November 7, 2017

12:22 PM SlashGear

Make comics and manga right on your phone and tablet

October 15, 2016

8:01 PM SlashGear Adam Westlake - Oct 15, 2016 Top News Headline

Studio Ghibli's first TV anime series picked up by Amazon

May 28, 2016

12:36 AM SlashGear Brittany A. Roston - May 27, 2016 Top News Headline

Hulu may be stripping its anime library ahead of live TV service

April 28, 2016

8:27 PM SlashGear Chris Burns - Apr 28, 2016 Top News Headline

Anime Steam Sale is super kawaii desu ne

April 21, 2016

3:13 PM SlashGear Adam Westlake - Apr 21, 2016 Top News Headline

Nintendo's official Star Fox anime comes to YouTube

February 25, 2016

9:08 PM SlashGear Brittany A. Roston - Feb 25, 2016 Top News Headline

Netflix details 'Perfect Bones' original anime series

October 20, 2015

2:23 PM SlashGear Adam Westlake - Oct 20, 2015 Top News Headline

Limited edition Evangelion smartphone gets Japan-only release

July 24, 2015

7:51 PM SlashGear Chris Burns - Jul 24, 2015 Top News Headline

Neon Genesis Evangelion outfits Japan's most beautiful bullet train

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