in North America, and it's coming soon. Xseed announced this morning that the 3DS brawler is slated for release on November 14th via the Nintendo eShop. It will cost $30.

Miyazaki's final film gets 1-week subtitled screening Disney's Touchstone Pictures' release of Hayao Miyazaki's 11th and final film The Wind Rises opens today in Los Angeles both as a part of the American Film Institute's Festival and at the Landm...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official site for the Wake Up, Girls!  anime project revealed yesterday that the TV anime series will premiere on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, Sendai Housou, and AT-X on January 10, 2014. Not only that, the feature film titled Wake Up, Girls!

The Fandom Post Kory Cerjak

Samurai Flamenco Episode 5 PRETTY AND DYNAMITE. FLAMENCO GIRL. What They Say: Masayoshi Hazama: a man who has become a superhero "by himself" with no superhuman powers or any sort of high-tech conversions, NONE!

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Three 'Witch Sisters Yoyo And Nene' Anime Feature Promos Debut Posted by Chris Beveridge November 8, 2013 at 04:00 PM Based on the manga Noroi-ya Shimai by Hirarin that came out back in 2006, the ufotable production of the theatrical anime feature...

「戦王の使者篇II」 (Sen o No Shisha Hen II) "Messenger of the War King II" I'd like say that this week's episode was full of surprises, but when you think about it, it's par for Akatsuki's course. Because like a certain other unfortunate character (insert...

release / ViViD Finally! ViViD are back with a new look and a new single! Their new single will be titled "Theater" and is scheduled to be released on December 18th ! Sadly there are no further information yet but stay tuned!

Samurai Flamenco – 05 Filed under First Impressions, Samurai Flamenco by Cherrie | 0 Comments 「正義とは」 (Seigi Toha) "The Meaning of Justice" So that brings us to the end of that relationship… I called it last week but Mari and Masayoshi just weren't...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Tokyo Ravens Episode 5Settling into school life, we see just what kind of person Harutora is. And we like him. What They Say: Harutora makes friends with his classmates after the battle of the familiars, which upsets Natsume.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'Dear Brother' Anime Funding Succeeds On Anime Sols Posted by Chris Beveridge November 7, 2013 at 09:00 PM Dear Brother Added to the service back in the middle of August, things have panned out for Dear Brother in the end as the first set has achi...

The homepage for studio ufotable's original family-friendly anime film Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene (Witch Sisters Yoyo & Nene) has added a new, full-length theatrical trailer. Takayuki Hirao (Gyo, Futakoi Alternative) is directing the film for ...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

This week Nintendo 3DS owners in Japan were treated to a demo of the One Piece Unlimited World: Red action game, which hits stores there on November 21. Thanks to YouTube user ShonenGameZ, the rest of us can now see a couple of missions in action,...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'World Conquest: Stratagem Star' Anime Adds New Visual Posted by Chris Beveridge November 8, 2013 at 03:00 PM World Conquest: Stratagem Star Details are still slim overall in terms of what  World Conquest: Stratagem Star will be about, but a new v...

Japanator Amber Hunt

So apparently there will be a prequel manga based off of Levi, the protagonist in Attack on Titan. I haven't finished the series yet, nor have I read the manga. Everyone is talking about how amazing it is, though!

Entravity Entrav Riccardo

Intimidating. How far can he go? Kill la Kill Episode 6 Review "Don't Toy With Me on a Whim" "Kibun Shidai de Semenaide" (気分次第で責めないで) From facing two-star chumps to Satsuki herself, Matoi Ryuuko faces her greatest challenge yet.

Question: Why was Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3 unpopular? While not my top favorite of the 2013 summer season, it was an enjoyable show, but I find it perplexing that not only was the show unpopular with Japanese otaku, bu...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Install the world of Aincrad onto your Android Smartphone. A totally new experience unlike any other phone app or game you've ever seen…  The second release of the groundbreaking character Android Smartphone application [Anifone].

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