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December 29, 2012, 7:00 PM
December 29, 2012, 7:00 PM

Namco Bandai to ship Infinity Moment RPG on March 14 Namco Bandai Games began streaming a 30-second television commercial for its Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment game for the PSP system on Friday. For the game, original novelist Reki Kawahara su...

JEFusion GekiDan

Last time, we reported about the appearance of BuddyRoid Keys in the the upcoming team-up film Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE. Many though that these are the ones that the mechas are holding in this trailer.

Following an exploration of "delusional science" in Chaos;Head, "hypothetical science" in Steins;Gate and "augmented science" in Robotics;Notes 5pb. will be going into the realm of "paranormal science" in their fourth science adventure game, Occul...

Now I am staying in Tokyo to participate in Comic Market 83, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from tomorrow, with my doujinshi partner. Before the big event, I visited Akihabara to report the latest trend of the most famous ota...

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1st indication that RPG-based project has more than 1 film in the works On Saturday, Aniplex updated the official website for the Persona 3 film with a new key visual and the following words: Persona 3 the Movie #1 2013 in theaters This is the fir...

Meeting with fishes 29 December, 2012 by Chad It’d be a pretty long day this Tuesday. Since it’d be our last day in Nagoya we’d be waking up early to finally visit the Nagoya Aquarium. I’ve heard only good things about the place so was quite looki...

Siliconera Ishaan

Heads up, Europe—it looks like Code of Princess is headed your way. The USK, Germany’s ratings board, have the game listed in their database (via: GoNintendo) with Agatsuma Entertainment associated with it as the publisher.

Siliconera Spencer

Stone shards are scattered in the world of Dragon Quest VII for players to find. Searching for them is easier in the Nintendo 3DS version thanks to two features added by Square Enix. Players now have a radar that lets them know if a shard is close.

The February 2013 issue of Shueisha's Ribon magazine announced on Friday that an anime adaptation of Kozue Takeuchi's Chocotan! (Chocolate & Tan! ) shōjo manga has been green-lit. The Ribon Festa 2013 event will show the anime next spring.

"Birth", the short film produced by France's Shibuya International film studio for its 10th anniversary, began streaming on Friday. The film features art direction by Yoshitaka Amano and music by Akino Arai.

It's been a long and successful ride, but production on PlayStation 2 units is finally coming to an end in Japan. The last shipment is out the door and on the way to Japanese retailers, putting a cap on a nearly 13-year run.

The official website for the television anime adaptation of Touya Mikanagi's Karneval manga added a second promotional video on Friday. Voice actors Aya Endo (Tsukumo) and Mamoru Miyano (Yogi) narrate the video.

Voiced Sanada Jū Yūshi, Supernatural, Tommy Lee Jones in films & Boss Coffee ads Toshio Furukawa reported on Friday that fellow voice actor Takashi Taniguchi passed away. Taniguchi's agency, Office Osawa, conveyed the news to Furukawa.

SGCafe KarbyP

In the light novel series, Sword Art Online protagonist Kirito first meets Sinon in the VRMMO game Gun Gale Online (not covered in the recently concluded TV anime show). Catch a glimpse of her in the latest TV commercial for the PSP JRPG, that Nam...

web COMIC@LOID magazine's manga adapt Vocaloid songs every month ASCII Media Works began digitally distributing a free web COMIC@LOID magazine with only Vocaloid-themed manga via the Niconico and BOOK☆WALKER services.

Orends: Range UkiyaSeed

The official website for the Mangirl! television anime series began streaming the first promotional video for the series on Friday. TVアニメ『まんがーる! 』PV (To turn off the scrolling comments, select the word balloon icon on the bottom right corner of th...

tokyohive ustar

SKE48 has released the jacket covers and track list for their upcoming single, “Choco no Dorei“! “Choco no Dorei” is the group’s 11th single and it’s scheduled for release on January 30th. It will be available for purchase in 7 different types: Li...

WARNING : I’ve wondered all afternoon if I should or not translate this article knowing full well the wailing it would engender but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather see fans react after having read the complete thing rather than launch ...

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