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May 2, 2021, 9:00 AM

Steam is putting a massive amount of Japanese games on sale in celebration of Golden Week . . . Also included in the sale are game adaptations of certain anime series like "Sword Art Online" and "Naruto .

Random Curiosity Guardian Enzo

'恋人みたいって、なに?' (Koibito mitai tte, nani? ) "What's Lover-Like Mean? " Churro scene still going. . .

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge
The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge
Gematsu Sal Romano

aNCHOR has released the second official trailer and a new key visual for Muv-Luv Alternative The Animation, as well as announced the staff and cast. The staff and cast is as follows: Staff Original Work: Kouki Yoshimune Director: Yukio Nishimoto S...

SoraNews24 Dale Roll

King of the Monsters sets out to become King of the Energy Drinks too. Godzilla vs. Kong has been out in theaters and on HBO MAX in the U. S. for a few weeks now, and its Japanese premiere is right around the corner.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

With today being the game's 2-year anniversary in China, this was a fitting time for developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph and publisher YoStar to releasing a new major update for the mobile tower-defence game Arknights.


Netflix is trying to dominate the anime space, and that includes finding ways to get more anime fans excited about Netflix series and films. Enter YouTube, and the VTuber who will try and help Netflix .

Gematsu Sal Romano

Konami will not attend E3 2021, which will run from June 12 to 15, but is in "deep development on a number of key projects," the company said in a statement. Updates on those projects are planned for the "coming months.

SGCafe spartanchef

VTubers are everywhere nowadays, with companies employing their own Virtual YouTubers to add to the growing list of them. While some are from agencies like Hololive, others are anime and video game characters doing virtual YouTube shows.

SGCafe spartanchef

An episode of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Omega recently got fans talking because VTuber Pekora seems to have made a cameo. Unfortunately, that Pekora-like mob character isn't Pekora after all. And it looks like the anime violated some of Holol...

Marvelous has released a new trailer for the upcoming RPG management game Rune Factory 5, showcasing the town of Rigbarth and the many different characters inhabiting it. The trailer going on a tour of Rigbarth with Livia, the Chief of Seed, an or...

Netflix has revealed the extended trailer for the upcoming fourth and final season of Castlevania, bringing all of the heroes of the story together for one final battle against the forces of darkness. The trailer for the fourth season bringing bac...

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