June 16, 2019

11:27 PM Otaku USA

My Hero Academia Anime Fires Up Season 4 Trailer, Visual, and More

7:31 AM Otaku USA

BLACKFOX Anime Brings Ninja Action to Theaters in Japan This October

7:22 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Fruits Basket Anime Casts Jun Fukushima as Makoto Takei

June 15, 2019

5:43 AM Otaku USA

Fire Force Creator Alludes to His Work Being Ripped Off, Maybe By Trigger

5:28 AM Otaku USA

Black Lagoon Manga to Return This September

5:18 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

My Hero Academia Season 4 Lines Up Anime Expo Debut

5:11 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

One Piece Stampede Anime Film Taps WANIMA for Theme Song

4:28 AM Otaku USA

China Celebrates Spirited Away Premiere with Amazing Posters

June 14, 2019

9:39 AM Otaku USA

Audiobook Has Fate Series' Gilgamesh Voice Actor Reciting Epic of Gilgamesh

6:23 AM Otaku USA

Maousama, Retry! TV Anime Comes to Life in New Promo

1:17 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

GKIDS Licenses Studio Trigger's PROMARE Anime Film for Theaters

1:09 AM Otaku USA

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Tops Home Video Charts for First Time in Franchise History

12:44 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Find Out What Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams' Favorite Anime is

June 13, 2019

5:23 PM Otaku USA

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 Gets Served Up This October

5:09 PM Otaku USA

2019 Film Seven Days War Gets First Trailer, Visual

3:41 PM Otaku USA

Mobile Suit Gundam Used to Promote Horse Racing

3:17 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Watch Junji ito's Full Panel, Live Drawing Event from TCAF

5:47 AM Otaku USA

Ultraman CG Anime Returns for Season 2 with Same Directors

5:29 AM Otaku USA

Final Fantasy VII Remake Watches Will Cost You a Cool $2,500

5:11 AM Otaku USA

New The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Visual Brings the Heat

4:54 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Masaaki Yuasa Already Has Another Anime Film Lined Up

June 12, 2019

9:39 AM Otaku USA

See What the Gundam 00 Stage Play Looks Like in Highlight Video

9:02 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Nintendo Reveals Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

8:50 AM Otaku USA

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Anime Gets Pumped in New Promo

6:29 AM Otaku USA

Ascendance of a Bookworm TV Anime Premieres This October

5:58 AM Otaku USA

Tokyo Ghoul Manga Author Draws Visual for Live-Action Film Sequel

June 11, 2019

9:30 AM Otaku USA

VIZ Media to Publish Cat Lady, the Latest from Rose City Games

9:21 AM Otaku USA

INTERVIEW: Talking Theatrical Anime with Eleven Arts

9:11 AM Otaku USA

Goku's Story Gets Told Once More in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Action-RPG

9:00 AM Otaku USA

Komi Can't Communicate Manga Tackles Social Anxiety

4:23 AM Otaku USA

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Trailer and Release Date

June 10, 2019

4:50 AM Otaku USA

Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo to Announce New Project at Anime Expo

3:53 AM Otaku USA

Fruits Basket Anime Rumored to Run 63 Episodes

3:33 AM Otaku USA

Toei Animation Launches Contest for Amateurs to Create Original Anime

3:03 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Delinquent Band Anime On-Gaku Rocks Into Theaters in 2020

June 6, 2019

7:56 PM Otaku USA

Sound! Euphonium Anime Film Heads to U.S. Theaters Next Month

12:50 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Pokémon Sword and Shield Roll Out a Ton of New Info and Footage

June 5, 2019

11:34 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord Life-Size Figure on Display

11:25 PM Otaku USA

Anti-High Heel Movement #KuToo Picks Up Steam in Japan

11:00 PM Otaku USA

Soft Tennis Anime Hoshiai no Sora Gets Megumi Nakajima Opening

10:39 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Anime Premieres July 12

9:28 PM Otaku USA

LISTENERS, New Anime from Cowboy Bebop Writer, Announced

6:59 AM Otaku USA

Amazing Father's Art Turns His Kids into Ghibli and Sailor Moon Characters

6:14 AM Otaku USA

Anime Studio Xebec Absorbed by Production I.G

5:48 AM Otaku USA

Anime Expo Adds Akira Creator Katsuhiro Otomo to Guest Lineup

1:07 AM Otaku USA

Life-Size Naruto Figure Can Be Yours for 2.4 Million Yen

June 4, 2019

10:11 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Unlicensed Mario Kart Tour Company Loses Another Lawsuit to Nintendo

9:49 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Food Wars! Manga Has Just Three Chapters Left

5:42 AM Otaku USA

My Hero Academia Cast Gets Ridiculously Cute in Sanrio Collaboration

5:20 AM Otaku USA

Netflix Taps Avengers: Endgame Directors for Magic: The Gathering Animated Series

4:11 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Dr. STONE Anime Reveals July 5 Premiere Date

June 3, 2019

6:29 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

One Piece Anime Trailer Hypes Wano Kuni Saga

12:24 AM Otaku USA

New Original Macross Delta Film Gets a Very Excited Title

June 2, 2019

11:38 PM Otaku USA

Studio Ghibli Theme Park to Open in Japan in Fall of 2022

12:33 AM Otaku USA

Animator Dorm Creators Launch Short Film Project

June 1, 2019

11:49 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Gets French Knighthood

11:32 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

New Sound! Euphonium Anime Announced

11:22 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san Anime's Second Season Dated

7:28 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Goes VR in Latest Update

3:06 AM Otaku USA

Naruto Franchise Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Live Event

2:56 AM Otaku USA

O Maidens in Your Savage Season Anime Gets New Promo

2:47 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Pokémon Engagement Ring Case Lets You Propose Poké-Style

May 31, 2019

6:16 AM Otaku USA

Fate/Grand Order Cast Hits the Beach in New Tabletop Game Figures

5:09 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

One Piece and Attack on Titan Dominate Japan's 2019 Manga Charts

3:52 AM Otaku USA

Madoka Magica Side Story Game Dated for U.S. and Canada

May 30, 2019

7:11 AM Otaku USA

The Island of Giant Insects Anime Goes Hentai to Promote Crowdfunding

5:13 AM Otaku USA

Fans Vote on Favorite Go Nagai Anime Episodes for Blu-ray Collection

3:03 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Dr. STONE Anime to Stream on Crunchyroll This Summer

May 29, 2019

9:34 PM Otaku USA

Anime Midwest 2019 Features Amazing Lineup of Guests and Activities

3:01 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Overlord Author Lashes Out at Fan Translations

12:45 PM Otaku USA

Fans Rank Series Whose First Season Tops the Rest

12:24 PM Otaku USA

Pokémon Sleep, Smartphone Game Based on Sleeping, Revealed

11:45 AM Otaku USA

Japanese Coffee Company Offers Godzilla Jacket Complete With Spikes

10:24 AM Otaku USA

Video Game Addiction Recognized as Official Mental Health Disorder

6:54 AM Otaku USA

New Teaser and Cast Revealed for Makoto Shinkai's Weathering with You Anime Film

5:34 AM Otaku USA

Original Elfen Lied Manga Finally Arrives in Omnibus Form [Review]

3:51 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Children of the Sea Anime Film Looks Incredible in New Music Video

3:08 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

For Whom the Alchemist Exists Anime Teased in New Poster

1:10 AM Otaku USA

Explore Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle's Features in New Trailer

May 28, 2019

10:35 PM Otaku USA

Experience the Mecha Madness of GODANNAR on Blu-ray!

12:29 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Former Toriyama Editor Calls Dragon Ball Evolution His 'Biggest Failure' of an Adaptation

12:05 AM Otaku USA

Wake Up to the Sound of Strike the Blood Anime Heroines with New App

May 27, 2019

11:58 PM Otaku USA

Houkago Saikoro Club Anime Promo Shows Its Love for Board Games

11:50 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Gintama Manga Swears the Final Chapter is Coming on June 17

5:26 PM Otaku USA

Netflix Series 7SEEDS Sprouts a New Trailer, Screenshots

11:22 AM Otaku USA

Details Revealed for Magical Girl Series Machikado Mazoku

9:45 AM Otaku USA

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Anime Hits Screens July 12

9:16 AM Otaku USA

How Do Japanese Kids Spend Their Money? Manga Comes in Third

8:34 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Gundam: The Origin Anime is Next Up for Toonami

8:27 AM Otaku USA

Goblin Slayer Anime Returns with OVA in 2020

May 25, 2019

11:33 PM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Ni no Kuni Anime Film Opens in Japan on August 23

10:15 PM Otaku USA

Cencoroll Connect Anime Film Teases Teenage Troubles

3:35 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing 80 Detective Conan Manga Volumes

3:20 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Hollywood's Live-Action Akira Movie Has a Release Date

1:24 AM Otaku USA

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Pushed Back to February 14, 2020

1:03 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

Sword Art Online Director's Original Anime Film Previewed in New Trailer

May 24, 2019

6:42 AM Otaku USA Top News Headline

JUMP FORCE Trailer Throws Hunter x Hunter's Biscuit Krueger into the Mix

6:23 AM Otaku USA

Snow White with the Red Hair Vol. 1 [Review]

4:36 AM Otaku USA

New Visual Debuts for Anime That Asks, "Would You Like Perverts If They Are Cute?"

4:20 AM Otaku USA

Naruto and Boruto Themed Area Opens at Fuji-Q Amusement Park on July 26

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