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January 16, 2013, 10:00 PM
January 16, 2013, 10:00 PM

7-episode series from Mamoru Oshii to get bilingual DVD/BD release The North American anime licensing company Maiden Japan announced on Tuesday that it has licensed the Patlabor video anime series. Maiden Japan will release the series in conjuncti...

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Sony-fanboy leaker posted some details about the upcoming Kamen Rider: Battle Ride Wars PS3 game online. Some of his info were later proven to be true and here are some of the unverified info we had coming from him.

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Temco Koei will publish Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk in Europe and North America. While Tecmo Koei is handling the title’s distribution, NIS America did the localization work. Atelier Ayesha will only have English voiceovers.

Last month, the January 2013 (Vol. 8) issue of Type-Moon Ace offered a look at the Fate/zero creator's highly-anticipated remake of vampire story Tsukihime. A new promo offers a look at the latest takes on the designs for maids Hisui and Kohaku an...

Here's something Fire Emblem fans are going to enjoy getting confirmation of. According to Siliconera, who checked out an early copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Nintendo of America saw fit to include both Japanese and English voice tracks in the do...

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A teaser trailer for Type-Moon’s Tsukihime remake from the Type-Moon 10th anniversary box set is up for viewing now, and you can check it out below. It shows off the characters designs we’ve posted previously, along with a remixed piece of music f...

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The great thing about Internet shopping, especially in Japan, is that sometimes packages arrive early. For instance, although the Type-Moon Fes Blu-ray set is not slated to be released until today (January 16) in Japan, a few lucky fans have alrea...

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I guess at this point all Type Moon fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief. It would appear as though TM is actively working on their Tsukihime remake. Huzzah! The above trailer is only a couple minutes long, but it shows off all the female ...

Tiffany Grant, the English-language voice actor of Asuka from the popular anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", discussed during the anime convention SwampCon how those involved with the show's production seemed to be cursed.

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It was announced that SKE48 members Kuwabara Mizuki, Takada Shiori, Hiramatsu Kanako (team S), Akaeda Ririna, Ogiso Shiori (team KII), Ueno Kasumi, Hara Minami (team E) and Kobayashi Emiri (Kenkyuusei) will be graduating from the group.

Anne to appear in live-action show of CLAMP's manga this year The official Twitter news account for the manga creators CLAMP received permission to post this year's New Year's greeting from the agency of Anne, the actress and model who will star a...

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Bandai Namco Games has just opened a teaser site for the upcoming Kamen Rider game called "Kamen Rider: Battle Ride Wars". The teaser site featured three Kamen Rider bikes. The bikes featured in the site are: TryChaser 2000 - Kamen Rider Kuuga Mac...

  Fuji TV’s reality show Terrace House is one that follows 6 young people as they go through the highs and lows of life. Not really that compelling right? If you live in America or Europe this is old hat and you’ve seen this kind of show before.

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Aonami from tumblr blogged her experience watching this year's Super Hero Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: LIVE & SHOW 2013 event held at the Tokyo International Forum. Here's a rundown on what transpired during the event.

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Mika-tan’s Blog has been updated with preview pictures of Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou from the series Touhou Project. Reservations to commence later today. Stay tuned! BioLatest Posts zenical. . .

MyAnimeList. net Forum »» News Discussion »» Light Novel 'Yusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. ' To Be Animated News Team Online Joined: Feb 2008 Posts: 4369 According to Fujimishobo, light novel "Yusha ni Narenaka...

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Animelo 2012 which took place at Saitama Super Arena during 25 and 26 August 2012 will finally be released on 27 March 2013. Cover as seen below. Now I am waiting for preorder details to be up over at CDJapan.

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By pre-ordering the game via the Namco Bandai Games Online Store, you can get the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Collector's Edition that includes various bonuses! For $79. 99, the special release includes the following items: Naruto Shi...

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