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July 15, 2016, 5:30 PM
July 15, 2016, 5:30 PM

Who's got Pokemon fever? If you answered "the entirety of America," you would be correct. But if you answered "Warcraft producers Legendary Pictures," you would also be correct. That's the word, at least, according to Deadline, who claim the studi...

The UK Anime Network has been serving anime fans in the UK since 1996, and we're chock full of reviews, news, articles and competitions :) Enter our latest competition Universal Pictures are entering the UK anime market, and they've given us a cop...

RocketNews24 Casey Baseel

Slip into some Shinji panties or a Kaworu bra with these new intimate anime apparel options. While Evangelion's popularity is largely built on a foundation of spectacular giant robots and unflinching psychological analysis, the anime also has a ca...

RocketNews24 Scott Wilson

Japanese Twitter users react to this bittersweet Pokémon GO discovery. Ever since Pokémon GO was released last week, players have been finding Pokémon (especially one certain annoying fish Pokémon) in places they never expected.

In celebration of the English release of Sonicomi, Super Sonico is being featured on a high quality dakimakura (hug pillow). The front of the dakimakura will have the headphone wearing, busty Nitroplus mascot as seen in Sonicomi, but the reverse s...

Crunchyroll Joseph Luster

If you never had a Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day, or even if you just don't feel like dusting yours off, Nintendo is aiming to mine some of that nostalgia later this year. Due out November 11, the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Nozomi Entertainment announced at Anime Expo earlier this month that their 2015 pickup of A Town Where You Live will now be a Blu-ray release and they've now formally scheduled it. The twelve episode series will arrive on October 4th, 2016 priced ...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

The official website of the upcoming live-action film Death Note Light up the NEW world, a sequel to the two live-action films in 2006 (not to the original manga story or the 2015 TV drama), today released a 60-second second teaser introducing its...

Team Syachihoko bang their heads and fight against the supernatural in the MV for "ULTRA Cho MIRACLE SUPER VERY POWER BALL" (release date: August 3)! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Contributor Wanted!


Rough times have been hitting the Japanese fashion world's long standing brands and it doesn't seem to be ending soon. Just today gothic brand h. NAOTO and fairy kei brand Milklim have both announced that they will shut down their physical stores.

The God Eater anime adaptation-based on the games published by Bandai Namco Entertainment-is coming to Blu-ray in North America courtesy of Aniplex of America later this year. The first of two volumes, featuring episodes 1-7, will arrive on Novemb...

SGCafe spartanchef

Re:Zero is one of this year's hottest and most popular anime, and it is currently being shown in many different countries around the world. Lately, the anime has gotten a little bit bloodier and more violent than usual, and it seems that the censo...

Crunchyroll Patrick Macias

Just in time for Comic Con, portrait style posters for the cast of the upcoming Power Rangers movie have arrived to shout "It's Morphin' Time! " at. The film itself won't arrive in theaters until Spring 2017, but get a good look at all look at all...

Crunchyroll Paul Chapman

The official Twitter account for Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, a series of fantasy adventure light novels written by Yoshinobu Akita and illustrated by Yuuya Kusaka, has been playing coy recently with a cryptic Tweet promising "various developments" c...

Siliconera Jenni

By Jenni . July 14, 2016 . 7:35am Pokkén Tournament's new contender has been revealed. On July 20, 2016, the arcade edition of the game will see Darkrai join the roster. Bandai Namco released a trailer showing how he'll look in the game.

JEFusion Gaiatron

With almost 2 weeks left before we see the official reveal of the newest Kamen Rider hero, a leaked image of a Rider Hero Series figure has surfaced giving all of us fans the first look on Kamen Rider EX-Aid!

Siliconera Sato

Square Enix announced that their smartphone RPG Mobius Final Fantasy is headed westward on August 3, 2016 for Android and iOS. Here's a look at its announcement trailer. Created by an all-star development team including acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Over the last three month, Japan has been getting releases of collected editions of Spider-Man's "Spider-Verse" comics storyline, in which the familiar Peter Parker teams up with other versions of the character.

RadioTimes Claire Webb Thursday 14 July 2016 at 3:00PM

Seven years ago, Nottingham model Dean Newcombe moved to Tokyo for three months and ended up staying for a year. Within six months of waving farewell, he was back for good. "Tokyo has a habit of grabbing hold of people," he explains.

Rena Nounen left her fans in shock after announcing that she will reprising her stage activities, but under a new alias Non. Nounen, or rather Non, rose to instant fame after her spectacular appearance in NHK asadora "Amachan" in 2013.

Hello, it's been awhile again. Late June, Bandai Namco rebranded their game, New World to . hack//New World. Not really surprised though since their previous app game, Guilty Dragon got the same treatment.


Jul13 Little bunny Kakeru, hoppin' through the forest. Walkin' up to Naho, and boppin'er on the head. Orange keeps it going, and drops some news that manga readers all knew, but us non-readers didn't. Overcome by self-consciousness This week's epi...

The Fandom Post Chris Beveridge

Toei Animation has opened the official site for the Mahoutsukai Precure! feature film that has revealed several items about it. The feature film will debut in theaters on October 29th, 2016 and has rolled out the first promotional video for it as ...

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past has gotten a new promotional trailer from Nintendo, which has shamelessly praised the legendary franchise to the gills, presumably to avoid it falling victim to the global epidemic of Pokefever.

YATTAR JAPAN Editor_in_chief

"The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance" airs Sundays at 5:00 PM on 28 MBS/TBS stations across Japan. The show's official social media hashtag is #arslan. © 2016 Hiromu Arakawa / Yoshiki Tanaka / Kodansha / "The Heroic Legend of Arslan" Pro...

If you've been reading my writing for a while, you might be aware of one of my biggest fiction pet peeves: convenient storytelling. In popular parlance, that's when something happens just because, in a way that's useful to the plot.

RocketNews24 KK Miller

Pokémon Go isn't the only Pokémon game around, as two brand new Pokémon are revealed, and they're both a little scary. While Nintendo's new mobile game is a hit, eager Pokémon fans are starving for information regarding the upcoming installments i...

Otaku Tale Frontalspy

The official website of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) anime has revealed that the upcoming second season will start airing from October 2nd. The second season of the anime will debut on Octo...

WOWJAPAN freakpool

Blizzard has added a new character to Overwatch, and she is Ana Amari, the "Healing Sniper. " As we all know by now, the game's Japanese version has a pretty stellar voice cast, and they chose one badass voice for this one badass granny.

METANORN skylion

Jul13 New Game? New Show! Hajime & Yun the Rangers of the Moon! No one lives on Calorie Mate alone. You need other nourishment, such as beer and a healthy attitude towards friendship. And a hedgehog. .

Another stylish pair of anime-themed megane have been made available courtesy of Yamamori Megane, this time offering potential buyers a replica of Sakamoto's signature frames from Sakamoto desu ga? , and possibly granting wearers a bit of his unbe...

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