July 14, 2017

7:05 AM Mashable Yi Shu Ng Top News Headline

We wish this anime fidget spinner parody were actually a real show

June 30, 2017

5:21 PM Mashable Kellen Beck Top News Headline

Nintendo is talking about making anime and we're here for it

April 17, 2017

12:38 PM Mashable Yvette Tan Top News Headline

People are pretty unimpressed that a bunch of American guys formed a K-pop group

January 23, 2017

7:55 PM Mashable Brett Williams Top News Headline

That cute anime selfie app is collecting a lot more data than it needs

January 19, 2017

7:04 AM Mashable Johnny Lieu Top News Headline

People are obsessing over a photo app and its easy to see why

December 26, 2016

6:18 PM Mashable Christina Careaga Top News Headline

Boyfriend has tear-jerkingly beautiful reaction to girlfriend's thoughtful gift

October 7, 2016

10:14 PM Mashable Kellen Beck Top News Headline

Official 'League of Legends' music video is a Star Guardians anime

August 18, 2016

6:22 PM Mashable Kellen Beck Top News Headline

Fan-made 'League of Legends' anime has us begging for a full season

August 5, 2016

11:45 AM Mashable Mashable Studios Top News Headline

Anime comes to life with this magical Sailor Moon costume DIY

August 3, 2016

9:10 AM Mashable Jeff Sneider Top News Headline

Willem Dafoe to voice the Shinigami in Netflix's 'Death Note' (Exclusive)

March 17, 2016

2:52 AM Mashable Saba Hamedy Top News Headline

Rooster Teeth is bringing its anime series 'RWBY' to theaters

March 16, 2016

6:52 AM Mashable Alicia Tan Top News Headline

Studio Ghibli adapts world's oldest manga into short animated film

January 6, 2016

11:23 AM Mashable Alicia Tan Top News Headline

Japan's first girls-only 'otaku' cafe opens in Osaka and boys are strictly not allowed

September 21, 2015

4:37 PM Mashable Jason Abbruzzese Top News Headline

4chan message board bought by Japanese web culture guru

July 7, 2015

3:42 AM Mashable Lance Ulanoff Top News Headline

Challenge accepted: America's giant robot will battle Japan's giant robot

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