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August 26, 2013, 12:00 AM
Japanator Tim Sheehy

I'm currently decompressing from our second day of Japan Expo, here in Santa Clara. If you've been wondering why we've been so quiet about the expo itself, we actually spent most of our first day hopping from interview to interview with barely a m...

RocketNews24 Michelle Lynn Dinh

Wish you could just stuff your face with burgers until you explode? So do we. That's why you'll find our staff down at Burger King on August 30 enjoying the all-you-can-eat Burger King feast that will be going on for one day only.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

To celebrate the 300th chapter of Ah! My Goddess (or Oh My Goddess if you prefer), a collection of tributes from manga luminaries was released on August 23rd. The 162 page, B6 sized book, collecting works from the likes of CLAMP and Oh!

Siliconera Sunjun

In honor of the Danganronpa anime airing now in Japan, Akihabara's Good Smile x Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe is now serving Danganronpa-themed dishes until September 29. Here's a look at the menu:   Monobear Curry (980 yen) Squid ink curry modeled aft...

Siliconera Ishaan

The Pokémon Company has shared tournament footage from the recently concluded 2013 Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver, sharing a look at a number of battles from the event. The video below is the Videogame Masters Finals, but you can find mo...

JEFusion GekiDan

TOEI started streaming the promotional trailer for the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Samurai. Although the current promo doesn't include any voice. . .

The Tokyo Reporter Tokyo Reporter

Officers confiscated 200 leather bicycle seats in YokohamaTOKYO (TR) – Kanagawa Prefectural Police on Saturday arrested a Yokohama man who likes "the lingering odor of women" for stealing 200 female bicycle seats, reports Sports Nippon (Aug.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Seen prior to the start of the TV screening of Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, a teaser for today's special preview of Kamen Rider Gaim was aired and revealed some minor stuff about the series.

Manga has been running for nearly 8 years in Kadokawa's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine Gaku Tsugano, the creator of the manga adaptation of Nagaru Tanigawa's The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, is announcing in the October issue of Kadoka...

First trailer of Kamen Rider Gaim released! Kamen Rider Wizard is not airing this week due to Super Hero Taisen being shown during the usual Super Hero time slot. However the long waited trailer of Kamen Rider Gaim has finally been revealed!

Siliconera Ishaan

Phantasy Star Online 2 costumes are going to be released as DLC for Soul Sacrifice, Sega and Sony have announced. The two outfits below will be available as free DLC to Soul Sacrifice players in Japan starting on August 29th:   Video game stories ...

Mirai Nikki: Redial (OVA) At long last, I can finally talk about the manga ending.  About damn time. OP: "Kyouki Chinden" by Yousei Teikoku Well, know we know why Asread elected not to animate the epilogue from the manga.

「学園都市研究発表会」 (Gakuentoshi Kenkyuu Happyoukai) "Academt City Research Exhibit Assembly" Hello everyone, Stilts here filling in for Zephyr this week. First of all, let me get my Railgun C. V. out there – I haven't read the manga.

Spike Chunsoft is currently developing an Attack on Titan Nintendo 3DS game adaptation of the popular manga currently serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Over 23 million copies of the series have been sold, but many fans also know of the serie...

「TALE 8」 So this episode… was a bit of a letdown. Rozen Maiden has spent the past 3 weeks building up now and I'm expecting great things out of this play. Not that Jun is even a part of it, but I think it's going to be the climax of the anime this...

AKB48 WrapUp Tommy Kono

BOW TIE TGSK AGAIN! AKB48 Group Summer 5 Dome Concert Tour – Tokyo Dome day three Setlist Kage Ana / Shadow announcer: Oshima Yuko M1 Mokugekisha / Eye-witness (AKB32nd Single Senbtasu – Out:Shinoda, In: Kawaei) M2 Viva!

Final Fantasy X HD Showcases New MusicOver 60 tracks rearranged  By Joseph Luster Be the first of your friends to like this. Posted 8/24/2013 When Final Fantasy X HD hits shelves along with a similarly enhanced version of Final Fantasy X-2, it's n...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The 3rd day of AKB48's Tokyo Dome concert series announced a new Team 4! Leading the team is 1st generation member Minami Minegishi with members coming from the idol group's 13th and 14th generation understudies.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Remember the very brief recent teaser for Dark Souls II? In it we saw flashes of real armor being forged, and Namco Bandai now has a behind the scenes video showcasing the process behind crafting the real-life gear.

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

Though it should come as no surprise that Namco Bandai registered more Tales of trademarks in Japan, it's always fun to wonder what the future has in store for the RPG franchise. The latest titles the company filed trademarks for include Tales of ...

Agriculture-based Anime "Agukaru'"Implores You to Vote Many …Some… A few of us are familiar with various agriculture educational videos that we used to watch in grade school. Their objective was to draw awareness to agriculture activities but they...


Akihabara meets Harajuku as Dempagumi. inc invades fashion industry 24 August, 2013 by Chad It's been a busy year for Akihabara-based idol group Dempagumi. inc. They're on to their 3rd single this year with the upcoming W.

The Fandom Post G.B. Smith

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode 8 The curtain is about to rise for the play that Saito and her company have been preparing. Are things about to start for the plot of the show as well? What They Say: Episode 8: "Tale 8″ Jun throws caution to the ...

Nihongogo Greg Abesamis

Tweet Pin It Topics include: Shilling new Selective Hearing wares, NSK video close to 1 million views, No more Filiina diva time, commentary on the news of the week and information on upcoming releases.


Aug24 My Tipsy Co-Worker Can't Be This Cute! It's been a busy week at the office for me, but nothing like it is on Servant x Service. This week delves into the love triangle of Lucy, Hasebe, and Tanaka.

Japanator Hiroko Yamamura

Let's label this one as news I totally did not expect! On a recent television interview promoting The Wind Rises, Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyzaki revealed he would not be apposed Hideaki Anno taking the reigns of a sequel to the 1984 anime classic, ...

Last week: *1. [url=http://myanimelist. net/manga/11/Naruto]Naruto[/url] Vol. 62 *2. [url=http://myanimelist. net/manga. php? id=9711]Bakuman[/url] Vol. 20 *3. [url=http://myanimelist. net/manga/598/Fairy_Tail]Fairy Tail[/url] Vol.

With their October 1st release date drawing closer, ATLUS USA have taken the opportunity to share a new trailer for their upcoming release of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl. Rather than focus on just gameplay, this latest trailer looks ...

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