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July 25, 2016, 2:30 PM
July 25, 2016, 2:30 PM
GoBoiano Media Milo Lee
Crunchyroll Scott Green

Now that Pokémon Go is available in Japan, it's on its way to consuming local social media. So, you're now seeing all the "so many Zubats! " and "so many Doduo! " jokes in Japanese. Except, since it's Japanese social media, the jokes have 20k retw...

We're reaching the peak of the summer heat, so it's time to keep it cool with a Classic List installment from yester-year. Take it away, past-Lynzee! Beach, pool, and hot springs episodes usually operate as diversions from a series' plot or as a w...

Selective Hearing Selective Hearing

NEWS ANGERME has added 12-year old Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Kasahara Momoka to the group. AKB48 Team A's Hirata Rina has announced her graduation from the group. She intends to go to college. Her graduation date will be revealed at a later time.

The desirable Nana Asta Deviluke of To Love-Ru has seemingly prepared for a night with her newfound husband as depicted by this new Max Factory figure, with the girl showing off some thrilling lingerie that would surely send any groom into an unco...

Siliconera Casey

By Casey . July 24, 2016 . 3:30pm Fans of Monopoly have a new special edition of the classic board game to look forward to. USAopoly has Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition listed as "coming soon," and the board game will feature iconic Pokémon, chara...

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

The loveable furry character from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro gets a skin-tight makeover for summer. From wallets to umbrellas, suitcases and mousepads, Totoro, from the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro, has adorned many a cute item ...

By Sarah Marsh HAVANA, July 24 (Reuters) - Cuba may be one of the world's least connected countries but that is not stopping the Japanese subculture of animated movies, manga comics and video games from spreading feverishly among its youth.

As usual, every time WonFes comes, my social mediums will be flooded with lots of updates on upcoming figures and stuff. . . XDc Today is no exception as it is the day of Wonderful Festival 2016 Summer!

SGCafe spartanchef

One Piece Film Gold premiered in Japan yesterday, and some very big announcements were made about its worldwide screenings. It was reported that the film will be premiering in 33 other countries, and that includes us here in South East Asia, where...

The Tokyo Reporter Tokyo Reporter Staff

A U. S. serviceman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after a vehicle he was driving rammed into a car stopped at a signal OKINAWA (TR) - Since the lifting of an off-base ban on alcohol last month, Okinawa Prefectural Police have arrested ...

Siliconera Asma

By Asma . July 23, 2016 . 6:00pm Game Arts' Grandia III has been added to the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation 2 Classic game playable on PlayStation 3. The timeless JRPG can be downloaded for $9. 99.

RocketNews24 Oona McGee

Our Japanese reporter Mr. Sato visited these seven well-known tourist spots and captured 88 out of 500 Pokémon in six hours. Our Japanese writing team have been waiting anxiously for the Pokémon Go mobile game to arrive on our shores.

Siliconera Sato

Dragon Quest Heroes II released in Japan in May and it's getting the last part of its free DLC series with the "Monster Coin Battle" competitive multiplayer mode. Here's its first look. The "Monster Coin Battle" is a free DLC feature that allows y...

Pokemon Go was released in Japan last Friday which changed the landscape immediately - I downloaded it and while walking home to catch Pokemon and grab Poke Balls at Pokestops, I took notice of everybody I walked past and 70% of them had their hea...

There's still eight more episodes of this? I'm already sweating from an overdose of emotions. We're now at the point where I basically remember nothing of what's to come, but each passing episode has made these characters more likeable and heartbr...


Every year, at the San Diego Comic-Con, The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards was given for various creative works in the American Comic industry. However, one category in particular, namely the Best U.

SQUARE ENIX brings WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY to North American retailers this October with many ways for fans to experience the wonderful world of Grymoire. FINAL FANTASY fans ready to embark on the epic journey will have many options to pre-order th...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

The official trailer for Shippu Rondo ("Gale Rondo"), a live-action film based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Keigo Higashino about a stolen bio-weapon hidden in a Japanese ski resort, is now available online.

Crunchyroll Scott Green

A fall broadcast has been announced for the TV adaptation of Daichi Sorayomi's 2013 ongoing ecchi sports comedy Keijo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (aka Hip Whip Girl), and along with that news a preview of the series has been published.

Tech Times Tech Times

At long last, an English dub of the legendary "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is coming to Adult Swim. ( Juldas | Twitter ) Toonami has really been working in overdrive this year, adding new anime like Hunter x Hunter (2011), Dimension W and One-Punch ...

The recently founded Kojima Productions has released an animation for their company logo along with their previously revealed logo "mascot" Ludens, bound to build fan anticipation even further as the animation also maintains Kojima's obsessive fas...

An apology has surprisingly been issued from the creators of the now globally renowned Pokemon Go due to the game's rather late arrival to Japan, an apology that likely would not have happened for a game of any lesser popularity or revenue potential.

WOWJAPAN freakpool

The new Berserk TV anime has gotten many fans interested in Berserk again, and the new anime not only follows Kentaro Miura's manga, but also features some original stories as well. The first one in the new anime is in Episode 3, however, it seems...

METANORN IreneSharda

Jul24 Love is blind. . . . but so is Justice. Well after that bit of a bombshell last week, we got a little slower paced episode this time. Most of what has to deal with Arslan himself was rather what we were probably expecting.

A Steam release of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars has been announced, an RPG that revolves around creating "star children" with "top-breed" females and unfortunately featuring no breeding of the sexual variety, to the dismay of many a ...

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