August 19, 2017

10:00 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Netflix Death Note Film PV "Has More Likes Than Dislikes!?"

9:59 PM WOWJAPAN freakpool

Here are the highlights of angela's Anisong-only live and their Budoukan live

9:59 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Children's Drawings Endlessly Transformed

9:00 PM SciFi Japan K A


7:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Is Basically SAO Meets Freedom Wars In A Third-Person Shooter

4:30 PM Otaku USA

Low Box-Office Returns Put Live-Action JoJo's Sequels in Doubt

4:00 PM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

Massive New Gundam Store Opens This Weekend In Tokyo

3:30 PM Comic Book

One Piece: New Ace Manga Spin-Off Follows The Brothers For A What-If Reunion

3:00 PM Random Curiosity Pancakes

Shoukoku no Altair - 05

1:30 PM SGCafe spartanchef

[VIDEO] Netflix's Hollywood live-action Death Note reveals Light meeting L in new clip

1:29 PM Siliconera Casey

Game Freak Gives A Look At Never-Before-Seen Design Documents From Pokémon's Early Days

1:00 PM Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

Watch Highlights from angela's Anime Theme Song-Only Live

12:00 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Jessica Calvello Promotes The 'Aria' Anime Dub & Blu-ray Kickstarter

11:30 AM Culture Japan

Sunrise With Lelouch

10:30 AM Gematsu Sal Romano

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

10:00 AM Tokyo Otaku Mode

Blue Exorcist Stage Play Reveals Main Cast Key Visual

9:30 AM Talk Vietnam

ASEAN+3 Song Contest fosters cultural exchange

9:29 AM Random Curiosity Takaii

Tsurezure Children - 07

8:00 AM

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Brings Some Much Needed Anime Action to the Xbox One

6:30 AM time Report

Chinese netizens praise new manga anime film for its 'hooray of Japan's defeat'

5:30 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

'Sailor Moon SuperS' Anime Reveals New Dub Actors


Junpei Mizobata transforms into a woman for new Kose ESPRIQUE ad

3:00 AM GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Romantic-Drama "Just Because!" to Premiere This Fall

1:30 AM Siliconera Sato

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Launches January 30 In North America, Here Are Its Limited Editions

1:29 AM Siliconera Jenni

Roland Is The Star Of The Ni No Kuni II Gamescom Trailer

1:00 AM ComicBookBin

J-Pop Summit 2017 Announces Premium Food and Drink Vendors

August 18, 2017

11:30 PM The Daily Dot

Anime author C.S. Pacat is making a 'Yuri on Ice'-inspired sports anime

11:29 PM Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

Six More Misfits Join the Cast of "Anime-Gataris"

11:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon Get A New Trailer, Story Details, New Z-Moves, And Z-Power Ring Toy

10:30 PM UK Anime Network

UKA: Little Witch Academia - Chamber of Time - New Trailer

10:00 PM Global Times Global Times

Chinese netizens praise new manga anime film for its 'hooray of Japan's defeat'

8:30 PM Siliconera Sato

A New Tekken Game Revealed For Smartphones Featuring Over 100 Collectible Characters

8:29 PM Twitter @ukanime

UK Anime Network on Twitter

8:00 PM Otaku Tale Frontalspy

No Game No Life: Zero North American Release on September 15 with English & Japanese Dub

7:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Tokyo Clanpool's New Trailer Introduces Its "Ether Response" Touch Feature

6:59 PM AnimeRide Arqam Ghauri

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jiraiya!

6:30 PM World Without Horizons N.E. Sison

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Live-Action Film Reveals New PVs

6:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Shares Its First Look And Details For The Third-Person Shooter

5:30 PM Nintendo Everything Brian

Game Freak on the Pokemon anime boosting Pikachu's popularity, was hesitant about Pokemon speaking their own names

5:29 PM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Michele Knotz Promotes The 'Aria' Anime Dub & Blu-ray Kickstarter

5:00 PM Gematsu Sal Romano

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches January 11 in Japan, January 30 in North America

4:59 PM Interesting Engineering Jessica Miley

This AI Lets You Create Custom Anime Characters in Seconds

4:30 PM NerdSpan A.D. Shadie


3:30 PM San Antonio Express Eric Talmadge, Associated Press

The real revolution in NKorea is rise of consumer culture

2:30 PM GoBoiano Media Simonzi

Idols Says She's Received Whitish Stained Plushies From Fans

10 Tools for Onigiri So Cute You Won't Want to Eat Them!

12:30 PM Siliconera Jenni

Crackdown 3 Delayed Until 2018

10:30 AM Siliconera Jenni

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Trailer Shows How Everyone Interacts In The Story

10:29 AM SGCafe spartanchef

Life-size Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba slowly getting completed

9:30 AM The Otaku's Study Sam

Sentai Filmworks to Hold First Screenings of No Game, No Life Zero Next Month

8:30 AM Siliconera Casey

16-bit Beat-Em-Up 99Vidas Will Punch And Kick Its Way To The Switch Later This Year

5:30 AM Otaku USA

Live-Action Naruto Movie Hires for Rewrite

5:29 AM Twitter @AllTheAnime

All The Anime on Twitter

5:29 AM RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Japan's new sailor suit-inspired swimsuits bring classroom style to the beach

4:30 AM My Modern Met

Artistic Dad Continues to Transform His Sons' Drawings into Expert-Level Anime

4:00 AM TechnoBuffalo Eric Frederiksen

Godzilla: Monster Planet anime's first trailer shows Earth 20,000 years later

3:59 AM Twitter @ukanime

UK Anime Network on Twitter

3:30 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

GKIDS Acquires 'Napping Princess'

3:00 AM Gematsu Sal Romano

Crackdown 3 delayed to spring 2018

2:30 AM Siliconera Jenni

Blue Reflection Goes Over The Friendships Hinako Will Make

2:29 AM Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

2017 J-POP SUMMIT In S.F. Announces Authentic Ramen & Sake Attractions

2:00 AM Gematsu Sal Romano

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite full story trailer, screenshots

Pokémon's Creators On The Anime: 'We Weren't Really Sure About It'

1:29 AM Siliconera Sato

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy's New Fortune Street Gets Trailers For Terry, Cloud, And Sephiroth

1:00 AM Siliconera Sato

Dragon Ball FighterZ Features Super Saiyan Blue Goku & Vegeta, A New "What If" Story Mode

12:30 AM HALLYU JPOP NATION hallyunation

What's the Most Popular Summer Anime in Europe??

12:29 AM Crunchyroll Kara Dennison

Tickle Your Tastebuds with Shrimp and Miso Soft Serve

12:29 AM Gematsu Sal Romano

99Vidas coming to Switch between Q3 and Q4 2017

August 17, 2017

11:30 PM Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Four New "Black Clover" Anime Cast Members Revealed

10:30 PM Sixth Tone Sixth Tone

Artist Paints '90s Pop Culture Into Classical Chinese Landscapes

10:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Trails of Cold Steel III Screenshots Take Us On A Tour Of The Armored Train "Derfflinger"

9:59 PM Siliconera Sato

PS4 System Software 5.00 "Nobunaga" Releases Its Beta Today, Here's What's New

9:59 PM Gematsu Sal Romano

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time 'Life at Luna Nova' trailer, screenshots

8:30 PM Standing On My Neck Mr. Flawfinder

Anime Review: Mai Mai Miracle - Sing A Song

7:00 PM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

A Look Inside Pokéball Terrariums

6:00 PM Siliconera Sato

Persona 3 And Persona 5 Dancing Get A Batch Of Dazzling New Screenshots

5:30 PM Siliconera Sato

Watch The King of Fighters: Destiny Episode 3 "Angelina"

5:29 PM Sankaku Complex Rift

Nier: Automata's Success "Saved Platinum Games"

5:00 PM Gematsu Sal Romano

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary 'Cloud,' 'Sephiorth,' and 'Terry' character trailers

4:59 PM Gematsu Sal Romano

Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vega, story mode

4:59 PM HALLYU JPOP NATION hallyunation

Crunchyroll Expo Adds "Itasha" Anime Cars, Roland Kelts, and Hiroshi Yoshimura

4:59 PM HALLYU JPOP NATION hallyunation

Yuri-Themed Romantic Comedy Manga "Sakura Trick" Concludes

4:59 PM Japanator Salvador G Rodiles

Kamen Rider 555 and Zyuohger Actor turns August 10 into Zyuoh Bird Day

4:30 PM Siliconera Sato

Shenmue III Is Being Published By Deep Silver

Check Out These Amazing Japanese Films and Anime

4:29 PM SGCafe spartanchef

A.I. program promises to create a 'Perfect Anime Girl' for you

4:00 PM Crunchyroll Miles Thomas

What's the Most Popular Summer Anime in Europe??

3:00 PM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

The Beauty Of A Destroyed Gundam In Miniature Tokyo

11:30 AM The Tokyo Reporter Tokyo Reporter Staff

Burnable: Woman finds ¥20 million in cash while sorting trash at onsen

9:00 AM The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Live-Action 'Naruto' Adds New Writers

8:59 AM Siliconera Jenni

Check Out The Evil Within 2's Twisted, Deadly Photographer

8:30 AM Crunchyroll Guest

Crunchyroll Expo Adds "Itasha" Anime Cars, Roland Kelts, and Hiroshi Yoshimura

8:00 AM The Outerhaven Josh Piedra

2017 J-POP SUMMIT In S.F. Announces Authentic Ramen & Sake Attractions

4:00 AM GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Yuri!!! on Ice Studio Reveals Original Anime for Fall Season

3:00 AM Siliconera Jenni

Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary Costumes Will Appear On August 29, 2017

2:59 AM Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

In the wake of Scalebound's cancellation, Platinum Games released its hit Nier: Automata in Japan.

2:00 AM Siliconera Sato

Final Fantasy XIV's Subscriber Numbers Are At A Record High Thanks To Stormblood

Anime. What's your opinion on it?

1:29 AM ComicBookBin

VIZ Media Announces "Mr. Osomatsu" Anime Series

1:00 AM SGCafe spartanchef

[VIDEO] BanG Dream! OVA reveals beach episode in new PV

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