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January 11, 2015, 11:00 PM
January 11, 2015, 11:00 PM

Record company Lantis today posted a short version PV for four-member anime voice actress unit StylipS' upcoming 7th single "Meimei Compass wa Iranai" (We don't need Meimei Compass) on its official YouTube channel.

The official website for the TV anime adaptation of Durarara! !  has released preview images and the synopsis for the first episode of Durarara! ! x2 Shou, the first episode of Durarara! ! x2 Shou airs on Saturday at 11:30pm JST on Tokyo MX, GTV, ...

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Here's the preview of Kamen Rider Drive's 14th episode entitled "Who Is the Black Shadow Chasing Her? " The Ride Crosser makes its debut, also Chase's has a past? ! While Chase is haunted by the fact that Kiriko and Mr.

Toei's 1978 Spider-Man made comics appearance this week Marvel Entertainment posted two episodes of Toei's 1978-79 live-action tokusatsu (special-effects) Spider-Man show on Friday. The episodes include the pilot and episode 7, "Fearful Hit Tune!

Anime Now Reading Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down – Teaser Trailer Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down – Teaser Trailer Although there isn't much substance to this video, the first teaser trailer for Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down has ...

Jan 9, 12:00 anime This week, the fate of Studio Ghibli, the arrival of PONYCAN, the mystery of the limited edition DVD, and why Japanese-owned publishers still have to pay license fees. ― We're all back at work, and I'm back to being busy as heck...


As is often said, you don't need to be a sports fan to enjoy sports anime/manga. In fact, some of the most popular series have been about sports that haven't traditionally had a following in Japan. Like the golden Shonen Jump motto 'Friendship, Ef...

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

Here's the teaser trailer of Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider #3, which of course gives us our first look of the mysterious Kamen Rider #3. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d. getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.

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"Persona 3 The Movie 3″ – Teaser PV Posted by pKjd on Jan 9, 2015 @ 8:22 pm 9 Jan The official website to the third film in the Persona 3 anime series, entitled 「Persona 3 The Movie 3 – Falling Down」, is currently hosting its first promotional video.

In many Japanese tea gardens and traditional houses, you will see a small fence made of bamboo and woven grass, with a round corner on top. It is called Sodegaki, which means "sleeve fence", and it is named like this because it has the same propor...

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Pokemon fans rejoice! According to the latest scans of the February issue of Coro Coro Comic magazine, the newly-announced legendary Pokemon who just loves donuts, Hoopa, will be the focus of the newest Pokemon movie, Ring no Choumajin Hoopa (The ...


Jan10 Waifu Collection is here! Wow this series is finally out? ! I swear after waiting two whole seasons for this series to possibly show up I was almost was certain that the entire thing was scrapped, but I already know that most fans out there ...

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「Who is in the pumpkin carriage? 」 I tend to describe THE IDOLM@STER as a slice-of-life, but it is, at its heart, a sports anime. We have young people training ceaselessly for that next competition, shedding sweat and tears for their dreams, occas...


Fanart Friday returns, and I'm always kinda sad when puns fly right over coworkers' heads. Last week, we started off 2015 like we do every year, with a trip through Crunchyroll's anime library, but this week we're putting the spotlight on GENUINEL...

Ship Daughter Amatsukaze Loses Her Clothes as She's Damaged With the first episode of Kantai Collection hitting Japanese televisions last Wednesday, figurine manufacturer MAX Factory have revealed images for their latest figFIX series figure which...

With Durarara! ! x2 Shou episode 1 debuted today on Japanese television, the official website has released the final image for the countdown which features Masaomi Kida, Mikado Ryuugamine and Anri Sonohara.


Atlus released a couple new trailers for Devil Survivor 2: Break Record, the enhanced 3DS port that's coming to North America this spring as Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker. The first shows off the collaboration with Durarara!

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While many were expecting an upgraded version or even a sequel to Freedom Wars from the "Sinners Festival" that took place earlier today, Sony's big reveal ended up being something far less grand.   According to a report by Hachima, the announceme...

So, 5 years later and here we are, with Durarara! ! 's second season, and man am I hyped for this. Narita-san (the writer of the Durarara light novels) is one of my favorite writers, with so many great characters, twists and turns, and other great...

Video Games Now Reading Steam is Holding an Anime Weekend Sale – Up to 75% Off Select Video Games Steam is Holding an Anime Weekend Sale – Up to 75% Off Select Video Games Chantelise – A Tale of Two Sisters from EasyGameStation / Carpe Fulgur LLC ...

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'Detective Conan: The Hellfire Sunflowers' Anime Film Debuts First Trailer Posted by Chris Beveridge January 10, 2015 at 09:21 PM After getting our first teaser for the film last month, TOHO is back with a new double length trailer for the ninetee...

Eva's First Impression AHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS TOO FUNNY! OR NOT- HOLY SHIT YO. She's gonna fire them off the roller-coaster to lure Macca Green into a trap! I have no idea what is going on, but I am loving it.

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Tweet Pin It 4TE is an all female Japanese pop inspired music group, orchestrated on the Internet. Consisting of four members based in the southwest of the USA, they strive to create, distribute and perform Japanese pop music.

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Steam has an Anime Weekend Sale going on right now that will end on January 12th at 10am PST.   It offers a bunch of big discounts (and smaller ones) on a range of anime titles that were released on the digital PC game distribution platform in the...

The first television commercials for the upcoming One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 video game was streamed by Bandai Namco Games on Friday. The first commercials are narrated by Ace (Toshio Furukawa who is also known as Piccolo from Dragon Ball).

Right Stuf, most known for their major online anime/manga store and publishing wings (Nozomi Entertainment / Lucky Penny Entertainment), have announced that they have formed an exclusive distribution deal with Pony Canyon Inc.

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