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November 4, 2013, 10:00 PM
November 4, 2013, 10:00 PM
Crunchyroll Scott Green

 In September, the birth dates of the Attack on Titan's cast were listed. Since then fans had a chance to celebrate Erwin Smith's 14th birthday (shared by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel). However today's a bigger one, with plenty of fan celebrating th...

Crunchyroll Mikikazu Komatsu

There have been many anime series featuring professional wrestling such as the classic titles like Tiger Mask, Kinnikuman, and the most recent Wanna be the Strongest in the World! . But she will be the first anime voice actress who fights in the J...

Johnny Kitagawa is reportedly angry at Tanaka Koki's FRIDAY interview in which Tanaka stated he will continue entertainment activities namely his music first.   This has caused agitation inside Johnny & Associates.

RocketNews24 Michelle Lynn Dinh

Although pandas originally come from Japan's neighbors to the east, the country has welcomed the cuddly creatures with open arms, putting them on anything from clothing to cars. But we're most impressed by the panda's ability to assimilate into Ja...

SeventhStyle Seven

Madoka Magica's Rebellion movie is out, and anyone who can see it has surely already seen it – however, the series still went out of its way to release three minutes of film for no apparent reason. Arbitrary yet appreciated, it's interesting how t...

This year's 22nd issue of Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine is announcing on Friday that Kentarou Miura will launch a brand-new original manga mini-series called "Gigant Makia. " The six-chapter story is set in a world 100 million years in the fu...

Anime Sols Do it Again, Successfully Crowdfund Second Collection of Magical Angel Creamy Mami by Sam While I would really hate to see what would happen if they stopped physical releases of the series half-way through now, anime crowdfunding servic...

Crunchyroll Scott Green

Phenomenal blue hair virtual singer Hatsune Miku returns to the Nintendo 3DS on the November 28th release of rhythm game Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2, and, among her 100 costumes, the latest one revealed has an interesting origin.

SGCafe Zenko

The Animate Girls Festival is back again this year, and with it plenty of ways to make female fans cheer. Takara Tomy isn't the only manufacturer getting ready to give female anime fans more ways to break their wallet.

First Look at S. H. Figuarts Black RX Renewal! Wake Up, the Hero! The Child of the Sun is reborn, and as a perfect follow up to the recently released S. H. Figuarts Black Renewal figure…an all new S. H.

「戦王の使者篇I」 (Sen O No Shisha Hen I) "Messenger of the War King I" In considering whether or not a series is worth watching, there are a variety of factors I tend to consider. The story, its characters, and the accompanying soundtrack are some such f...


Nov3 Standing at the turnstile is not quite like running from the altar This show! It glues me to the screen, and engages me like very few shows have ever done! I'm always saying I'm cool on 'action', but this type of drama is really what pulls me...

Crunchyroll Guest Author

Bandai’s official online site, Premium Bandai, is currently accepting reservations for a Christmas cake based on character Miki Hoshii from popular game series “The Idolmaster”. Titled “The Idolmaster Christmas Cake for Hon...

Ready for some wet, glistening bishie pecs? :D  Title: Alter Free! Nanase Haruka 1/8 figure HOBBY STOCK x ALTER 七瀬 遙 Price: ? ? ? (Should be around 8,000 Yen) Available: ? ? ? 2014 Title: Alter Free! Tachibana Makoto 1/8 figure (HOBBY STOCK x ALTE...

Idolminded Serenyty

Recommended Community Reading: November 3, 2013 Serenyty's Picks That's My Jam: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – Selective Hearing Nia of Selective Hearing describes the influence of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs on her musical tastes.

Little Busters! Refrain - 05 Sometimes the suspense is not in the "what", but the "why". . . Raise your hand, anime-only viewers, if you hadn't guessed by now that Kyousuke was the one sending the cat-tail messages to Riki and Rin.

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