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April 23, 2013, 1:30 PM
April 23, 2013, 1:30 PM

Last month, Young Jump, the current manga magazine home of the PEACH-PIT manga about living dolls, listed that the new Rozen Maiden anime is scheduled to run this summer on TBS and BS-TBS. The latest update is that Mamoru Hatakeyama (Sankarea) wil...

Vampires everywhere! Doing the shimmy shake! What's going on?   Well, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku are yet another girl group emerging from the Stardust Promotion Agency, home of pop idols Momoiro Clover Z.

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Bartkira Project Aims to Redraw Akira Manga Using Simpsons Characters Bartkira Project Aims to Redraw Akira Manga Using Simpsons Characters 28 minutes ago kureka If you follow comics, especially art or indie comics, you’ll often hear about interes...

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On April 24th, in Japan, Evangelion 3. 33: You can (not) redo will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. To celebrate the upcoming release, Lotteria will be making a special burger to commemorate this joyous event.

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The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa Games/Anime Debut in English on iOS The Idolm@ster Shiny Festa Games/Anime Debut in English on iOS 34 minutes ago kureka Namco BandaiTekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer Confirms More Characters.

I hope you are ready for one more trip to Heavenly Host Elementary, because Corpse Party: Blood Drive has just been announced for the PlayStation Vita. The latest game into the popular horror series will launch this year, and it will be the final ...

Jpop singer Namie Amuro has announced the cancellation of her April 26th show in Singapore, originally planned to be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The show's promoter, Midas Promotions, revealed their reason for the cancellation on their F...

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5pb are developing a visual novel based on Rozen Maiden, reported in this week’s Weekly Young Jump magazine (via Anime News Network) in Japan. The game is slated for release in Japan this Fall.   Also in the works is a new Rozen Maiden anime serie...

Studio DEEN reunites staff with game's cast for 1st of 2 films on August 24 Geneon announced the staff and cast for the upcoming Hakuōki movies on the anime's official website on Thursday. The film project is split into two parts that will tell an...

The mecha wizards at Japan's Sakakibara Machinery Works are back. Previously, the factory rolled out the Landwalker, a large mecha you could buy. And now? It has a newly revamped mecha for little kids.

Hakozaki had only just started his first series in Young Gangan last year The editors of Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine announced on Monday that Caterpillar manga artist Isuka Hakozaki passed away suddenly.

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The Severing Crime Edge TV Anime Added by Sentai Filmworks The Severing Crime Edge TV Anime Added by Sentai Filmworks 27 minutes ago kureka North American anime licensing company Sentai FilmworksColorful Anime Film Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

GACKT Judges First "ASIA VERSUS" Episode tv-movies posted by LaLaSukura 2 hours ago   ·   2 comments Recently we reported a new program announcement made by FUJI TV titled "ASIA VERSUS" . This television shows' goal is to find talented rookie arti...

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I know, I know. Some of you might be wondering why this lovely figurine is (1) a Nendoroid Petite, instead of normal-sized Nendoroid and (2) being put inside a bundle. Yep, as you might have known, Nendoroid Petite Rachel Alucard is going to be bu...


Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Film Confirmed for 2014 By donburi on April 22, 2013 Tweet Pin It Wildly popular anime and manga series, “Shingeki no Kyojin” (‘Attack on Titan’), has been green-lit for a live action movie!

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Meet Little Witch Academia, the newest anime to pick up fans at lightning speed, both abroad and in Japan. Released on the Internet only a few days ago, on Friday, April 19, this 26-minute gem has already stacked up thousands of views and received...

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In a move that's sure to surprise pretty much every single iDOLM@STER fan ever, Namco Bandai has released all three The iDOLM@STER Shiny Festa games on iOS platforms. Each game has been renamed, with Honey Sound becoming Harmonic Score, Funky Note...

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A Visual Guide to Real World Inspirations for “One Piece” Faces A Visual Guide to Real World Inspirations for “One Piece” Faces 13 minutes ago kureka Even if he hadn’t stated as much, it would be unarguably evident that One PieceOne Piece Thousand...

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Shine on you, crazy diamond. Haruto's magic is now gone, Koyomi's mana is running low, and Legion continues his search for something that is beautiful. Oh, and this episode marks the debut of Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style.

Not even one minute in and I’m hit with such a pretty face. Oh dear, who is this person! ? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SAORI–said no one ever. 「俺の友達が眼鏡を外すわけがない」 (Ore no Tomodachi ga Megane o Hazusu Wake ga Nai) “My Friend Can’t Take Off Her Glasses...

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Sorry guys, but no more pick-and-mix cups, cones or parfaits of tantalizingly delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream will be available in Japan as of Friday, the last of the well-known brand’s outlets is scheduled to close up on April 25.

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Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko is proving a delight for moe fans – demonstrating the combination of Kantoku‘s designs and J. C Staff’s animation to be an increasingly cute combination. Omake: Loading more comments.

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The official blog of Kamen Rider Battride War confirms that Tak Sakaguchi represis his role as the Cassis Worm in the first Kamen Rider game for the PlayStation 3. For those who are having a hard time remembering the character, the Cassis Worm is ...

It's crawling chaos on a dish! This September, Good Smile Company will be distributing Max Factory's 1/7th scale apron clad Nyarko-san. The 3D version of a popular illustration stands on a plate, and her unspeakable crowbar that can be replaced wi...

Having originally kicked off as a tactical eroge RPG on PC in Japan, the, um, decidedly more blue content of Tears to Tiara was eventually removed for a PlayStation 3 version in 2008. It's since seen an enhanced version and a PSP port, and now Tea...

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Poll Ranks Best Light Novel to Anime Adaptations by Biglobe Poll Ranks Best Light Novel to Anime Adaptations by Biglobe 7 minutes ago kureka Some of the best anime of recent years are adaptations from light novels.

Hi! My name is Lynn, and I’m the newest member of Organization ASG. I’m an American living in Tokyo and once a month, I will be sharing episodes of my life in Japan – particularly my encounters with Japanese music, anime, manga, and other media in...

Ready for the next anime adaptation of a four panel manga about cute school girls? Ready for one from Masahiko Ohta, director of YuruYuri, Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe, writer of those series Takashi Aoshima and YuruYuri producer Dogakobo?

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