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May 18, 2013, 5:00 AM
May 18, 2013, 5:00 AM
Siliconera Spencer

Square Enix announced they will release a PC version of Final Fantasy VIII, but it won't be the same game released over a decade ago. Final Fantasy VIII for PC will have high resolution graphics, Famitsu reports.

News website posts concept design for possible product The Japanese news website Gadget News posted a mock-up drawing on Thursday for a pair of potential Attack on Titan-inspired tights. The website noted that as a joke it previously created a moc...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Dengeki Online posted the latest batch of screenshots for the upcoming Kamen Rider Battride War game for the PS3. The new screenshots features the free DLC, and more images of the playable Riders. We previously reported that the game will have fre...

SHINee announced that they will be releasing a new album, titled "Boys Meet U", on June 26th.

It's like Kotobukiya is recalling Toonami with their ARTFX statue plans.  Trigun the Movie: Badlands Rumble: Nicholas D. Wolfwood hits this month while YuYu Hakusho's Kazuma Kuwabara arrives in October.

It's not only the presence of the Colossal Titan in the show Attack On Titan that fascinates viewers, the speedy 3D Maneuver gear action by the Scouting Legions also draws people to the series. A Japanese freelance engineer who is famous for creat...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

What, is it made of gold? Damn right it is. Pure gold. To mark the 10th year anniversary of its Saint Seiya figure line, Bandai is releasing a solid gold Sagittarius statue. Tokyo's Ginza Tanaka oversaw the creation of the statue, which is valued ...

Siliconera Ishaan

Sega are developing two exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog games for Nintendo consoles, Nintendo announced this morning—a new Mario & Sonic game for Wii U and Sonic: Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.   However, there's a third exclusive Sonic game ...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The official Toei YouTube channel posted the trailer of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 10 YEARS AFTER V-Cinema. The trailer shows what happened to our heroes 10 years after they defeated Jakanja. The cast of the 2002 Super Sentai series reunited in th...

SGCafe spartanchef

As light novel series Unbreakable Machine Doll's anime adaptation is anticipated by its fans, the cast and crew are now announced. Crew: Director: Yoshimoto Kinji (Queen's Blade) Character Design: Watanabe Atsuko (Anohana) Production: Genco, Lerch...

If you're looking for your seasonal dose for schoolgirl comedy, this summer, Dr Dogakobo prescribes a dose Love Lab.  The YuruYuri producer has reunited with Masahiko Ohta, director of YuruYuri, Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe and writer of those series ...

These days, cosplay functions as a 40 billion yen (US$390 million) industry and has a large impact on Japan’s economy. Now, before moving on, please allow me to clarify that ‘cosplay’ to Japan does not only refer to people dressi...

Kotaku East Brian Ashcraft

While McDonald's in many countries is trying (feigning? ) to be healthier, in Japan, the fast food chain really doesn't seem to give a crap. If anything, McDonald's is running fast and hard to unhealthy.

The new Ghost in the Shell anime film series has kicked off with a trailer! On June 22, the Ghost in the Shell: Arise Border 1: Ghost Pain anime film will release in theaters. On May 11, a trailer for the film was released on the series' official ...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

We previously reported that Black Foster hinted on Twitter that he will make a cameo appearance in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. In his official Facebook account, he announced that he will not reprise his role as Justin Stewart aka Blue Turbo Ran...


figma Kaito MaxFactory has commenced preorder for another figma VOCALOID figure, and this time it is finally Kaito, the big brother of the VOCALOID family. He comes with three expressions: a smiling face, a powerful singing face and a gentle smili...

SGCafe okaroll

Most fans of the Kuroshitsuji series would know that a live action movie will be out soon. Now we have more news on this! CanCam Model Mizuki Yamamoto will be also starring along with Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Goriki in this live action film.

RocketNews24 Master Blaster

Ever have one of those nights where you knock back one too many and wake up not remembering what happened the night before?   Then as you fumble around for clues like a matchbook or photos on your phone, you discover that you've cut off your own p...

JEFusion GekiDan

Dengeki Online had posted a new batch of in-game screenshots and information for the first Kamen Rider game on PlayStation 3, Kamen Rider Battride. . .

Siliconera Spencer

The Neptunia team is hard at work on a big project called Fairy Fencer F. The game is built using Neptunia's battle system as a foundation and Tsunako, the character artist from the Neptunia series, created characters for Fairy Fencer F.

SGCafe KarbyP

In its latest Nintendo Direct online broadcast, the Kyoto-based gaming giant announced two games from Sega – Sonic: Lost World (Wii U and 3DS) as well as Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics (Wii U).


We are officially old but how much wiser? We shall see! I feel like I typed a similar post few days ago but here we are with another year gone past. This time we are on a very important milestone for any aniblog out there: the big Five Year Annive...

Anime Instrumentality Chris Nguyen

A Composer Profile and Some Awards Hope you've been keeping up with our updates over on the anime music blog side of things.   As summer comes, we're going back into gear with updates about the music scene and what you should be looking for once t...

Sankaku Complex Bitfrost

With the spring 2013 season reaching its halfway point, fans have collectively ranked the anime series they have most frequently dumped from their watch lists – revealing imouto fanciers are none too satisfied with their latest offering….

SGCafe spartanchef

A few announcements have been announced regarding the anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Firstly, the anime would have twelve episodes plus one "extra edition" which is a totally original story not found in the light novels.

Watching Japanese performance artist Miyoko Shida's physics-defying balancing act is a more intense experience than your closest game of Jenga, guaranteed. At Rocketnews24, a lot of our writers have trouble just walking straight, so trying to imag...

The TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku store in Tokyo has announced the weekly TOP 10 anime single/album of May 6-12. The number one single of the 19th week of year 2013 is flipSide's 6th single "sister's noise" which was released in Japan on May 8th.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

As we all know, Jason Smith who is best known for his role as Casey Rhodes aka Jungly Fury Red will have a Jungle Fury tribute episode in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, but he will do more than the in the show.

Gagaga Bunko has announced plans for an anime adaptation of Koroku Inumura's Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta, a light novel set in the same context/before The Princess and the Pilot.         The 2011 Madhouse adaptation of The Princess and the Pilot.

North American anime distributor FUNimation Entertainment revealed its English dub casts for Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, EUREKA SEVEN AO, and Michiko and Hatchin on Thursday. The Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine dub cast is as ...

zone otaku zenical

As reported previously, Gantz manga was reported to be ending soon; And apparently there are only 2 more chapters left! This was confirmed in the 24th issue of Young Jump magazine. Sadly another great piece of work is ending.

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