What is Katsu News?

Are you a fan of anime, manga, j-pop music, idols, tokustsu, Japanese culture and everything else Japan? Do you find yourself surfing daily around dozens of different blogs and websites in order to get to the Japanese news that are truly interesting and important? If yes, this site was created for you.

Inspired by Techmeme, Katsu News is a news aggregator which presents a summary of the day's most interesting otaku and Japanese pop culture headlines on a single page. Built by fans for fans, Katsu News aims to be the first website you visit every day to get your daily fix of interesting happenings from the land of the rising sun.


Katsu News is fully automated, and it focuses on bringing you the best that the English web has to say on Japanese pop culture topics. It does so by monitoring hundreds of online news sources (both big and small), and it automatically surfaces the most interesting or "hot" articles of the day using its own custom algorithm.

Updates are published to the site every 30 minutes.


Katsu News is run by a small team, and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, or if you think there is a new blog or website that we should be monitoring, please email us at admin@katsunews.com.

Alternatively, you can also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.


Eugene loves Hajime No Ippo, maidreamin, Golden Gai, Dōtonbori and giving free hugs.

Jonathan loves Saki, Kyusyu Jangara ramen, Idoling!!! and playing around with anything that is shiny and new in tech.

Kana is Katsu News' virtual navigator and do-it-all engineer. She hates to be called a mascot character, even though that's essentially what she is.