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August 19, 2016, 5:30 AM
August 19, 2016, 5:30 AM
GoBoiano Media Aaron Magulick

Spongebob and anime go together like a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly. Remember how Spongebob perfectly described anime in the past? Now Spongebob can be the perfect anime, as the main cast were given a bishie makeover by XiaozuoZ 1.

If you found last time's quick look at the producers and studio interactions less exciting, you'll be glad to see this guide delve back into the artistic side of production. Right at the end of TV series credits (or right at the beginning, because...

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

Before-and-after profile shots show the different effects produced by small and medium sizes. Japan is filled with beauty products like face slimmers, special devices designed to give you double-rimmed eyelids, and shapers that gradually sculpt yo...

GoBoiano Media Noah Mithra

Remember kids, anime kills. Or gets you arrested. Just don't do these things and you should be fine though.

The first trailer for the rather twisted Idol Death Game TV has introduced the unlucky idols participating in the sickening contest, providing partial glimpses of all the game's terrifying challenges but nothing yet in regards to its potentially g...

The Rift Herald Julia Lee

Give me the goods, Riot. This fan-made anime trailer has features Dr. Mundo, Annie, Shyvana, Vayne, Gragas, Riven, Leona, Elise, Sivir and Olaf duking it out. The video was originally posted on BiliBili, a Chinese video website, and fans speculate...

Since the disbandment of SMAP was made official on 14th August, many celebrities and actors who worked with the 5 before has shared their words of support and concern in the media or through social accounts.

Siliconera Sato

By Sato . August 17, 2016 . 1:30am Capcom released a new trailer and some screenshots for their upcoming horror title, Resident Evil 7: biohazard at Gamescom 2016. The trailer takes a deeper look at the horror players will get to see in the upcomi...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Two-piece set is an exact match to the ones in the magical girl's anime bedroom. It's hardly a secret that most anime bedding is designed with the sleepless, not the sleepy in mind. But while you can find a plethora of risqué huggy pillow covers (...

The Huffington Post Bill Bradley Entertainment Editor

For 20 years, we've all wanted to be the very best. But while we've been busy watching, reading the comics, and now being tricked into exercising in order to catch them all with Pokémon Go (damn you, healthy lifestyle), one mysterious question has...

GoBoiano Media Lana Kim
JEFusion Gaiatron

With still no confirmed actor for the male lead role for Kamen Rider EX-Aid, a rumor has circulated regarding the female lead role for the series and Ruka Matsuda is said to be getting that role. Born October 1995, the 21 year old Grick Talent Age...

The UK Anime Network has been serving anime fans in the UK since 1996, and we're chock full of reviews, news, articles and competitions :) Enter our latest competition We have a copy of the first half of The Heroic Legend of Arslan to give away!

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Along with the plans for the the release of this season's Berserk in two six-episode sets on October 28th and December 21st, a stage event has been announced for April 2, 2017, to be held outside Tokyo.

Honey's Anime HoneyFeed

without further ado, let's grab our library cards and check out the top 10 literary anime! 10. Wanwan Sanjushi (Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds) Buy now Episodes: 26 Aired: Oct 2, 1981 to Mar 26, 1982 This is a very old and curious rendition t...

Siliconera Sato

Bandai Namco announced the newest addition to Tekken 7 with new playable characters in Lee Chaolan and his alter-ego Violet at Gamescom 2016. Here's a look at a new trailer and some screenshots. Tekken 7 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and P...


Source: IDW Publishing Special Thanks to Kahlil Schweitzer A SCIFI JAPAN EXCLUSIVE IDW Publishing has provided SciFi Japan with an exclusive preview of the first five pages from Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1.

RocketNews24 Shannon McNaught

This October is going to get a little crazy in Tokyo. From October 14th to October 16th, Visual Japan Summit 2016 powered by Rakuten will be held at Makuhari Messe Halls 9-11 in Tokyo. The event will feature bands from across the visual kei rock s...

by Chris Arrant, Editor Date: 18 August 2016 Time: 11:44 AM ET CREDIT: Tite Kubo (Shueisha) CREDIT: Tite Kubo (Shueisha) A live-action movie adaptation of Tite Kubo's Bleach is in the works, according to Anime News Network.

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

With a January 2017 theatrical anime feature coming right along, the marketing and promotion phase for Popin Q is hitting the next stage as a pair of manga properties associated with it have been announced.

Trends in Japan William

The Pokémon Go phenomenon has reached such stratospherical levels that it is even starting to influence people's romantic lives. A Japanese company has announced it will hold Pokémon Go matchmaking events in Tokyo and Kanagawa to bring together wo...


On August 14, SMAP announced that they will disband on December 31. Given this, it comes as no surprise that today Fuji TV announced that SMAP's variety show, SMAP x SMAP, will end as well. Fuji TV hasn't announced when the show will end exactly, ...

Flowers of Evil author Shuzo Oshimi, who recently joined Twitter, has indicated that his Inside Mari body-swap manga will end in the upcoming chapter 79. This will be published in with a color title page in this year's issue 18 of Futabasha's Mang...

Anime Herald Mike Ferreira

Source: Viz MediaSummary: Viz Media announced that they acquired the rights to two new manga titles. The publisher will release Takako Shimura's Sweet Blue Flowers and Kyousuke Motomi's Queen's Quality in Fall 2017.

It's time to climb into the ring again. The tiger-masked professional wrestling hero will make a comeback in "Tiger Mask W," an all-new TV series from the "Tiger Mask" manga and anime franchise premiering on TV Asahi Corp.

While last episode left it ambiguous as to whether Erica was a villain herself, even if she was on the villain's side, this one put the matter to rest. It's true that she acted innocently and without malice, but she's so warped that her attempt at...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Volume 18 of Asai Labo and Miyagi's fantasy light novel series Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru -Dances with the Dragons, out in Japan August 18th, is announcing plans for an anime adaptation. The series was adapted into a one-volume manga with Y...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

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